Abstracts CSC2008

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00001 Coupling of Large Volume Single Drop Microextraction and Sweeping in Capillary Electrophoresis Liang G., Choi K., Chung D.S.
00002 Mesoporous Transition Metal Oxide Alkali Fulleride Composites Antonelli D., Trudeau M., Hu X.
00003 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Glycosylated Anti-Tumor Compounds Structurally Mimicking Anthracycline Antibiotics Shi W., Lowary T.L.
00004 Synthesis of 2-Deoxyglycosides via 2,3-Anhydrosugar Thioglycosides Hou D.J., Lowary T.L.
00006 Novel Biodegradable Polymers for Tissue Engineering Gillies E.R., Mequanint K., Wang Z., Atkins K.M., De Wit M.A., Knight D.K.
00007 Design and Selection of Minimalist Protein-DNA Interactions Shin J.A.
00008 The Effects of Self-Aggregation and Solvents on the Vibrational Circular Dichroism and Optical Rotation Measurements of Glycidol Yang G., Xu Y.
00009 Characterization of the Bonding in Some Metal Compounds Using Microwave Spectroscopy Gerry M.C.L.
00010 Homopolyatomic Cations of Groups 16 and 17: Structure, Energetics and Chemistry: New Classes of Compounds, Unexpected Structures, Novel Bonding and Physical Properties Passmore J.
00011 Infrared Studies of Surfaces of Interest to Catalysis and Microelectronics Tiznado H., Ma Z., Bouman M., Lee I., Bocian D.F., Zaera F.
00012 Removal of Residual Metal Catalysts with Iron/Iron Oxide Nanoparticles from Coordinating Environments Macdonald J.E., Veinot J.G.C.
00013 Coordination Chemistry of 3-Nitroformazans: The First Examples of 'Bulky' Formazan Ligands Gilroy J.B., Hicks R.G., McDonald B., Ferguson M.J., Patrick B.O.
00014 Tooling Up Nanoworld: The Magic of Molecular Machines Leigh D.A.
00015 Polymer Vesicles: Tuning Function Through Organic Chemistry Gillies E.R., Li B., De Wit M.A.
00016 A Mixed Oligonucleotide and Oligomer Film on Silica-Bsed Substrates to Enhance Biosensing Selectivity Wong A.K.Y., Krull U.J.
00017 Surface-Attached Biomolecules and Cells Studied by Thickness Shear Mode Acoustic Wave Sensors Wang X., Thompson M.
00018 Mixture Separation in an NMR Tube Simpson A.J., Woods G., Mehrzad O.
00019 Microwave Chemistry: Going With The Flow Shore G., Comer E., Bremner S., Morin S., Organ M.G.
00020 Electrochemical Studies of Verdazyl Radicals Gilroy J.B., McKinnon S.D.J., Koivisto B.D., Zsombor M.S., Hicks R.G.
00021 Design of Inhibitors of the Enzyme Aminoglycoside 6'-N-Acetyltransferase Involved in Antibiotic Resistance Auclair K.
00022 Preparation of Polymeric Material by c-Radiation Crosslinking of Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Poly(ethylene glycol) and its Drug Release Behavior Abu Ghalia M., Taghazi A.
00023 Lithographically Patterned Nanowire Electrodeposition Penner R.M.
00024 Catalytic Dehydrocoupling of Group 13-Group 15 Lewis Acid-Base Adducts: New Catalysts and Mechanistic Studies Lee K., Clark T.J., Staubitz A., Lough A.J., Manners I.
00025 Effects of Hydrogen-Bonding on the Vibrational Absorption and Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectra of Methyl Lactate in Methanol Liu Y., Losada M., Xu Y.
00026 Calculations of IR and NMR Spectra for Organic Compounds Dicks A.P., Skonieczny S., Staikova M.G.
00027 Design of Anti-inflammatory Cyclooxygenase and/or Lipoxygenase Inhibitors, Including Nitric Oxide Donor Prodrugs, Devoid of Adverse Ulcerogenic and Cardiovascular Effects Knaus E.
00028 Development of a New Class of Ribozyme and Study of the Folding Pathway of HDV Ribozyme Perreault J.P., Beaudoin J.D., Reymond C.
00029 The Effect of Solvent and Molecular Oxygen Concentration on the Spectral and Photophysical Properties on MgTPP in the S1 State Kowalska D., Steer R.P.
00030 Molecular Manipulation of Main and Transition Group Metals Using an Amino Pendant Linked Nitrogen Heterocyclic Carbene and their Possible Application Ong T.-G., Shih W.-C., Yang R.B.G., Huang Y.P., Wang C.H, Li C.Y., Yap G.P.A.
00031 Electron-Fuelled Molecular Motors Based on Star-Shaped Ruthenium Complexes with Conjugated or Insulating Spacers Rapenne G.
00032 Protein Structure and Dynamics in situ Julien O., Hoffman R., Baryshnikova O., Zhao X., Sykes B.D.
00033 Asymmetric Catalysis Using Chiral Nucleophilic Carbenes Rovis T.
00034 New Science and New Bioassays Based upon Functional Polymer Architecture Winnik M.A.
00035 Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy of Interfaces Using Metal Films with Arrays of Tiny Holes Coe J. V.
00036 Exploring New Avenues in Microwave Chemistry and Biology Vanier G.S.
00037 Activation of Molecular Nitrogen: Way Harder than C-H Bond Activation Fryzuk M.D.
00038 Helices and Macrocycles with a Polar Cavity Petitjean A., Cuccia L.A., Schmutz M., Lehn J.-M.
00039 Directed Evolution of Redesigned Enzymes for Glycoside Synthesis Withers S.G., Kim Y.-W., Shim J.H., Hancock S., Rich J.R., Warren R.A.J., Aharoni A., Strydnaka N.C.J.
00040 Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Golden Quantum Dots Murray R.W.
00041 Reversible Switching of Coloration of Nanometric Passive Layers on Titanium Jerkiewicz G., Zhao B., Hrapovic S., Luan B.L.
00042 From Calcium to Cobalt: Solid-State NMR Characterization of Polymorphs and Catalysts Bryce D.L., Bultz E.B., Aebi D.
00043 Microwave Heating: A Versatile Tool for Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Leadbeater N.E.
00044 New Insights into the Bromination Reaction for a Series of Alkenes in Gas Phase and in Solution Islam S.M., Poirier R.A.
00045 Studies of a Polyprenol Monophosphomannose-Dependent a-(1[6)-Mannosyltransferase Involved in Mycobacterial Lipoarabinomannan Biosynthesis Tam P.H., Lowary T.L.
00046 Nanoparticle Films: A Novel Platform for Fundamental Studies of Charge Transport Dhirani A.-A., Dunford J.L., Lam B.
00048 Asymmetric Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Perepichka D.F.
00049 Engineering of P450 Enzymes for Biocatalysis and Nanobiochemistry Auclair K.
00050 Nanoparticle Organization and Advances in Structural DNA Nanotechnology Aldaye F.A., Sleiman H.F.
00051 Paramagnetic NMR for Solving the Solution Structure of Axial Lanthanide Podates Ryan P.E., Canard G., Piguet C.
00052 Competing Hydrogen Bond Topologies in Chiral Self-Recognition: Direct Rotational Spectroscopic Detection of Four 2-Fluoroethanol Dimers in the Gas Phase Borho N., Liu X., Xu Y.
00053 High Pressure Study of Nanostructured Tin Dioxide by Raman Spectroscopy and X-Ray Diffraction Dong Z., Song Y.
00054 Study of Non-Isothermal Cure Kinetics of DGEBA/Amine System Reinforced with Nanosilica Particles Ghaemy M., Amini Nasab S.M.
00055 Molecular Modeling Study on a Chemically Diverse Series of Cyclogenase-2 Selective Inhibitors: Generation of Predictive Pharmacophore Model Using the Catalyst®/HypoGen® Module Chopra M.
00056 Glycosidase Inhibitors by Design and by Selection: Towards New Therapeutics and Proteomics Probes Withers S.G., Tarling C.A., Zhang R., Brayer G.D., Buchini S., MacDonald J., Hekmat O., Reid S., Rempel B.P., Mahuran D., Tropak M., Buschiazzo A.
00057 The Weakly Bound H2 - HCCCN Complex Studied Using Microwave Spectroscopy and ab initio Calculations Michaud J.M., Topic W.C., Jäger W.
00058 The Surface Characterization and Determination of Localized Corrosion Kinetics on Hyper-Stoichiometric UO2+x He H., Qin Z., Keech P., Noel J.J., Ding Z., Shoesmith D.W.
00059 The Chemistry Faculty "Teaching-Stream" Model at the University of Toronto Dicks A.P.
00060 Ab initio Conformational Studies of Galactofuranose Richards M.R., Lowary T.L.
00061 A Cucurbit[7]uril-Ferrocene Complex Achieves Avidin-Biotin Affinity by Overcoming Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation Inoue Y., Rekharsky M., Mori T., Yang C., Ko Y.H., Selevapalam N., Kim H., Kim K., Chen W., Moghaddam S., Gilson M.
00062 Pellicular Membranes of Zirconium Phosphate and Hafnium Phosphate via Intercalation-Deintercalation of Arginine and the Protonation of Na Forms of their h-Type Materials) Abu Ghalia M., Edresi M.
00063 Probing Uncharted Physiology in Bacteria with (Old and New) Small Molecules Brown E.D.
00064 A Versatile Synthesis of Azaindoles Leblanc Y., Dufresne C., Lachance N., Leclerc J.-P., Boisvert M., Roy P., Cerat P.
00065 Adsorption of 3d Series on the TiO2(110) Surface by Density-Functional Theory Asaduzzaman A., Kruger P.
00066 Direct CarbonCarbon Bond Formation via Chemoselective Thioester Enolate Formation Coltart D.M.
00067 Supramolecular Dynamics Bohne C.
00068 Dynamics for the RING Domain from Human TRAF6 by 15N NMR: Implications for Biological Function Markin C.J., Spyracopoulos L.
00069 Dendrimer Influenced Supramolecular Structure Formation of Block Copolymers Kroeger A., Li X., Eisenberg A.
00070 Oxidative Formation of C-C Bonds Directly from C-H/C-H Bonds Li C.-J.
00071 Synthesis of "Calixarene-Like" N,N-Ditosyldiaza[3.3](1,4)naphthalenophanes Tran H.-A., Collins J., Georghiou P.E.
00073 Pulsed Plasma sSnthesis of an Organic Hole Transport Nanofilm of Triphenylamine Sanchez F.S., Vega J., Juelg J., Kranjac D., McNabb B.
00074 Synthesis, Characterization and Curing of a New Methacrylate- and Acrylate-Based Monomers for Dental Restorative Resins Ghaemy M., Bekhradnia S., Heidaripour M.
00075 Donor/Acceptor Materials for Excitonic Solar Cells McClure S.A, Buriak J.M
00076 The Quantitative Prediction of Atrazine Sorption Kinetics in a Soil Gamble D.S.
00077 Bacteria's View of the Periodic Table: Exploring Metal Resistance/Tolerance/Toxicity Turner R.J., Workentine M.L., Harrison J.J., Ceri H.
00078 Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Periwinkle O'Connor S.E.
00079 Asymmetric a-Functionalization of Acylic Ketones Coltart D.M.
00080 Elicitors: Stress-Driven Discovery of Secondary Metabolites from the Fungal Phytopathogen Leptosphaeria maculans Yu Y., Pedras M.S.C.
00081 The Organometallic Active Sites of Hydrogenase Enzymes Darensbourg M.Y.
00082 The Chemistry and Biology of Getting Drugs from Bugs Vederas J.C.
00083 Alkylaluminum Complexes Containing Nitrogen Heterocyclic Carbene and Amino Ligands. Syntheses, Structures, and Catalysis Studies Shih W.-C., Wang C.H., Li C.Y., Yap G.P.A., Ong T.-G.
00084 Non-Sulfamate Suicide Inhibitors of Steroid Sulfatase Taylor S.D., Ahmed V., Liu Y., Qadoumi Z., Trinh J.
00085 Density Functional Theory Study of the Active Site of Sulfite Oxidase Hernandez-Marin E., Ziegler T.
00086 Alkene C-H Activation Involving Heretofore Unknown Complexes of the Type [Cp2ZrMe(1-alkene)]+ Baird M.C.
00087 Folding, Switching, and Stitching Molecules Hecht S.
00088 Design and Development of Disease Modifying Agents for Neurological Disorders Weaver D.F., Carter M.D., Barden C., Lu E., Jacobo S., Gao F., Beshara C., Tiedje K., Buhendwa M.G., Galloway T.
00089 Organometallic Group 8 Metal Complexes as Homogeneous Ionic Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis Catalysts for the Deoxygenation of Biomass to Petrochemicals: Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and the Story so far Schlaf M., Thibault M.E., Dykeman R.R., Luska K.L., Jones M.D.
00090 Synthesis of Lipoic Acid Tagged Glycolipids for Probing the Mycobacterial Cell Wall Assembly Peng W.J., Lowary T.L.
00091 Photoresponsive Liposomes: Towards the Photoregulation of Membrane Permeability with Spirooxazines Selzler L., Louis K.M., Murphy R.S.
00092 Carbon Clusters Containing Transition Metals Baird M.C.
00093 Dual-Polarization Imaging of a Dual-Chromophore Ion Sensor: A Single-Molecule Study Lu Y., Paige M.F.
00094 A New and Remarkably Active Family of Transfer Hydrogenation Precatalysts that do not Feature an Ancillary Ligand N-H Functionality Lundgren R.J., Rankin M.A., Stradiotto M.
00095 Interaction of the Fungal Phytotoxins Destruxin B and Sirodesmin PL with Crucifer Plants Khallaf I.S., Pedras M.S.C.
00096 Insulinomimetic Activity of Kaempferitrin from Leaves of Cinnamomum osmophloeum Tzeng Y.M., Chen K., Lee M.J.
00097 Probing Excited States by Magnetic Circular Dichroism Ziegler T., Seth M., Krykunov M.
00098 An Example of Curiosity-Driven Nanochemistry: Juggling Nanocrystals, Nanorods, Nanowires, Photonic Crystals, and Mesoporous Materials Cademartiri L.
00099 Conducting Polymer Nanoionic Composites for Electronic Applications Freund M.S., Thomson D.J., Gopalakrishna Pillai R., Zhao J.H.
00100 Biology Oriented Synthesis Waldmann H.
00101 Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Ferrocene-Nucleic Acid Conjugates Song H., Kraatz H.B.
00102 As if the Concerns of our Students Mattered; As if the Planet Were at Stake Middlecamp C.
00103 Off-the Wall Group Activities in the General Chemistry Class Hoffman M.Z.
00104 Synthesis of Organoarsenic Compounds via the Niobium-Mediated Activation Chemistry of Molecular Arsenic (As4) Spinney H.A., Piro N.A., Cummins C.C.
00105 Preparation of Micelles Loaded with Biocide Vyhnalkova R., Van de Ven T.G.M, Eisenberg A.
00106 Bent-Core LC Decorated Gold Nanoparticles: Self-Assembly and Electro-Optic Effects in Mixtures with a Bent-Core SmCPA Host Marx V.M., Girgis H., Heiney P.A., Hegmann T.
00107 Regiocontrol and Mechanistic Insights in the Oxidative Cross-Coupling of Indoles with Simple Arenes Stuart D.R., Villemure E., Sun H.-Y., Fagnou K.
00108 Probing the Excited States of Metallo Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines by Magnetic Circular Dichroism. A Density Functional Theory Study Ziegler T., Seth M., Peralta A., Zhekova H.
00109 New Discoveries in Tandem Reactions and Synthesis of Complex Polycyclic Products Barriault L.
00110 Ruthenium-Mediated Double Geminal Si-H Bond Activation Involving Organosilanes Including the Observation of a Key Stoichiometric Step in the Glaser-Tilley Alkene Hydrosilylation Mechanism Rankin M.A., Hesp K.D., MacLean D.F., Stradiotto M.
00111 Effects of the Electrospray Mechanism on the ES Mass Spectrum: Ion-Pairing and Ion-Molecule Reactions at the Surface of Proteins. Why is Ammonium Acetate such a Popular Additive in Protein ESMS? Kebarle P., Verkerk U.
00112 An Open-Framework Copper-Germanium Phosphate [Cu(H2O)2(OH)]2Ge(PO4)2 Liu Y., Du H.B.
00113 Probing Brassinin Oxidase and Brassinin Glucosyl Transferase, Fungal Detoxifying Enzymes from Plant Pathogens Pedras M.S.C., Minic Z., Sarma-Mamillapalle V.K., Jha M., Hossain M., Suchy M.
00114 Protecting the Intellectual Property for Medicinal Drugs and Other Inventions Mitchell M.
00115 Development and Application of Ruthenium-Catalyzed Tandem Olefin Metathesis-Oxidations Scholte A.A., Snapper M.L.
00116 Controlled Switchable Self-Assembly of Dibenzylimidazolium Bromide Salt by Cyclodextrin Complexation Leclercq L., Schmitzer A.R.
00117 Temperature Dependence of the Rate Coefficients for the Reactions of Br atoms with Iso-octane and Some Ethers Roscoe J.M., Wheeler M., Mills R.
00118 Alignment and Electro-Optic Effects of Alkyl Thiolate-Capped Metallic Au, Ag and Semiconducting CdTe Nanoparticles in Nematic Liquid Crystals Qi H., Kinkead B., Hegmann T.
00119 Upper Singlet State Dynamics of Metalloporphyrins Steer R.P., Liu X., Tripathy U., Kowalska D.
00120 Polymer-Coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Immobilized Proteins-Water-Stable Colloids as Drug Carriers Yathindranath V., van Lierop J., Moore D.F., Hegmann T.
00121 Preparation and Use of Amine Containing Permanently Modified Graphitic Carbon Phases for Ion Chromatography Chambers S.D., Lucy C.A.
00122 Bridging the Faculty-Teacher Chasm Hoffman M.Z.
00123 From C-H Activation to C-C Activation Gan L.B.
00124 Heterometallasiloxanes-Novel Si-O-Based Inorganic Ring Systems and Cages Edelmann F.T., Blaurock S., Edelmann A., Gießmann S., Lorenz V.
00125 Analysis of phnP from the Carbon-Phosphorus Lyase Pathway He S.-M., Podzelinska K., Yakunin A., Edwards A., Hove-Jensen B., Jia Z., Zechel D.L.
00126 Bioorganometallic Approach for the Electrochemical Detection of Kinase-Catalyzed Protein Phosphorylation Song H., Kerman K., Kraatz H.B.
00127 Electrochemical Probing of HIV Proteins Using Ferrocene-Conjugated Peptides Kerman K., Kraatz H.B.
00128 Organoplatinum Chemistry and C-H Bond Activation Puddephatt R.J.
00129 Development of New Methods for the Preparation of Hindered Cyclic Systems Jung M.E.
00130 Probing the Metabolism of Crucifer Fungal Pathogens with Indole Glucosinolates Hossain S., Pedras M.S.C.
00131 Virus Capsid Templates Cornelissen JJ.L.M., Comellas-Aragones M., Sikkema F.G., Minten I.C., de la Escosura A., Nolte R.J.M.
00132 Synthesis of Glycoconjugate Related to Mycobacteria Cell Wall Liu C., Richards M.R., Lowary T.L.
00133 Protein Sensing Using Nanoparticle-Fluorescent Polymer Complexes Rotello V.M., Bunz U.H. F.
00134 Strong CH and CC Bond Cleavage Reactions Using Homogeneous Transition Metal Complexes Jones W.D.
00135 Engineered Fluorescent Proteins and the Development of Genetically Encoded Biosensors Ai H.-w., Campbell R.E.
00136 Engineering Peptides and Proteins as Molecular Probes of Endogenous Protein Localization and Dynamics in Live Cells Ibraheem A., Cheng Z., Campbell R.E.
00137 A Novel Method for in situ Generation of Glycosyl Iodides Lowary T.L., Martin A.D.
00138 Methanesulfonamide Effect in Sharpless Asymmetric Dihydroxylation of Aliphatic Olefins Junttila M.H., Hormi O.E.O.
00139 Theoretical Study of Through-Space and Through-Bond Electron Transfer within Positively Charged Peptides in the Gas Phase Simons J., Neff D., Sobczyk M.
00140 Total Synthesis of Natural Products of Biological Intrigue Williams R.M.
00141 Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy as a Field Sensor for the Detection of Cyanide Exposure Vinnakota C., Logue B.
00142 Hydration of Propylene Oxide: Structural Solvation Probed with VCD Spectroscopy and Computer Simulations Losada M., Nguyen P., Xu Y.
00143 Minimal Elements for a Tunable Biochemical Band-Pass Filter Roussel M.R.
00144 Molecular Recognition Ability of N-Methylimidazole in Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Alcohols: Application for Asymmetric Acyl Transfer Leclercq L., Suisse I., Agbossou-Niedercorn F.
00145 Integrating Top-Down Fabrication with Bottom-Up Self-Assembly Rotello V.M.
00146 New Ambient Temperature and Controlled Routes to Polyphosphazenes Manners I.
00147 Characterization of LL-Diaminopimelate Aminotransferase Clay M.D., Watanabe N., Cherney M.M., van Belkum M.J., Marcus S.L., Vederas J.C., James M.N.G.
00148 Dithienophospholes as Building Blocks for pi-Conjugated Macromolecules Durben S., , Nickel D.Baumgartner T.
00149 Strain-Controlled, Photochemically or Thermally Promoted Haptotropic Shifts of Cyclopentadienyl Ligands in Group 8 [1]- and [2]Metallocenophanes Herbert D.E., Tanabe M., Bourke S.C., Lough A.J., Manners I.
00150 Dibenzoborepin: A Boron Containing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Mercier L.G., Piers W.E.
00151 Olefin Selectivity in the Fe-Based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: A DFT Approach Lo J.M.H., Ziegler T.
00152 Ternary Thallium Chalcogenides for Thermoelectric Applications Xu J., Kleinke H.
00153 Complex, Explicit 3D Silicone Structures from Dehydrocarbonative Coupling Brook M.A., Thompson D.B.
00154 An STD-NMR Spectroscopy Investigation of Glycosidase Mutants Leads to the Discovery of a New Family of beta-Glucosidase Inhibitors Jakeman D.L., Sadeghi-Khomami A.
00155 NMR-Based Metabolomics for Assessing Earthworm Stress from Exposure to Sub-Lethal Concentrations of Organic Chemicals in Soil Simpson M.J., Simpson A.J., McKelvie J.R., Xu Y., Brown S.A.E., Lankadurai B.P., Yuk J.
00156 The Thermal Chemistry of 18e Cp*W(NO)(alkyl)(g3-allyl) Complexes Legzdins P.
00157 Strategies to Improve Biocompatibility at Silicone Interfaces Brook M.A., Sheardown H.D., D'souza R., Chen Y., Zhao S., Shao Y., Awad N., Fawcett A.
00158 Novel Boron and Boron-Nitrogen Heterocycles Piers W.E., Bosdet M.J.D., Jaska C.J., Wood T.K., Mercier L.G., Bonnier C., Parvez M.
00159 Mechanistic Aspects of Ruthenium Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis Piers W.E., Romero P.E., van der Eide E.F., Leitao E.M.
00160 Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, and Properties of New Bridging Ligands Derived from Indigo Oakley S.R., Hicks R.G.
00161 Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) from Phenol OH to Adjacent "Aromatic" Carbons of Simple Biphenyl Systems Behin Aein N., Wan P.
00162 Synthesis of Sulfonium-Ion Analogs of Galactofuranose Rings Li J., Lowary T.L.
00163 Site Selective Direct Arylation of Azine N-Oxides Schipper D.J., Campeau L.-C., Fagnou K.
00164 Synthesis and Evaluation of Phenolic Glycolipid Immunomodulators as Potential Vaccine Candidates for Mycobacterial Infections Elsaidi H., Lowary T.L.
00165 Applications of an Ephedrine-Derived Morpholine-Dione in the Enantioselective Synthesis of Selected Natural Products Adsool V.A., Pansare S.V.
00166 Proton and Electron Transfer Processes in p-(Hydro)quinones Containing Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonds Trefz T., Kabir M.K., Jain R., Hicks R.G.
00167 Synthetic Approaches to Halenaquinone, Viridin, Coumarins and Labdanes Henderson J.R., Lucciola D., Kiemele E.R., Gorobets E., Keay B.A.
00168 Combining the Advantages of an Iterative Eigensolver and a Contracted Basis to Compute Energy Levels of CH5+ Wang X.G., Carrington T.
00169 Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Orvig C.
00170 CO Hydrogenation on Fe-Co Alloy Surfaces Lo J.M.H., Ziegler T.
00171 Synthesis and Structures of Strained, Neutral [d7] and Cationic [d6] Hydrocarbon-Bridged [n]Cobaltocenophanes (n = 2, 3). Mayer U.F.J., Manners I.
00172 Towards Control of Nano-Phase Segregation in Donor-Acceptor Blends: p-Conjugated Polymer-C60 Zhou Z., Chen X., Holdcroft S.
00173 A Discovery-Based Undergraduate Experiment on the Measurement of Lead in Toys Kiema G.K., Lucy C.A., Harynuk J.J., Goulko A.
00174 Hydrogen Silsesquioxane: A Versatile and Technologically Enabling Silicon Nanoparticle Precursor Veinot J.G.C., Hessel C.M., Henderson E.J.
00175 Voltammetric Determination of Vitamin C in Orange Juice Using a Pencil Lead Electrode Kariuki J., King D.
00178 New Arsenides and Antimonides for High Temperature Thermoelectric Applications Xu H., Kleinke H.
00179 Probing the Decomposition Pathways of Ruthenium Phosphonium Alkylidene Catalysts Leitao E.M., Wu Q., Piers W.E.
00180 Synthesis of Zwitterionic Oligosaccharides with the Potential to Stimulate T-Cell Responses Iynkkaran I., Ling C.C., Bundle D.R.
00181 13C-/12C-Stable Isotope Labeling for ESI Signal Enhancement and Absolute Quantitation of Metabolomes Guo K., Li L.
00182 Transition Metal Antimonide-Tellurides: An Emerging Family on the Edge between Semiconducting and Metallic Properties Kleinke H.
00183 Nonconventional Sb-Sb Bonding in Thermoelectric Materials Kleinke H.
00184 Stereoselective Self-Assembly of Functional Polymers with Gold Atoms in the Backbone Puddephatt R.J.
00185 Aluminum Anilido-Aldimine and Phosphido-Aldimine Catalysts in the Stereocontrolled Polymerization of rac-Lactide Shaver M.P., Moore A.E.J., Callaghan L.M.
00186 Updates on Natural Zeolite Assisted Cracking of Oil Sands and Light Hydrocarbon Extraction of Bitumen Yin H., Junaid A.S.M., Wei W., An W., McCaffrey W.C., Kuznicki S.M.
00187 Excited-State Structural Dynamics of Pyrimidine Nucleobases Loppnow G.R.
00188 Formal Radical Closure onto Aromatic Rings: A General Route to Benzo-Fused Carbocycles Sunasee R., Clive D.L.J., Chen Z.
00189 Photo-Generation of Long-Lived Electron-Hole Pairs by Charge Transfer in Nanocrystal Heterostructures Scholes G.D., Jones M, Lo S.S., Kumar S.
00190 Chemical and Structural Factors Affecting Rosette Nanotubes Self-Assembly Hemraz U.D, Fenniri H.
00191 Structural Design of Micro- and Nanomechanical Resonators for Sensing Applications Vengallatore S.
00192 Recent Trends in Solid Electrolytes Thangadurai V.
00193 Advancements in Natural Abundance 33S MAS NMR of Solids Including Sensitivity Enhancements Jakobsen H.J.
00194 Synthesis and Preparation of Tungsten and Molybdenum Sulfide Fluorides Nieboer J., Gerken M.
00195 Functional Materials Using Azomethines Connections: Investigation of their Physical Properties Skene W.G., Bourgeaux M., Dufresne S.
00196 Cucurbit[7]uril Complexes of Vitamin B12 and Coenzyme B12 Macartney D.H., Wang R.
00197 Three Electrons to Revenue: Electroplating of Indium Brese N., Szocs E., Schwager F., Toben M., Bayes M.
00198 Unconventional Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Pigments Present in Waste Waters of the Printing Industry Alex S., Biasotto F., Becker S., Aroca G.
00199 Towards Stable Polystannanes Foucher D., Bucur R., VanderGiesen H.
00200 Plasmonic Nano-Biosensors based on Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Galarreta B., Varma S., Chan E., Norton P.R., Lagugné-Labarthet F.
00201 Group Exercises in a Physical Chemistry Course Sparling S.B.S., Loppnow G.R.
00202 A Concise Total Synthesis of (±)-Acutifolone A Liu H.J., Hsieh M.C.
00203 Characterization of Weak Interactions between Aromatic Amino Acids and the Natural Nucleobases Rutledge L.R, Durst H.F., Wetmore S.D.
00204 Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole-Based Conjugated Polymers and their Potential Application in Organic Photovoltaic Cells Durben S., Nickel D., Baumgartner T.
00205 Synthesis of Aryl Thioacetyl Styrene Derivatives for the Preparation of Spectroscopically Encoded Nanocomposites Jawabrah-Al-Hourani B., Sheng D., Alvarez-Puebla R., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Fenniri H.
00206 Micropatterned Functionalization of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Séguin C., Patrito N., McLachlan J., Norton P.R., Lagugné-Labarthet F.
00207 Getting Involved in Chemistry: A Personal Perspective for the Profession and Society Brown R.S.
00208 Electron Deficient BODIPY Dyes: Structure, Electronic Properties and Reactivity Bonnier C., Piers W.E., Parvez M.
00210 A Spatial Model of Tumor-Host Interaction: Application of Chemotherapy Hinow P.
00212 On the Origin of Circular Dichroism in Trigonal Dihedral Cobalt (III) Complexes of Electronically Unsaturated Bidentate Ligands Fan J., Ziegler T.
00213 Luminescent Polymers Based on Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Building Blocks: Valuable Materials for Sensory and Light-Harvesting Applications Baumgartner T.
00214 UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy as a Robust Spectroscopic Tool for Direct Analysis of Sunscreen Formulations Oladepo S.A., Loppnow G.R.
00215 Circular Dichroism Exhibited by a Class of Achiral Rosette Nanotubes Hemraz U.D., Johnson R.S., Fenniri H.
00216 Molecular Beacon Detection of DNA and RNA Damage Loppnow G.R.
00217 Poly(Ureido-Pyrimidinone-Norbornene) Based Nanoparticles Foster E.J., Meijer E.W.
00218 A New Methodology for the Synthesis of Spectroscopically Active Thioacetyl Styrene Monomers Jawabrah Al-Hourani B., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., High L., Fenniri H.
00219 Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Activity in Organic Solvents D'Cunha G.B., Quinn A.J., Pickup M.J.
00220 Optical Nanoprobes for Biomolecule Detection Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Dai S., Fenniri H
00221 Proton Conduction in Complex Perovskites Bhella S.S., Thangadurai V.
00222 PeptidePeptide Interactions: Models for Protein Secondary Structure and Intelligent Drug Design (in the Context of Alzheimer's Disease) Roy S., Mothana B., Rauk A.
00223 Synthesis of an Oxidatively Stable Analogue of the Antimicrobial Peptide, Lacticin 3147 A2 Liu H., Pattabiraman V.R., Vederas J.C.
00224 In situ ATR-FTIR Studies on the Adsorption of Organoarsenicals on Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides Al-Abadleh H.A., Duggal M., Hoang T.
00225 Personal Response Systems (Clickers) to Increase Student Engagement Loppnow G.R.
00226 Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Peptide-Based HCV Entry Inhibitors Algryani R., Kaur K., Douglas D., Kneteman N.
00227 Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Immunoassay for DNA Damage Detection and its Application to the Mechanistic Study of DNA Repair Inhibition by Arsenic Shen S., Lee J., Weinfeld M., Le X.
00228 Syntheses and Antimicrobial Activity Testing of Lantibiotic-Siderophore Conjugates Yoganathan S., Martin-Visscher L.A., Pattabiraman V.R., Cobb S.L., Sit C.S., Vederas J.C.
00229 Stretching Protein Filaments by Friction Force Spectroscopy Kreplak L., Herrmann H., Aebi U.
00230 Synthesis and Evaluation of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 3C-Like Proteinase Miyyapuram V., Zhang J., Vederas J.C.
00231 Near-Field Infrared Nanoscopy and Nanospectroscopy Hillenbrand R.
00232 Reactivity of Rh(III) Complexes Featuring an Ambiphilic Bifunctional Ligand PMe2CH2AlMe2 Fontaine F.-G., Boudreau J.
00233 Luminescent Excited States Probed by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy at Variable Pressure Reber C., Baril-Robert F.
00234 Copper(I)-Bound and Metal-Free Forms of the CsoR Dimer Probed by Molecular Dynamics: Structural Response to Copper(I)-Binding Zhang L., Pushie M.J., George G.N.
00235 Laboratory Computerization as a Tool to Link Chemistry's Abstractions to Undergraduate Students' Realities Young J.C.O'C.
00236 DRED: A Proof of Concept Perez-Pineiro R., Alvarez-Puebla R., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Materi W., Fenniri H.
00237 Diselenide Derivative, Potential Successor of Ebselen with High Antioxidant Activity: Assessment on in vitro Models Mareque-Faez J., Heyne B., Deby C., Lamy M., Deby-Dupont G., Serteyn D., Mouithys-Mickalad A.
00238 Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Sulfur-Containing Aryl and Heteroaryl Vinyls as Spectroscopically Tagged Monomers Perez-Pineiro R., Dai S., Alvarez-Puebla R., Wigginton J.R., Fenniri H.
00239 The Conversion of 6-Hydroxycoumarins to 5-Hydroxyindoles Stoffman E.J.L., Clive D.L.J.
00240 Electronic Structure of Transition-Metal Phosphides M2P Blanchard P.E., Grosvenor A.P., Cavell R.G., Mar A.
00241 Modeling and Simulations of the Low-Cu2+-Occupancy Form of the Mammalian Prion Protein Octarepeat Region: Gaining Insight into Cu2+-Mediated b-Cleavage Pushie M.J., Vogel H.J.
00242 Copper and the Prion Protein, Normal Functioning and Disease Pathogenesis: Insights from Theory and Experiment Pushie M.J., Vogel H.J.
00243 Enabling Sample Preparation and Mass Spectrometric Techniques for Comprehensive Proteome Profiling Li L.
00244 Conjugated Polymer-Nanotube Assemblies Cheng F., Imin P., Adronov A.
00245 Exploration of the Protective Effects of Tryptophan on DNA Photodamage Oladepo S.A., Loppnow G.R.
00246 Detrimental C-H Activation - At Least for Catalytic Hydrogenation of Imines and Aldehydes Using Rh and Ir Species! , Lorenzini F., Marcazzan P., Moiseev D.James B.R.
00247 Experimental and Computational Examination of Tryptophan and Solvent Interactions with the High-Cu2+-Occupancy Form of the Mammalian Prion Protein Octarepeat Region Pushie M.J., Vogel H.J.
00248 Synthesis of Pyrazolylborate Supported Lanthanide Dialkyl Complexes and their Reaction with Terminal Alkynes Saliu K., Cheng J., Takats J.
00249 Synthesis of Iron(II) Complexes of L-Threonic Acid: Studies on the Stability Constants of Binary and Ternary Iron(II) Complexes of L-Threonic Acid-Amino Acids Yu L., Huakuan L., Siying G. WITHDRAWN
00250 Marked for Death: A Role of tRNAArg in Targeting Proteins for Degradation Fahlman R.P.
00251 Three New Ternary Compounds in the Zr-Si-As System Gaultois M.W., Grosvenor A.P., Mar A.
00252 Organosiloxane Liquid Crystals with de Vries Character Roberts J.C., Li L., Kapernaum N., Giesselmann F., Lemieux R.P.
00253 Predicting New Inorganic Compounds Pyykko P.
00254 1-D Inorganic Nanomaterials Templated by Rosette Nanotubes Danumah C., Hemraz U.D., Moralez J.G., Fenniri H.
00255 Chirality Information Transfer in Polylactides: From Main-Chain Chirality to Lamella Curvature Maillard D., Prud'homme R.E.
00256 Solution NMR Investigations into the Ff Bacteriophage Major Coat Protein Transmembrane Helix Dimer Goto N.K, Wu Y., Shih S.C.C.
00257 Chlorinated vs. Chloraminated Drinking Water: Toxicity-Based Identification of Disinfection By-Products Using ESI-MS and ESI-MS/MS Richardson S.D., Crumley F.G., Fasano F., Plewa M.J., Wagner E.D., Mize T.H., Angel P., Orlando R., Williamson L.N., Bartlett M.G.
00260 Functionalization of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Dendritic Molecules Martin A.L., Gillies E.R.
00261 ńPhosphole-Containing Dendrimers Romero-Nieto C., Merino S., Rodríguez-López J., Baumgartner T.
00262 Utility of the Anthraquinone Chromophore as a Photocaging Group for Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones via Intramolecular Photoredox Reaction in Aqueous Solution Hou Y., Wan P.
00263 Ternary Rare-Earth Titanium Antimonides Bie H., Tkachuk A.V., Zelinska O.Ya., Mar A.
00264 Diblock Copolymer Tadpole Preparation and Assembly Liu G.J., Nijkang G.
00265 Stereoselective Enzymatic Acylation with Functionalized Acyl Donors Morin P., Pelchat N., Chęnevert R.
00266 Characterization and Cytotoxicity Study of Emerging Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products Li X.F., Boyd J.M., Zhao Y.Y., Qin F.
00267 Structural Studies of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Using NMR Spectroscopy Yi S., Gall C., Brickenden A., Mokhtarzada S., Choy W.-Y.
00268 Stereoselective Synthesis of Non-Racemic Polysubstituted Hydroquinolines Using a RC-ROM Process: Mechanistic Insight and Application to the Total Synthesis of Lepadin B Barbe G., Charette A.B.
00269 Ternary Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Germanides Bie H., Tkachuk A.V., Zelinska O.Ya., Mar A.
00270 Exploring the Gas Phase Binding of Ab-40 Peptide Ions with Small Substrates by CID MS Mayer P.M., Martineau E.
00271 A Passive Sampler Based Approach to the Fate of Pharmaceuticals as Pollutants in the North Saskatchewan River at Edmonton MacLeod S.L., Wong C.S.
00272 The Synthesis and Electronic Structure of Annelated Delocalized Benzonitronyl Nitroxide Radicals Dooley B.M., Frank N.L., Bowles S.E., Andrews T., Storr T., Benedict J., Kaminsky W.
00273 Polyvalent Display of Cationic Motifs on Bacteriophage Qb with anti-Heparin Activity Udit A.K., Everett C., Gale A.J., Kyle J.R., Ozkan M., Finn M.G.
00274 The Total Synthesis of (+)-Fawcettidine Kozak J., Dake G.R.
00275 Cardiovascular Agents: Renin Inhibitors Kasani A., Stier M., Holsworth D.D., Maiti S.
00276 Recycling Nanoparticle Metal Sequestration Pproducts: Applications of Fe/Fe-Oxide/Metal Core-Shell Nanoparticles Johnson M., Macdonald J.E., Veinot J.G.C.
00277 New Alkali and Alkaline-Earth Metal Mercury Intermetallics Tkachuk A.V., Mar A.
00278 Recent Progress in Solid State NMR at Warwick: Low Gamma Nuclei, Double Angle Rotation and Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Smith M.E.
00279 Probing Novel High-Pressure Structures by Vibrational Spectroscopy Song Y.
00280 Design and Synthesis of Some Biologically Interesting Natural and Unnatural Products Back T.G.
00281 Lanthanide Amine bis-Phenolate Complexes and their Reactivity in the Ring-Opening Polymerization of e-Caprolactone Kerton F.M.
00282 Investigating the Biological Chemistry of Nitroxyl Bohle D.S., Phillips H.A.
00283 Nanostructural Issues and Heterogeneous Electron Transfer at Self-Assembled Alkanethiolate Monolayers on Gold Porter M.D., Bergren A.J., Edwards G.A., Cox E.J.
00284 Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites: Synthesis, Properties, and Potential Applications Cheng F., Imin P., Behal S., Lawson G., Bahun G.J., Adronov A.
00285 Parameterization and Dynamic Structure of the Mo(IV), Mo(VI) and Intermediate Mo(V) Active Sites of Sulfite Oxidase Pushie M.J., George G.N.
00286 Deoxygenated Galactofuranosides and UDP-Galactofuranose Analogues as Probes for Mycobacterial Galalactofuranosyltransferases Zhou R., Lowary T.L.
00287 The Utilization of Biochemistry to Create a Natural, Organic Fungal Pesticide to Replace Chemical Insecticides Skinner J. WITHDRAWN
00288 Artificial Charge Modulation in Perovskite Vanadate Superlattices Sheets W.C., Boullay P., Prellier W.
00289 Arsenic and Arthropods: An Unusual Detoxification Molecule Uncovered in Terrestrial Insects Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Andrahennadi R., Pickering I.J.
00290 Regioselective Functionalization of Unreactive C-H Bonds Daugulis O.
00291 X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy as an in-situ Probe of Toxic Heavy Elements George G.N., Pickering I.J., Singh S.P., Korbas M., Hoffmeyer R.
00292 Toward an Accurate Database for the 12 lm Region of the Ethane Spectrum Moazzen-Ahmadi N.
00293 X-Ray Spectroscopic Studies of the Active Sites of Molybdenum Enzymes George G.N., Doonan C.J., Pushie M.J., Wilson H.L., Rajagopalan K.V.
00294 Iron Catalysts for C-C Bond Formation and Epoxidation Reactions Kozak C.M.
00295 High-Resolution Separation and Identification of Structural Isomers of Endogenous Acylcarnitine Metabolites in Human Urine Zuniga A., Li L.
00297 The Mechanism of Prephenate Dehydrogenase Revealed Through Structural, Kinetic and Mutational Analyses Turnbull J.L., Christendat D.
00298 "Frustrated Lewis Pairs": Activation of Small Molecules and Catalysis Stephan D.W.
00301 Identification of Novel Endogenous Metabolites of Acylglycines in Human Urine Lewis A.E., Li L.
00302 Host-Guest Binding of Cucurbit[7]uril with Local Anaesthetics and other Medically Relevant Guests Wyman I.W., Macartney D.H.
00303 They're Not Weeds, They're Talented Flowers! Rayner-Canham G.W.
00304 Stretching of Single Polymer Molecules from PEG to DNA: Theory and Analysis Kreuzer H.J.
00305 Thirty Years of Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy: A Personal View Maeder H.
00306 C-H Bond Activation by l-Oxo-bis(l-carboxylato)diruthenium Complexes: Mimic for Methanemonoxygenase Hussain A., Moiz M.A., Thorat R.B., Padhiyar H.J., Shukla R.S., Bhatt K.N.
00307 Lipidomics and Mass Spectrometry Figeys D., Hou D., Smith J.C., Whitehead S.N., Ethier M., Bennett S.L.
00308 Design of a Diverse Set of Commercially Available Screening Compounds: A First Step in Hit Identification Nilar S.H.
00309 A Computational Study of C8-Purine DNA Adducts Millen A.L., Wetmore S.D.
00310 Conformational Studies of Biologically Important Furanose-Containing Oligosaccharides Taha H.A., Castillo N., Roy P.-N., Lowary T.L.
00311 Development of Natural Products Based Anti-Inflammatory and Antihypertensive Drugs Parmar V.S.
00312 General Chemistry: Fossilized or Futurized? Rayner-Canham G.W.
00313 Polyoxometalates Covalently Linked to RuII Complexes Santoni M.-P., Hanan G.S., Proust A., Hasenknopf B.
00314 Dissecting the Enzymatic Mechanism of the Sialyltransferase CstII from Campylobacter jejuni by NMR Spectroscopy Chan P.H.W., Lee H.J., Wakarchuk W.W., Strynadka N.C.J., Withers S.G., McIntosh L.P.
00315 Simulated Electronic Structure Calculation Approach to Molecular Mechanics Hollett J.W., Poirier R.A.
00316 Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Novel Di-2-pyridylimine Ligands Xia A., Dent C., Yorke J.
00317 Approaches to the Synthesis of Lactocin S Ross A.C., Pattabiraman V.R., Vederas J.C.
00318 Fine Tuning Ferromagnetism in Heavy Atom Radicals Robertson C.M., Leitch A.A., Cvrkalj K., Myles D.J.T., Reed R.W., Dube P.A., Oakley R.T.
00319 Main Group Radicals: Approaching the Metallic State Leitch A.A., Oakley R.T., Robertson C.M., Dube P.A.
00320 Flexible Molecular Wires? Synthesis and Properties of Polyynes Chalifoux W.A., Ferguson M.J., Tykwinski R.R., Lucotti A., Tommasini M., Fazzi D., Del Zoppo M., Zerbi G.
00321 In vivo Synthesis of Complex Ganglioside Analogues by Metabolically Engineered Escherichia coli Strains Jacques S., Ling C.C., Samain E., Bundle D.R.
00322 Tailoring Properties of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Functionalization: Diazonium and [2+1]Cycloaddition Reactions Cabana J., Lavoie S., Paillet M., Élyse E., Martel R., McBreen P.
00324 Acid Dissociation at Ice Surfaces Marchand P., Plessis S., Ayotte P.
00325 Structural Tuning of Gold and Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts Scott R.W.J.
00326 Conjugated Polymers: From Genomics to Micro-Electronics Leclerc M.
00327 Organoboron Polymers as New Functional Materials Cui C.Z., Parab K., Qin Y., Jaekle F.
00328 Pluronic Additives: A Solution to Sticky Problems in Digital Microfluidics Luk V.N., Mo G.C. H., Wheeler A.R.
00329 Building a Biomimetic Membrane at an Electrode Surface Lipkowski J.
00330 First Total Synthesis of Illudane Alcyopterosins E, L, M and I via Transition Metal-Catalyzed [2+2+2] Cycloaddition Witulski B., Tran H.-A., Zimmermann A.
00331 Conjugation in Dinuclear RuII Complexes of Bis-Tridentate Ligands: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties Santoni M.-P., Hanan G.S., Proust A., Hasenknopf B.
00332 One-Pot Synthesis of Tri- and Tetraynes Using a Butadiynyl Synthon Azyat K., Tykwinski R.R.
00333 Aerboic Alcohol Oxidations in Aqueous Solutions Using Bimetallic AuPd Nanoparticle Catalysts Hou W., Dehm N.A., Scott R.W.J.
00334 Chemical Synthesis and Chemopreventive Evaluation of Natural Products Analogs, Application I: Chalcone Analogs Touaibia M.
00335 Redox Chemistry of the Monoanionic [HC(PR2E)2]- and Dianionic [C(PR2E)2]2- Ligands (R = Alkyl, Aryl; E = Chalcogen) Konu J., Chivers T.
00336 Microwave Spectrum and Structure of a Polar Dimer of N2O Walker N., Minei A.J., Novick S.E., Legon A.C.
00337 Investigation of the Effects of Water on Aggregation of Model Asphaltenes in Organic Solution Tan X.L., Fenniri H., Gray M.R.
00338 Quantifying Protein-Hydrophobic Ligand Interactions by ES-MS Lan L., Klassen J.S.
00339 Greener Biocatalytic Route for the Synthesis of Nucleosides as Small Molecular Weight Drug Candidates Prasad A.K.
00340 Patenting: Beyond the Horizon Heineking N.
00341 Molecular Memory Devices Based on Redox Reactions in Molecular Junctions McCreery R.L., Barman S., Deng F., Wu J.
00342 Attosecond Science: The Next Frontier Bandrauk A.D.
00343 Synthetic Receptors for Methylated Lysine: Pyrrole- and Indole-Derived Hosts Whiting A.L., Fowler N.M, Hof F.
00344 Electrophilic Catalysts for the Enantioselective Cation-Olefin Cyclization of Poly-Enes: Mechanistic and Synthetic Developments Gagné M.R., Campbell A., Koropala S., Mullen C.
00345 N-Methylbenzothiadiazolyl and its Heavy Chalcogen Variants Risto M., Robertson C.M., Reed R.W., Oakley R.T., Oilunkaniemi R., Laitinen R.S.
00346 Evaluation of Glutaraldehyde Cross-Linked Proteolytic Enzymes Using Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Peptide Mapping Waldron K.C., Nguyen Q.V., Gan S.-M.
00347 De novo Helical Peptides as Target Sequences for a Fluorogenic Protein Labelling Strategy Keillor J.W., Castonguay R., Guy J., Campos-Reales N.B., Caron K., Jacquier V.
00348 Monodisperse Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Silica Microspheres: Synthesis and Assembly into Crystalline Colloidal Arrays Kelly T.L., Yamada Y., Che S.P.Y., Yano K., Wolf M.O.
00349 Synthesis of Cationic Selenium-Nitrogen Rings, Element Chalcogen Coordination Compounds and Unusual Rearrangements Dutton J.L., Martin C.D., Ragogna P.J.
00350 Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Diazonamide B Zhang J., Ciufolini M.A.
00351 Parameters for s-Donation and p-Backdonation Capabilities of Diiminepyridine Type Ligands Zhu D., Budzelaar P.H.M.
00352 Photochromic Platinum Terpyridyl Complexes Containing Dithienylethene Ligands Roberts M.N., Finden J.G., Branda N.R., Wolf M.O.
00353 Efficient Preparation of the Isoindoline Framework via a Six Component, Tandem Double A3 Coupling and [2+2+2]Cycloaddition Reaction Bonfield E.R., Li C.-J.
00354 Tailoring the Surface of Photoluminescent Silicon Nanocrystals Kelly J.A., Veinot J.G.C.
00355 Building Carbohydrates on the Dioxanone Scaffold: Stereocontrolled Approach to Rare Monosaccharides Palyam N., Majewski M.
00356 A New Way to Understand the Interacting Process between Species in Vacancy Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis Sun Y., Fang N., Chen D.D.Y.
00357 Synthesis of Aza-C-glycosides as Potential Inhibitors of Glycosidases and Glycosyltransferases Sandbhor M., Williams D., Bhasin M., Zou W.
00358 Surface Templating Using a Photolabile Terpolymer in Building a Matrix Isolation DNA Biosensor Lim Y., Krull U.J.
00359 Chiral Recognition in Jet-Cooled Complexes: The Role of Conformational Flexibility Zehnacker A.
00360 Transition Metal Complexes Supported by New Pincer Ligands Featuring Formally Anionic Heavier Main Group Element Donors: Synthesis and Applications in Catalysis Turculet L., MacInnis M.C., MacLean D.F.
00361 Au Carbon Nanotube Composites from Self-Reduction of Au3+ upon Poly(ethylene imine) Functionalized SWNT Thin Films Adronov A., Brook M.A., de Silveira G., Gonzaga F., Huang J., Lawson G.
00362 Multivalent Surface Functionalization Strategies for Polymer Vesicles Li B., Gillies E.R.
00363 Highly Modular and Efficient Synthesis of Biaryl and Biaryl-Like Based Diphosphines: Applications in Platinum Group Catalysis Doherty S., Smyth C.H., Knight J.G., Harrington R.W., Clegg W.
00364 Peptide and Peptidomimetic Approaches for Developing Cancer Targeting Agents Ahmed S., Kaur K.
00365 A Novel Approach to the Preparation of a 1,3,2-Dithiazolobenzo-1,3,2-dithiazol-4,8-dione Utilizing the Twofold Cycloaddition and Oxidation Chemistry of SNS+ Mailman A., Passmore J.
00366 Tracking Sources of Slippery Substances: PFA Isomer Profiling of Ocean Water and Sediment Cores Benskin J.P., Martin J.W., Scott B., Philips V., St. Louis V., Yamashita N., Lam P., Tomy G., Muir D., Spencer C., Rosenburg B.
00367 Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) of Nucleotides and their Pathway Intermediates on Titania Zhou T., Lucy C.A.
00368 Flexible Modular Proteins in DNA Replication and Repair Machines Brosey C.A., Pretto D.I., Ehrhardt M.E., Chagot M.-E., Chazin W.J.
00369 Angular Momentum Recoupling in NMR: Simplifying Rotation Matrix Products via Racah Algebra Siminovitch D.J. WITHDRAWN
00370 The Dance of Life and Death: Microtubule Polymerization Dynamics and the Mechanism of Action of Microtubule-Targeted Drugs Jordan M.A.
00371 Rhodium-Catalyzed Double [2+2+2] Cycloaddition of 1,4-Bis(diphenylphosphinoyl)buta-1,3-diyne with Tethered Diynes: A Modular, Highly Versatile Single-Pot Synthesis of NU-BIPHEP Biaryl Diphosphines Doherty S., Smyth C.H., Knight J.G., Harrington R.W., Clegg W.
00372 The Role of Sialic Acid in the Formation of Protective Conformational Epitopes Jennings H.J.
00373 NMR Studies of Self-Assembling Guanine-Cytosine Derivatives Tikhomirov G.A., Fenniri H.
00374 Nocturnal Processing of Nitrogen Oxides in Marine and Coastal Environments: Implications of the First Ambient Measurements of Nitryl Chloride Osthoff H.D., Roberts J., Brown S., Lerner B., Williams E., Sommariva R., Bates T., Coffman D., Quinn P., Ravishankara A.
00375 Minimizing Energy of Lennard-Jones Clusters with Coordinate Transformations Vinogradov I., Ayers P.W.
00376 A Novel Strategy for the Synthesis of Sulfotyrosine-Bearing Peptides Ali A.M., Taylor S.D.
00377 Rotational Spectroscopy of Single Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS) Molecules Embedded in Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets Lehnig R., Raston P., Jäger W
00378 Structure and Reaction of Kinetically Stabilized Naphtho[1,2-c:5,6-c]difurans Robbins S.J., Dibble P. W.
00379 On One Hand But Not the Other: Quantum Chemical Studies of Optical Rotation and Circular Dichroism Crawford T.D.
00380 Zinc Antimonides and their Derivatives: Intermetallics with Complex Structures and Narrow Band Gaps Häussermann U.
00381 Diboradiferrocene Cations: Electronic Structure and Lewis Acidity Enhancement Venkatasubbaiah K., Pakkirisamy T., Herber R., Jaekle F.
00382 Synthesis of Polyacetylene Glycosides and Thioglycosides Pan Y., Lowary T.L., Tykwinski R.R.
00383 N-Heterocyclic and P,N-Heterocyclic Phosphenium, Cations: Synthesis, Group 10 Metal Complexes and Reactivity Studies Caputo C.A., Jennings M.C., McDonald R., Tuononen H.M., Jones N.D.
00384 Ultrasensitive Detection of HIV-1 Protease Using Single Walled Carbon Nanotube/Gold Nanoparticle Modified Electrodes Mahmoud K.A., Hrapovic S., Luong J.H.T.
00385 Computational Study of Lithium Hexamethyl Disilazide (LiHMDS) Complexes: Effects of Solvation and Aggregation Popenova S., Mawhinney R.C., Schreckenbach G.
00386 The Essential Oil Composition of Eryngium foetidum L. in South Vietnam Extracted by Hydrodistillation under Conventional Heating and Microwave Irradiation Tran H.-A., Nguyen Duong T.-T., Le N.-T.
00387 The Aza-Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction of Activated 1,3-Dienes with Aldimines Clary K.N., Back T.G.
00388 Development and Implementation of a New Computational Analysis Tool for NMR Chemical Shifts Walker S.M., Schreckenbach G.
00389 Polymer Electrolytes/Graphite Oxide Nanocomposites Bissessur R., Scully S.F.
00390 Magnesium Complexes Featuring Phosphinimine-Containing Chelating Ligands Ireland B.J., Hayes P.G.
00391 Raman Imaging and the Use of Meso- and Nanostructured Metallic Platforms Lagugné-Labarthet F., Galarreta B., Varma S., Marquestaut N., Talaga D.
00392 The Jamming Landscape for Confined Hard Discs Ashwin S.S., Bowles R.K.
00393 Aptamer-Modified Monolithic Capillary Chromatography for Protein Separation and Detection Zhao Q., Li X.-F., Le X.C.
00394 Sequential Unfolding of Beta-Sheet under Mechanical Applied Force in Maltose Binding Proteins Zou S., Di Bernardo S., Wieczorek M., Lukacs G.L., Walker G.C.
00395 Catalytic C-H Bond Functionalization for Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Synthesis Ellman J.A.
00396 Aromatic Ring Rotation and Bending Induced by Metal Coordination Yang D.-S.
00397 Boron Dipyromethene Dyes: A Toolbox for Molecular Photonics and Light Emitting Devices Ziessel R.
00398 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction of Peptides with Nanoscale Chemical Heterogeneities on a Planar Substrate Soliman W., Kaur K., Bhattacharjee S.
00400 Profiling an Optimal Pt(II) Based Methane Activation Catalyst by Density Functional Theory Zhu H., Ziegler T.
00401 Determination of Naphthenic Acid Concentration in Oil Sands Derived Liquid Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Billinghurst B.E., Michaelian K.H., Rahimi P., Alem T., Arboleda P.
00402 Self-Discharge in Symmetric Aqueous Carbon Electrochemical Capacitors: Determining the Primary Causes and Mechanisms Andreas H.A., Black J.M., Oickle A.
00403 Photophysics of AC in the Presence of HSA: Photochirogenesis of the AC Cyclodimerization Reaction Pace T.C.S., Bohne C., Nishijima M., Wada T., Mori T., Inoue Y.
00404 Nanopolymorphs of Self-Assembled Guanine-Cytosine Derivatives Tikhomirov G.A., Fenniri H.
00405 Rational Design of Supported-PdAu Bimetallic Catalysts Dash P., Scott R.W.J.
00406 Determination of Herbicide Residues in Wetland Sediments using LC/MS/MS Xu D., Cessna A.J., Raina R., Farenhorst A., Pennock D.J.
00408 Protein Dynamics Studied by Hydrogen Exchange and Radical Probe Mass Spectrometry Konermann L., Liu Y.-H., Stocks B.B., Tong X.
00409 Different Methods-One Solution? Structure of fd (f1,M13) Bacteriophage from X-Ray Fibre Diffraction, Solid State NMR, and CryoEM Marvin D.A., Symmons M.F., Scott W.R.P., Straus S.K.
00410 Electrochemiluminescence from CdSe and Carbon Nanocrystals Chen Y., Haroun S., Zhou J., Booker C.J., Ding Z.
00411 Molecular Electronics Using Diazonium-Derived Adlayers on Carbon with Cu Top Contacts Bergren A.J., Harris K.D., Deng F., McCreery R.L.
00412 The Search for a Stable Helium Complex Evans C.J., Richardson J.
00413 Applications of Quantum Capping Potentials Johnson E.R., DiLabio G.A.
00414 Electrospray Mass Spectrometric Assessment of the Interactions between Heavy Metals and Bio-Ligands Burford N., Phillips H.A., Saunders C.D.L.
00415 Molecular Recognition and Regulation of the Eukaryotic Translation Intiation Factor eIF4E Borden K.L.B., Volpon L., Osborne M.
00416 Analysis of Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes Using AFM: Sample Preparation, Tip Property and Scan Condition Cho J.-Y., Tikhomirov G., Borzsonyi G., Fenniri H.
00417 Enantioselective Approach to Chiral Lactones via C-H Bond Activation Dong V.M.
00418 Improving Conductivity of Protic Ionic Liquids with Heterocyclic Bases Rochefort D., Mayrand-Provencher L.
00419 Synthesis of ABO Blood Group Oligosaccharides for Glycosyl Transferase and Antigen Affinity Studies Meloncelli P., Lowary T.L.
00420 Gas-Phase Chemistry in the Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition Process with Dimethylsilacyclobutane as a Precursor Gas Tong L., Shi Y.J.
00421 Remediation of Metal Oxyanion-Contaminated Soils with Zero Valent Iron Rivero-Huguet M., Marshall W.D.
00422 Synthesis of Group 6 Transition Metal Nitrides: Precursors for Magnetic Materials Hatnean J.A., Johnson S.A.
00423 Cadmium(II) Complex Formation with Glutathione in Aqueous Solution Mah V., Jalilehvand F.
00424 A Solid-State Phosphorus-31 NMR Investigation of Fe(g5-C5H5)(g5-P3[C-tBu]2) Bernard G.M., Eichele K., Nixon J.F., Wasylishen R.E.
00425 The Effects of Supramolecular Host Inclusion on the Excited States of Guest Molecules Wagner B.D., Snow C.A.
00426 A Novel NMR Assay for the Intrinsic and GAP-Accelerated GTPase Activity of Small G-Proteins: Characterization of Rheb and TSC2 Marshall C.B., Plevin M.J., Li G.Y., Ho J., Stambolic V., Ikura M.
00427 Ferrocenyl Boraamidinates: Precursors to Radicals and Biradicals Corrente A.M., Chivers T.
00428 Phosphinoarsonium and Diarsonium Cations from Chloride Abstraction Induced Pnictogen Coupling Conrad E.D., Burford N., McDonald B., Ferguson M.R.
00429 Metal-Catalyzed Dehydrogenation of Ammonia-Borane for Transportation Applications: The Importance of Aminoborane (BH2NH2) Coordination Chemistry Baker R.T.
00430 E-H Bond Addition Across an Alkyne: New Routes to Main Group Polymers Greenberg S., Gibson G.L., Stephan D. W.
00431 Donor-Stabilization and Reductive Coupling of Halostibenium Cations Carpenter Y., Decken A., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., Burford N.
00432 Placing Erbium Ions in the Vicinity of Silicon Nanocrystals: A New Chemical Approach Rodriguez Núńez J.R., Hessel C.M., Henderson E.J., Veinot J.G.C., Meldrum A.
00434 The Mechanism of Arsenic Binding to Metallothioneins from Time- and Temperature-Resolved Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Ngu T.T., Stillman M.J.
00435 Glycosylation at O-4 of N-Acetylglucosamine Hendel J.L., Wang J.-W., Auzanneau F.-I.
00436 Thiol-Ene Interfacial Photopolymerization for Microcapsule Synthesis Li J., Burke N.A., Stöver H.D.H.
00437 Kinetic Model of Electrocatalytic Activity in Supported Catalyst Nanoparticle Arrays Wang L., Eikerling M.H.
00438 Surface Modification of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) with a Perfluorinated Alkoxysilane for Selectivity towards Fluorous Tagged Peptides Horton J.H., Oleschuk R.D., Wang D.
00439 Magnetism of Geometrically Frustrated Double Perovskite with Pseudo Face Center Cubic Symmetry Aharen T., Greedan J.E., Imai T., Luke G.M.
00440 Synthesis and Characterization of New Highly p-Extended Conjugated TTF Derivatives Shao M., Zhao Y.
00441 The Effect of Methylation on the Dehydration of Guanidinium-Centered Nanodroplets McQuinn K.J., McIndoe J.S., Hof F.
00442 Structural Characterization of Zn(II) Binding to HIV-1 Transactivator-of-Transcription Protein by Circular Dichroism and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Vo T.N., O'Neil J.D.
00443 Characterization of Weak Interactions between Protein and DNA Building Blocks Wetmore S.D., Rutledge L.R.
00444 A Comprehensive Proteome Profile of Zebrafish Gill and Its Implications De Souza A.G., MacCormack T.J., Goss G.G., Li L.
00445 Investigations into Homogeneous Copper(II) Systems for Ethylene Polymerization Olson J.A., Foley S.R., Quail J.W.
00446 Selection of Smart Aptamers Using Kinetic Capillary Electrophoresis Drabovich A.P., Krylov S.N.
00447 Cycloadditions of Acetylenic Sulfones on Solid Supports Gao D., Back T.G.
00448 Sharing Conceptual Resources with Reform Mathematics Kutas C., Chisu C.
00449 A Computational Study of Substituent Effects on Stacking Interactions Chhikara A., Wetmore S.D.
00450 The Complexation Mechanism of a Cucurbit[7]uril Host-Guest System Tang H., Bohne C., Kim K.
00451 Cope-Type Hydroaminations: Improved Scope and Selected Applications Beauchemin A.M.
00452 Quantification of the Spontaneous Chemical Modification of Carbon Black by Diazonium Coupling Smith R.D.L., Pickup P.G.
00453 Biotransformation and Distribution of Arsenic in Biological Tissues Reimer K.J., Moriarty M., Koch I.
00455 Two-Color Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization Spectroscopic Study of the Rydberg States of Acetone Al-Basheer W., Heden M., Shi Y.J.
00456 Homogenious Hydrogenation of Esters at Low Temperatures and Pressures Bergens S.H., Takebayashi S.
00457 Nanocasted Cathode Catalysts Used in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Garsuch A., MacIntyre K., Michaud X., Stevens D.A., Garsuch R.R., Dahn J.R.
00458 Quantum Mode-Coupling Theory: Formulation and Applications to Normal and Supercooled Quantum Liquids Rabani E.
00459 Multi Stage Wave Formation in the Catalyzed Bromate-Aminophenol Reaction Harati M., Wang J.
00460 Indigenous Chemistry: A Play in Two and Two-Thirds Acts Hayes J.M., Perez P.L.
00461 XPS and Electrochemical Analysis of the Growth of b-Ni(OH)2 on Metallic Nickel in Aqueous KOH Jerkiewicz G., Alsabet M., Grden M.
00462 Peak Integration Methods and Resulting Bias in the Measurement of Enantiomer Fraction for Environmentally Relevant Chiral Chemicals Harynuk J.J., Asher B.J., D'Agostino L.A., Wong C.S.
00463 Effect of 2D Plasmonic Nanostructures on the Behaviour of Supported Model Cell Membrane Uddin Ahamad N., Ianoul A.
00464 Ceramic Carbon Electrodes for Fuel Cell Systems Easton E.B., Eastcott J.I.
00465 Iridium Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydrogenation with Monodentate Phenanthroline-Derived NHCs Du X., Metallinos C.
00466 Tandem Affinity Purification and Proteome-Wide Identification of Oncoprotein NPM/ALK Interacting Proteins by Mass Spectrometry Wu F., Wang P.W., Young L.B.Y., Lai R., Li L.L.
00467 Catalysis and Chirality with Mesoporous Materials Crudden C.M., MacQuarrie S., Thompson M.P., Blackburn T., Lemieux R.L., McEleney K., Sneickus V.
00468 Affecting Intermolecular Bonding in Dimethylthallium(III) Aryloxides and Thiolates Briand G.G., Decken A., MacDonald D.J., McKelvey J.I., Zhou Y.
00469 Rotational Analysis of the Ring-Puckering Modes of Heterocycles Using Infrared Synchrotron Radiation van Wijngaarden J.A.
00470 Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Fluoroalkenes Using an Addition/Elimination Sequence of Organolithium Reagents to Silylated Difluoroalkenes Landelle G., Barbeau X., Paquin J.-F.
00471 My Prof is Different than your Prof. What Does this Mean? Mahadev K., Mozol V.
00472 Iminoisoindolines as Ligands for the Formation of Palladacyclic Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in C-C Coupling Reactions Chitanda J.M., Prokopchuk D.E., Quail J.W., Foley S.R.
00473 Novel H-Shaped Conjugated Oligomers: Synthesis, Properties, and Donor/Acceptor Functionalization Zhou N., Zhao Y.
00474 Diastereoselective Diels-Alder Reactions of a Novel 1,3-Spiro-Amino-Alcohol Chiral Auxiliary Henderson J.R., Keay B.A.
00475 Interaction Between Class IIa Bacteriocins and s Bacterial Cell Membrane Model: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study Soliman W., Bhattacharjee S., Kaur K.
00476 A Nanoscience Approach for Detecting Exudates in the Rhizosphere of Agricultural Soils Sultan Y., DeRosa M.C., Monreal C, Schnitzer M
00477 Base-Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions Sanchez-Larios E., Gravel M.
00478 Size Scaling in Families of Different Protein Folds Rogerson P., Arteca G.A.
00479 Understanding Iron Acquisition in Staphylococcus aureus: Studies Using Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry Pluym M., Tiedemann M., Muryoi N., Heinrichs D.E., Stillman M.J.
00480 Application of the Reaction of Imines with Cyclopropanes Towards the Total Synthesis of FR901483 Carson C.A., Kerr M.A.
00481 Studies Directed Towards the Synthesis of a CS-D Tetrasaccharide Ingram L.J., Taylor S.D.
00483 Simple Routes to Functionalized Phosphorus Compounds Ott T., Puschmann F., Bräuer J., Schönberg H., Grützmacher H.
00484 Progress Toward Construction of the Dimeric Core of Lomaiviticin A Bykowski D., Roush W.R.
00485 Who Does Clicker Technology Help? McWilliams A.R., George N.A.
00486 Templated Self-Assembly of Micron-Scale Components under Dry Conditions Miller M.S., Davidson G.J.E., Breen Carmichael T.
00487 Toward the Discovery and Development of Novel Therapies for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Beaulieu P.L.
00488 Tunable Aptamer Capillary Electrophoresis and its Application to Protein Analysis Zhang H., Li X.-F., Le X.C.
00489 Copper(I) Complexes of Aliphatic nacnac Ligands Oguadinma P.O., Schaper F.
00490 Mixed Electronic and Ionic Conducting Niobates for Application in H2 Sensors Atamanik E., Thangadurai V.
00491 Catalytic Direct Functionalization of Arenes and Nanocarbons Itami K.
00492 Group 15 (III) Halides and their Abilities as Lewis Acids and/or Lewis Bases Mackie I.D., DiLabio G.A.
00493 First-Principles Calculations and Ultra-High Field Multinuclear Solid State NMR in Magnesium Sulfate Polymorphs Moudrakovski I.L., Ripmeester J.A.
00494 A Pepsin Digest Emitter Coupled to a Separation Column for Mass Spectrometry Analysis Douma M.D., Waterman K., Goode I., Marecak D., Oleschuk R.D.
00495 A Study of Cation-Directed Self-Assembly of Guanosine Derivative Using NMR and ESI-MS Kwan I.C.M., Mo X., She Y.-M., Wu G.
00496 Digital Ink: Annotation of PowerPoint Presentations Johnson A.E.
00497 Bis(b-ketoaminato)cobalt and Related Complexes as Catalytic Models Kent C.L., Robson K.C.D., McNeil W.S.
00498 Synthesis of Didemnaketal Analogues as HIV-1 Protease Association Inhibitors Bromba C.M., Wulff J.E.
00499 Conductance Switching of Fluorene/TiO2 Molecular Heterojunctions Wu J., McCreery R.L.
00500 Crystallization of Molecular Liquids: From Techniques to Understanding Kusalik P.G.
00501 Highly Active Catalysts for Ring Opening Polymerization of Lactide Mehrkhodavandi P., Douglas A.F., Labourdette G.
00502 Ruthenated Acetonitrile: Unusual Reactivity at a Planar Phosphido Complex Derrah E.J., McDonald R., Rosenberg L.
00503 Too Much To Do! Mozol V., Mahadev K.
00504 Studies on Organocatalytic Asymmetric Ketone-Nitroalkene Michael Addition Reactions Heath R.L., Pansare S.V.
00505 Novel b-Peptides from L-Aspartic Acid and b-Amino-L-Alanine: Synthesis, Solution Conformation, Stability, and Cytotoxicity Studies Ahmed S., Kaur K., Sprules T., Beleid R.
00506 Release of Hydrogen Molecules from Vacuum Ultraviolet Photodissociation of Amorphous Solid Water at 100K Loock H.-P., Yabushita A., Hama T., Iida D., Kawanaka N., Kawasaki M., Watanabe N., Ashfold M.N.R
00507 Cyclometalated Ru Complexes as Light Harvesters in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Bomben P.G., Berlinguette C.P.
00508 NIR and Upconverted Emissions from Silica and Zirconia Coated LaF3 Nanoparticles Sangeetha N.M., van Veggel F.C.J.
00509 Teaching Problem Solving in Spectroscopy: The Fragment Approach Hunt I.R.
00510 Photoelectron Spectroscopy of a Key Pd Intermediate in the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction Horton J.H., MacQuarrie S., McEleney K., Barnes J., Loock H.-P., Crudden C.M.
00511 Application of Pt/Zn Alloy as a Fuel Cell Catalyst: Fundamental Approach Sode A., Bizzotto D.
00512 Biochemical Investigations of Methionine c-Lyase 1 Moya I.A., Honek J.F.
00513 Synergy of Slow Photon and Chemically Amplified Photochemistry in Platinum Nanocluster Loaded Inverse Titania Opals Chen J.I.L., von Freyman G., Loso E., Choi S.Y., Kitaev V., Ozin G.A.
00514 Understanding cAMP-Dependent Allostery by NMR Spectroscopy Melacini G.
00515 A Review of Bitumen Separation Techniques Fuhr B.
00516 NMR Solution Structure of PisI, a Group B Immunity Protein that Provides Protection Against the Type IIa Bacteriocin Piscicolin 126, PisA Martin-Visscher L.A., Sprules T., Gursky L.J., Vederas J.C.
00517 Phosphine/Phosphonium Ligands for Immobilization and Analysis Chisholm D.M., McIndoe J.S.
00518 Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics: Could They/Should They Play a Key Role in Systems Biology? What's Possible? What's Not? Salahub D.R.
00519 Characterization of {Ni(III)cyclam}·Cucurbit[8]uril as an Outer Sphere Oxidant Hart S.L., Wagner B.D., Haines R.I.
00520 A Novel and Highly Selective DNAzyme Sensor for Mercury Cations Hollenstein M., Hipolito C., Perrin D.M.
00521 Binaphthol-Catalyzed Alkenylboration of N-Acylimines as a Stereoselective Route to Allylic Amides Chan A.S., Chong J.M.
00522 Building Carbohydrates via Dioxanone Aldol Chemistry: How We Drifted into Organocatalysis Majewski M., Niewczas I., Palyam N.
00523 Voltammetry and EPR Investigations of Unsaturated Binary S,N Compounds Roemmele T.L., Chivers T., Boeré R.T.
00524 In Pursuit of Novel Weakly Coordinating Anions Containing Phosphorus Centres Siu P.W., Gates D.P.
00525 Synthesis of Peptide Thioesters by S-Acylation of Cysteine Based Di- and Tri-Peptides Using N-Acyl Benzotriazoles Pandya K., Tala S.
00526 Further Progress toward the Synthesis of Nanotube Segments (Aromatic Belts) Yao T., Yu H., Bodwell G.J.
00527 A Physical Analytical Perspective of Self-Assembled Coatings in Capillary Electrophoresis Lucy C.A.
00528 Surface Chemistry on Erbium-Doped Lanthanum Fluoride Nanoparticles for Polymer-Based Optical Waveguide Amplifier Johnson N., Sangeetha N.M., van Veggel F.C.J.
00529 Marry Me Bill! Tunable Alumina-Tethered Organoiridium Complexes for Alkane Dehydrogenation Catalysis Baker R.T.
00530 Solar Energy Conversion Schemes Inspired in Photosynthesis Moore A.L., Moore G.F, Hambourger M., Kodis G., Gervaldo M., Keirstead A., Liddell P.A., Gust D., Moore T.A.
00531 Rapid Probing of Reactions at Metal Centers Using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Ikpo N., Kerton F.M.
00532 NMR Spectroscopic Studies of Functional Enzyme Motions Loria J.P., Watt E.D, Doucet N., Wang Y., Berlow R.B., Mesecar A.D., Pegan S.
00533 Avoiding Student Behaviour Problems in the Classroom Meintzer C.P.
00534 Making the Best of Both Worlds Hunt I.R.
00535 Synthesis of Novel Organoplatinum(IV) Complexes: The Use of Unsymmetrical 5,5'-Disubstituted 2,2'-Bipyridine Ligands in the Formation of Supramolecular Networks through Hydrogen Bonds Au R.H.W., Jennings M.C., Puddephatt R.J.
00536 Isomerization of Cyclohexylium and the Subsequent Ring-Opening of Methylcyclopentylium Mackie I.D., Govindhakannan J., DiLabio G.A.
00537 Single Molecule Mechanics of Protein Unfolding Walker G.C.
00538 Synthesis of Privileged Scaffolds for the Inhibition of Protein-Protein Interactions Wulff J.E., Coopersmith K.A.
00539 Computational Studies of Unbridged Dizinc Compounds Hepperle S.S., Wang Y.A.
00540 The Effects of Protein Osmolytes and Detergent Chain Length on the Stability of the Integral Membrane Protein Glycerol Facilitator Baturin S.J., Galka J., O'Neil J.D.
00541 Synthesis and Characterization of a Long, Rigid Photo-Switchable Cross-Linker for Peptide Structural Change Zhang F., Sadovski O., Woolley G.A.
00542 Aging-Related Oxidative DNA Damage: Charge Transfer through Telomeric Guanine Quadruplexes Cheng A.K.H., Huang Y.C., Sen D., Yu H.Z.
00543 Catalysts for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells Pickup P.G., Li G., Ghumman A., Bennett D.V.
00544 Analysis of Metabolic Responses of Brassica juncea to the Biotrophic Pathogen Albugo candida and Abiotic Stress Zheng Q.A., Jha A., Pedras M.S.C., Rimmer S.R.
00545 Improved Turn-On Times of Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Zysman-Colman E., Slinker J.D., Parker J.B., Malliaras G.G., Bernhard S.
00546 Synthesis and Asymmetric Oxidation of Sulfenyl Pyrroles Thompson A., Garabatos-Perera J.R., Gillis H.M.
00547 Non-Adiabatic Molecular Dynamics and its Quantum Control Stolow A.
00548 Insight into Halide Induced Aggregation of DMAP-Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles Using the Thermodynamics of Ideally Polarized Electrodes Vivek J.P., Burgess I.J.
00549 Finding the Minimum Energy Reaction Path Using the Fast Marching Method Liu Y., Burger S.K., Sarkar U., Ayers P.W.
00550 Conducting Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites as Supercapacitor Electrode Materials Huber T.A., Kopac M.C.
00551 A Computational Study of the CO2 Reduction by Ruthenium Benzothiazole Islam S.M., Pickup P.G., Poirier R.A.
00552 Attempts towards the Synthesis of Decahydroquinoline 275B Iosub V., Back T.G.
00553 A Solid-State Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Ga- and In-Trihalide Triarylphosphine Adducts Chen F., Ma G., Wasylishen R.E., Terskikh V.V., Cavell R.G.
00554 Studies of Potential Sources Contributing to Mercury in the Urban Atmosphere Cheng I., Lu J.Y.
00555 Science in Action at Simon Fraser University (SIA@SFU) Lavieri S., Goyan R.L.
00556 Donor-Acceptor Graft Copolymers Based on Fullerene-Functionalized Poly(3-alkylthiophenes) Gholamkhass B., Chen X., Peckham T., Holdcroft S.
00557 N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Catalyzed Ring Expansion of Oxacycloalkane-2-carboxaldehydes: A Novel Approach to the Synthesis of Lactone Derivatives Wang L., Gravel M.
00558 Absolute Quantum Yield Measurements on Upconverting Nanomaterials Boyer J.C., Bovero E., Sivakumar S., van Veggel F.C.J.
00559 2-MEGA: An Optimized Protocol for Determining Differential Protein Expression by Mass Spectrometry Using Guanidination and Isotopic Dimethylation Labelling Lo A., Ji C., Li L.
00560 Total Synthesis of Mersicarpine, an Indole Alkaloid from a Malayan Kopsia Species Kerr M.A., Magolan J, Carson C.A.
00561 Anion Recognition Using a Tristetrazole Derived Host McKie A.H., Friedland S., Hof F.
00562 Oxidatively Induced Insertion of NO into a Metal-Carbon Bond Graham P.M., Buschhaus M.S., Legzdins P.
00563 Molecular Switches and Quantum Dots for Nano-Scale Nucleic Acid Biosensors Krull U.J., Massey M., Algar W.R.
00564 Synthesis and Performance of Oligo- and Polymeric Pentacene Materials Lehnherr D., Tykwinski R.R., Gao J., Hegmann F.A., Briseno A.L., Xia Y., Jenekhe S.A.
00566 The Effects of Molecular Symmetry on Liquid Crystalline Transition Temperatures Voisin E., Foster J.E., Williams V.E.
00567 Type III Polyketide Synthase Loci from Rhizobium leguminosarum and Synechococcus sp. Colpitts C., Lohans C., Askew C., Yost C., Suh D.-Y.
00568 Electrochemical in situ Investigation of Thiolate DNA Monolayers on Gold with Fluorescence Imaging Murphy J.N., Bizzotto D., Cheng A.K.H., Yu H.Z.
00569 Mass Spectrometry-Based Biomarker Discovery Yields Promising Prognostic Markers for Head-and-Neck Cancer Matta A., DeSouza L.V., Shukla N.K., Gupta S.D., Ralhan R., Siu K.W.M.
00570 Main Group Complexes of Ketoimines Gietz T., Boeré R.T.
00571 Sulfonated Polysiloxane-Based Proton Exchange Membranes Easton E.B., Northcott A.D.
00572 Microscopic Lock-and-Key model Systems: Hydrogen Bonding in the Propylene Oxide...Ethanol and Propylene Oxide...2-Fluoroethanol Dimers Borho N., Xu Y.
00573 Biological Evaluation of a-Galactosidase Inhibitors Wang Y., Cheng L., Ko S., Bennet A.J.
00574 Voltammetric Responses of Redox Active Cations and Anions at Electrodes Modified with Amine Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Thin Films Villemure G., Liu X.
00575 Investigation of Glucosamine Conjugates as Potential 99mTc-Based Imaging Agents Bowen M.L., Chen Z.F., Adam M.J., Orvig C.
00576 Supramolecular Assemblies Based on Imidazolium and Diimidazolium Salts: A New Class of Supramolecular Networks Schmitzer A.R., Leclercq L., Noujeim N., Samsam S.
00577 Nano-LC-QTOF MS/MS Analysis of Micro- and Nano-Scale Proteomic Samples Xu M., Wang N., Wang P.W., Marcus S.L., Li L.L.
00578 SPME Tandem HPLC-MS Methods for Determining Antibiotics in Source Waters Balakrishnan V.K., Crowe A.S., Toito J.M.
00579 Uniform Accuracy in Ribosomal Protein Synthesis Kothe U., Rodnina M.V.
00580 A Novel Approach to Gas Sensing in the Atmosphere with Path-Integrated Optical Systems: Locating Emission Sources and Measuring Emission Fluxes Lytkine A., Jäger W., Tulip J.
00581 Multi-Class Pharmaceutical Analysis in Environmental Matrices by Capillary Electrophoresis Drover V.J., Bottaro C.
00582 Hydrogen Bonding in Organoplatinum Polymers and Networks Au R.H.W., Jennings M.C., Puddephatt R.J.
00583 Physical Model of Cathode Catalyst Layers for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells: Porous Structure and Water Balance Liu J., Eikerling M.H.
00584 Development of an Enzymatic Microreactor Based on Microencapsulated Enzyme, Coupled "On-Line" with a Capillary Electrophoresis System Roman G., Waldron K.C., Rochefort D.
00585 Exploring the Interrupted Nazarov Reaction: Novel Modes of Friedel-Crafts Chemistry Rieder C.J., West F.G.
00586 Pt-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of Polyfluoroarenes Wang T., Buckley H.L., Love J.A.
00587 Direct NMR Detection of Alkali Metal Ions in Biological Solids Wu G.
00588 Substituent Effects upon the Catalytic Activity of Aromatic Gpx Mimetics Mercier E.A., Press D.J., Kuzma D., Back T.G.
00589 Cucurbit[7]uril Complexes of the Histamine H2-Receptor Antagonist Ranitidine in Aqueous Solution Macartney D.H., Wang R.
00590 High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Monophosphides Adam A.G., Tokaryk D.W., Balfour W.J., Downie L.E., Slaney M.E., Granger A.D.
00591 Biological Implications of Gas-Phase Chemistry of Protonated N-Nitrosamines and their Dissociation Products Gabryelski W., Kulikova N.
00592 Photoluminescent Silicon Nanocrystals: Aerosol Synthesis, Surface Functionalization and Applications Swihart M.T., Erogbogbo F.
00593 Stereoselective Synthesis and Biological Activity of Gypsy Moth Pheromone Analogues Plettner E., Mudalige A.P., Nagabandi S.
00594 C-H Bond Activation by a Derivatized Bipyridine Platinum(II) Complex Safa M.A., Jennings M.C., Puddephatt R.J.
00595 Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of a New P,Te-Centred Ligand Ritch J.S., Chivers T.
00596 Regioselective Synthesis of Trisubstituted 2 (or 6)-Arylaminopyrimidine-5-carbaldehydes and their Application in the Synthesis of G-C Base Precursors Beingessner R.L., Deng B.-L., Fenniri H.
00597 Synthetic Approaches Towards (+)-Halenaquinone Lucciola D., Keay B.A.
00598 Synthesis and Evaluation of Guanidinyl Pyrrolidines as Organocatalysts in Asymmetric Conjugate Addition Reactions Lingampally R., Pansare S.V.
00599 Evaluating Potential Inhibitors of Phytoalexin Detoxification by the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Leptosphaeria maculans Sarma-Mamillapalle V.K., Jha M., Pedras M.S.C.
00600 Synthesis and Reactivity of Rhodium Complexes Featuring the New Pincer-Like bis(Phosphino)silyl Ligand [j3-(2-Ph2PC6H4)2SiMe]- ([PSiP]) , MacLean D.F.Turculet L.
00601 Deuterium NMR and Quantum Chemical Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in Solids Penner G.H., Webber R.
00602 Solution Structures of Tumor Antigen LeaLex and Two Trisaccharide Fragments Jackson T.A., Wang A., Auzanneau F.-I.
00603 Microwave-Assisted Acid and Base Hydrolysis Combined with MALDI-MS for Studying Prion Structures Reiz B., Bujold A.R., Wishart D.S., Li L.
00604 Synthesis of Cr(III) Alkyls from an Air-stable CpCr(III) b-Diketiminato Tosylate Complex MacLeod K.C., Smith K.M.
00605 Coinage Metal Complexes of Selenium Diimides Laitinen R.S., Risto M., Takaluoma T., Oilunkaniemi R., Bajorek T., Chivers T.
00606 [3]Rotaxane-Porphyrin Conjugate as a Novel Supramolecular Host for Fullerenes Morin J.-F., Marois J.-S.
00607 Selective Transformations of Organic Compounds Mediated by Transition Metal Complexes Bergman R.G.
00608 Inkjet Printed Gold Electrode Arrays for On-Chip Electrochemical Modulation of DNA Monolayers Li Y.C., Yu H.Z.
00609 Mechanistic Insights into ABO3 Bixbyite Oxidation Pathway and Investigation of Novel Oxygen Defect Materials Shafi S.P., Kotyk M.W., Bieringer M.
00610 Fluorescence-Based Competitive Binding Studies of Cucurbit[n]urils O'Brien J.A., Wagner B.D.
00611 X-H Bond Activation by Transition Metal Phosphinidene Complexes Sterenberg B.T., Bolton T.M.
00612 Strained [1]Metallacyclophanes with Aluminum and Gallium in Bridging Positions. First Steps Towards New Polymers Lund C.L., Schachner J.A., Müller J., Quail J.W.
00613 Attaching Dendrimers to Carbon-Rich Molecular Systems Using Click Chemistry Mahmud I., Zhao Y.
00614 Design of a Computational Model for the Hydrolysis of Deoxyuridine Przybylski J.L., Wetmore S.D.
00615 Unexpected Effect of the Fluorine Atom on the Optimal Ligand-to-Palladium Ratio in the Enantioselective Pd-Catalyzed Allylation Reaction of Fluorinated Enol Carbonates Bélanger É., Houzé C., Guimond N., Cantin K., Paquin J.-F.
00616 Innovation in Using Industrial Byproducts as Useful Feedstock in a Chemical Process Chaudhary S., Schoonover B., Mohebalian J., Gluck S., Kreschollek T., Bradley T., Campbell S., Graishe J., Listak P., Welch J., Heinlein W., Prescott R., Cole K., Pons R., Lord G., Jones S., Bond G., Smith S., Rixon M., Burkholder B.
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00618 A Profluorophore Labeling Strategy for Cell Surface Glycoconjugates Key J.A., Romaniuk N.A., Cairo C.W.
00619 Preparation and Characterization of Transition Metal Dihydrogen Complexes Heinekey M., Egbert J., Matthews S.
00620 Steric and Electronic Effects on Stability, Reactivity, and Luminescence of 4-Coordinate Organoboron Compounds Amarne H., Rao Y., Wang S.
00621 A Method for the Selective Preconcentration of DNA Targets by Capillary Affinity Gel Electrophoresis Chan A., Krull U.J.
00622 Synthesis of Enantiopure Pyrrolo(3,2-e)(1,4)diazepin-2-ones by Pictet-Spengler Cyclization Deaudelin P., Lubell W.D.
00623 Pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser for Gas Sensing Applications Manne J., Jäger W., Tulip J.
00624 Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals Parallel Mechanical Unfolding Pathways of T4 Lysozyme: Evidence for a Kinetic Partitioning Mechanism Li H., Peng Q.
00625 Using NMR and Calorimetry to Study Protein Dynamics Mittermaier A.
00626 The Interplay between Rotational Spectroscopy and Radioastronomy Müller H.S.P.
00627 Characteristic Reactivity of Tungsten Alkyl Allyl Complexes Semproni S.P., Graham P.M., Buschhaus M.S., Legzdins P.
00628 Aqueous Solvolysis of Heteroaryltrifluoroborates at Physiological Conditions by 19F-NMR Li Y., Perrin D.M.
00629 Probing the Effects of Redox-Mediated Protein Misfolding in Biology: Exploring the Role of Sulfur-Based Redox Events in Disease Kennepohl P., Karunakaran-Datt A., Martin-Covelli D., Diaconescu V.
00630 Simultaneous Measurement of the Electrophoretic Mobility, Catalytic Activity and its Response to Change in Temperature for a Single Molecule of b-Galactosidase Craig D.B., Nichols E.R.
00631 Highly Extended TTFs with a Conjugated Macrocyclic Enyne Core Chen G., Zhao Y.
00632 Magnetic and Electronic Characterisation of a Series of Metal Complexes Based on a Robust Tridentate Diradical Ligand Anderson K.J., Gilroy J.B., Ferguson M.J., McDonald R., Patrick B.O., Hicks R.G.
00633 Facile Formation of Au Nanoparticle/CNT Hybrid Catalyst and its Electrochemical Application Shi Y., Yuet P.K.
00634 Control of the Local Structure, Electronic Behavior and Surface Properties of Au-Pd Bimetallic Nanoparticles Using Mixed Capping Molecules Liu F., Cook S.C., Padmos J.D., Zhang P.
00635 Directing Self-Assembly in 2D and 3D by Combined Use of Metal Coordination and Hydrogen Bonding Wuest J.D., Duong A., Helzy F., Ryan P.E., Telfer S., Hamilton T.D.
00636 Versatile Double-Allylation Reagents for the Stereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of Polysubstituted Heterocycles Sivasubramaniam U., Peng F., Hall D.G.
00637 A Morphological Study of Poly[bis(triflouroexthoxy)phosphazene] (PBFP) Using High-Resolution 1H, 19F, 31P and 13C Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Borisov A.S., Hazendonk P., Hayes P.G.
00638 Targeted Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Identification of Differentially Expressed Proteins between Bax Positive and Bax Deficient Colorectal Cancer Wang P.W., Lo A., Young J.B.Y., Hao C.H., Li L.L.
00639 Novel Derivatives of Indigo as a Bridging Ligand Oakley S.R., Hicks R.G., Patrick B.O.
00640 Synthesis of New Photo-Switches: Metal Complexes of Dimethyldihydropyrene (DHP) Zhang P., Mitchell R.H., Berg D.J.
00641 Applications of Aziridines in PET Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry: Systematic Ring-Opening of Aziridines with Fluorinating Agents van Oosten E.M., Stephenson K.A., Wilson A.A., Yudin A.K., Houle S., Vasdev N.
00642 Synthesis and Catalytic Application of Ruthenium Complexes Featuring the New Pincer-Like bis(Phosphino)silyl ligand [j3-(2-Ph2PC6H4)2SiMe]- ([PSiP]) , MacInnis M.C.Turculet L.
00643 Proton Transport Through Just-in-Time EVB, a Born-Oppenheimer/EVB Hybrid Method for Molecular Dynamics Simulations Hristov I.H., Paul R., Paddison S.J.
00644 Structures of Hydrated Metalated Adenine by IRMPD Spectroscopy Rajabi K., Gillis E., Fridgen T.D.
00645 Electro-Optic Effects of Alkyl Thiol-Capped Semiconducting CdTe Nanoparticles in Nematic Liquid Crystals Kinkead B., Qi H., Hegmann T.
00646 Controlling Excitonic Solar Cell Materials at the Nanoscale McClure S.A, Buriak J.M
00647 Using Fluorescent Proteins as Molecular Thermometers Wong F.H.C., Abu-Arish A., Banks D.S., Mazhar F., Woods K., Fradin C.
00648 Gold Nanoparticles from a Photochemical Perspective: Excited State Reactivity of Reducing Agent Precursors and Metal Salts McGilvray K.L., Yuan N., Kerluke R., Scaiano J.C.
00649 Energy Dependence of the Stress-Induced Birefringence of Optical Glass Thomas S.L., Martin V., Zwanziger J.W.
00650 Chemoenzymatic Total Synthesis of (+)-Codeine Leisch H., Omori A.T., Finn K.J., Carroll R.J., Hudlicky T.
00651 Novel Catalytic Amination Reactions Lebel H.
00652 Thiamine Catalyzed Bioorthogonal Cross-Coupling of Aromatic Aldehydes on Silicon Surfaces in Aqueous Media Hoop K.A., , Mischki T.K., Lopinski G.P., Wayner D.D.M.Pezacki J.P.
00653 Concise Total Synthesis of (+)-WIN-64821 and (-)-Ditryptophenaline Movassaghi M., Schmidt M.A., Ashenhurst J.A.
00654 A Rapidly Accessible G-C Base that Self-Assembles into Rosette Nanotubes in Water Beingessner R.L., Oderinde M.S., Tikhomirov G.A., Cho J.-Y., Fenniri H.
00655 Highly Fluorinated n-Type Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Materials Ren Y., Dienes Y., Baumgartner T.
00656 Synthesis of 1,1-Disubstituted Alkyl Vinyl Sulfides via Rhodium-Catalyzed Alkyne Hydrothiolation: Scope and Limitations Yang J., Sabarre A., Shoai S., Fraser L.R., Love J.A.
00658 A New Organic Radical with Strong Donor Ability: Building Blocks for Magneto-Conducting Materials Zsombor M.S., Frank N.L.
00659 Solution and Solid-State NMR Studies of Natural and Transgenic Spider Silk Proteins Auger M., Leclerc J., Cloutier I., Gagné S.M., Pézolet M.
00660 Effect of Substitutions on the Photophysics of Soret-Excited States of Metalloporphyrins Liu X., Tripathy U., Steer R.P.
00661 N-Tosyloxycarbamates as Copper Nitrene Precursors: Enantioselective and Catalytic Aziridination Reactions Parmentier M., Lebel H.
00662 Supramolecular Co-Assemblies of Functionalized Triptycenes with C60 Raymond F., Wuest J.D., Maris T.
00663 Lead Sulfide Nanocrystal Growth Investigation via Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometry Brazeau A.L., Jones N.D.
00664 Solid-State NMR Characterization of a Paramagnetic Metal Hexafluoroacetylacetonate Sidhu P.S., Aguiar P.M., Kroeker S.
00665 PbSe/CdSe and PbS/CdS Core Shell Quantum Dots for Photonic Applications Abel K.A., Tan M., Boyer J.C., van Veggel F.C.J.
00666 The Synthesis of 4-Aryl-8-hydroxyquinolines by Anhydrous Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Reaction Heiskanen J.P., Hormi O.E.O.
00667 Unexpected Reduction Reactions of Cytochrome P450cam Prasad B., Rojubally A., Plettner E.
00668 Substrate Analogues as Inhibitors and Mechanistic Probes of MenD from E. coli Fang M., Langman B., Ho K., Palmer D.R.J.
00669 Mixed Dichalcogenidoimidodiphosphinates Containing Tellurium Robertson S.D., Chivers T.
00670 Rotational Spectra of Nitrous Oxide Solvated with Hydrogen Molecules: The Search for Microscopic Superfluidity in para-(H2)N van der Waals Clusters Landry J.N., Jäger W.
00671 Development of 'GELFrEE' Technologies for Proteome Prefractionation Doucette A.A.
00672 Using "Clickers" to Help your Students Learn Organic Chemistry Hunt I.R.
00673 Nonlinear Spatiotemporal Dynamics in the Bromate-Pyrocatechol Reaction Harati M., Wang J.
00674 Molecular Dynamics Study of Solid State Structures of LLDPEs with Different Intra-Chain Branch Distributions Li C., Choi P.
00675 Stability of Thin Films of Nickel Aluminium Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) Containing Borate Anions to Potential Cycling in Basic Electrolytes Yu L., Villemure G.
00676 Syntheses and Optical Properties of Double Salts Incorporating Tetrakis(thiocyanato)platinate(II) Units Kobayashi M., Masaoka S., Sakai K., Leznoff D.B.
00677 Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) of Dialkyl- and Diaryldithiophosphonic Acids on Gold San Juan R.R., Müller J., Muhammad I., Eichhorn S.H., Breen Carmichael T.
00678 A Relativistic Generalisation of AIM, ZORA Treatment Anderson J.S.M., Ayers P.W.
00679 Synthesis and Reactions of Substituted Cobalt g5-Pentadienyl Complexes: Substituent Effects in [5 + 2] Pentadienyl/Alkyne Cycloaddition Chemistry Ylijoki K.E.O., Böcklein S., Lofstrand V.A., Stryker J.M.
00680 Synthesis and Characterization of Lead-Amino Acid Complexes Saunders C.D.L., Burford N., Werner-Zwanziger U., Chen B., McDonald R.
00681 Nanoporous Metal Organic Frameworks: Possibilities from Porous Materials to Fuel Cell Membranes Chandler B.D., Hurd J.A., Dalrymple S.A., Vaidhyanathan R., Shimizu G.K.H.
00682 Nonlinear Dynamics in the Catalyzed Bromate-Aminophenol Reaction Harati M., Wang J.
00683 Moving from Ruthenium Catalysts to Iron Catalysts for Asymmetric Hydrogenation Morris R.H.
00684 Towards the Synthesis of a Molecular Trefoil Knot Zysman-Colman E., Arias K., Loren J.C., Linden A., Siegel J.S.
00685 Single Particle Tracking of T Cell Integrins Provides Insight into Receptor Subpopulations Cairo C.W.
00686 Measurement of the Differences in Electrophoretic Mobilities of Individual Molecules of E. colib-Galactosidase Provides Insight into Structural Differences which Underlie Enzyme Microheterogeneity Nichols E.R., Craig D.B.
00687 Synthesis and Activity of Olfaction and Gustation Inhibitors against Pest Insects Plettner E., Mudalige A.P., Gong Y., Castillo C., Nagabandi S.
00688 Functionalization of [60]Fullerene and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with p-Conjugated Oligomers Zhao Y., Zhou N., Wang L., Rice N.A.
00689 Synthetic Studies toward the Total Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin Mendelsohn B.A., Ciufolini M.A.
00690 Characterization of an LED Based Photoreactor in a Contaminant Treatment Application Ghosh J., Achari G., Langford C.H.
00691 Sulfur Nitrogen Fluoride Cations of Xenon(II) Derived from N«SF3 and Prospects for the Syntheses of their Krypton Analogues Smith G.L., Mercier H.P.A., Schrobilgen G.J.
00692 Analytical Applications of Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis (lFFE) Bowser M.T., Fonslow B.R., Turgeon R., Mosing R.K.
00693 Applying Rolling Circle Amplification to DNAzyme Mediated Reactions for Biosensing Li Y., Ali M.M., Zhao W., Brook M.A., Pelton R.
00694 Remote Instrumentation for Undergraduate Education: The BC-ILN Project Brewer S.E., Cinel B.
00695 Electronic and Steric Factors that Control Self-Assembly in Rosette Nanotubes El Bakkari M., Fenniri H.
00696 Selective, Catalytic C-F Bond Activation as a Route to Fluorinated Aryl Ethers Buckley H.L., Wang T., Love J.A.
00697 Stable Bent Allenes: A New Avenue in the Main Group Chemistry of Carbon Dyker C.A., Lavallo V., Donnadieu B., Bertand G.
00698 Electronic Structure of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays from XANES and XEOL Studies Fang H.T., Zhou J.G., Murphy M., Ko J.-Y.P., Sham T.K.
00699 Structures of (Thy)nLi+(H2O)m, (Ura)nLi+(H2O)m and (Gly)2H+ by IRMPD Spectroscopy Rajabi K., Gillis E., Atkins C., Fridgen T.D.
00700 Lipase Resistant Phosphonolipids for Exogenous Lung Surfactant Therapy Schwan A.L., Davy J.A., Wang Z., Notter R.H, Wang Z.
00701 Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectra of Resin Beads Wen Q., Michaelian K.H.
00702 Total Synthesis of Ouabain Deslongchamps P., Zhang H., Sridhar Reddy M.
00703 Cyclotrimerization of Disubstituted Alkynes with Nickel Complexes Bearing Zwitterionic Amido Donor Ligands Doster M.E., Johnson S.A.
00704 Proteins Containing Fluorinated Methionines Honek J.F., Su Z.
00705 Exploring Modifications of the BINAP Framework: 3,3'-Disubstitution and the 3,5-Dialkyl Meta Effect Rankic D.A., Keay B.A.
00706 Clay-Supported Gold Nanoparticles Zhu L., , Letaief S.Detellier C.
00707 Photolithographically Patternable Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Amorphous Iron Oxide Trudel S., Hill R.H.
00708 Chelating versus Nonchelating N2-Modified Guanosines and their Fluorescent Response toward Metal Ions Martic S., Wu G., Wang S.
00709 A New Strategy for Separating the Interactions between Metals and Ligands Zhu D., Budzelaar P.H.M.
00710 Lab in a Capillary: Capillary Electrophoresis as an Integrated Sample Preparation Tool Yeung K.K.C., Nesbitt C.A., Booker C.J., Abel R.J.
00711 Nonlinear Optical Properties of Schiff Base-Containing Conductive Polymer Films Electrodeposited in Microgravity Pietrangelo A., Sih B.C., Boden B.N., Wang Z., Li Q., Chou K.C., MacLachlan M.J., Wolf M.O.
00712 Metabolic Profiling of Brassica napus Revealed Distinct Defense Responses against the Biotrophic Pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae Zheng Q.A., Jha A., Pedras M.S.C.
00713 Mass Spectrometric Study of Non-Tryptic Palmitoylated Peptides Keller B.O., Kostiuk M.A., Berthiaume L.G.
00714 Chemical Characterization of Antiwear Film on 52100 Steel Using X-Ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) Spectroscopy Zhou J.G., Thompson J., Cutler J., Kasrai M., Bancroft G.M., Yamaguch E.S.
00715 SIFT Measurements of the Chemical Stability and Reactivity of Deprotonated Oligonucleotides (DNA) in the Gas Phase Feil S.W., Koyanagi G.K., Anichina J., Bohme D.K.
00716 Dendronized Block Copolymers as Potential Vectors for Gene Transfection Wigglesworth T.J., Teixeira Jr. F., Axthelm F., Eisler S., Csaba N.S., Merkle H.P., Meier W., Diederich F.
00717 An Inverse-Electron-Demand Diels-Alder Approach to Hetero[5]acences and Xanthone-Carbazole Hybrid Systems Dang A.-T., Bodwell G.J., Witulski B., Moritz J.
00718 High Yielding Uncatalyzed Click-Type Chemical Modification of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles (MPGNs) Using Hyperbaric Conditions Ismaili H., Workentin M.S.
00719 Advances in Ziegler-Natta Catalysts for Ethylene Polymerization in the Solution Process Jaber I.
00720 Development of Nano-Structured Electrodes for SERS Studies of Model Biomembranes Vezvaie M., Brosseau C.L., Kycia A., Lipkowski J.
00721 Mesomorphism and Electronic Properties of Functionalized Triphenylene Derivatives Ahmida M.M., Mahoney S., Eichhorn S.H.
00722 Novel Strategy for the Construction of Medium-Sized Ethers via [1,2]-Shift of Monothioacetal-Derived Sulfur Ylides Cao L., West F.G.
00723 Ghrelin Analogues as New Probes for Cancer Imaging Rosita D., Luyt L.G.
00724 Phase Transitions of Organics Confined in Mesoporous Silica Lee J.A., Huang Y.
00725 Non-Linear Effects in the Enantiotopic Group Selectivity of Aldol Reactions of Chiral Reactants Becerril-Jimenez F., Zahedi M.M., Ward D.E.
00726 On the Nature of the Bonding in Germanium(II) Donor-Acceptor Complexes Rupar P.A., Staroverov V.N., Baines K.M.
00727 A Convenient Route to N-[2-(Fmoc)-aminoethyl]glycine Esters and bis-N-Boc Protected Nucleobases Wojciechowski F., Hudson R.H.E.
00728 Suitably Protected Pseudoisocytosine and 2,6-Diamiopurine for Mild Acid Deprotection in PNA Oligomer Synthesis Wojciechowski F., Hudson R.H.E.
00729 Chemical Methods for the Termination of Silicon Dangling Bonds Pitters J.L., Dogel I.A., Dogel S.A., DiLabio G.A., Wolkow R.A.
00730 Microscale Bioactive Patterning of Silicone Rubber for Incorporation in Microfluidic Channels McLachlan J.M., Patrito N., Varma S., Chan J., McCague C., Norton P.R., Petersen N.O.
00731 Growth of Ultralong V2O5 Nanoribbons Lu C., Ding Z., Lipson R.H.
00732 Sub-Microliter Volume Desalting for Intact Proteins by Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Booker C.J., Yeung K.K.C.
00733 New Anion Receptors Based on Thiazine-1,1-Dioxide Subunits Wang H.-B., Wisner J.A.
00734 Addition Polymerization of Group 14 Metallenes Pavelka L.C., Holder S.J., Baines K.M.
00735 Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of New Thiophene-Containing Compounds Price J.T., Chan Y., McDonald R., Ding Z., Jones N.D.
00736 Photoinduced Electron Transfer on Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces Hartlen K., Workentin M.S.
00737 Cationic Carbene Complexes of Germanium(II) Rupar P.A., Staroverov V.N., Ragogna P.J., Baines K.M.
00738 Substituent Effects on the Photochemistry of 1,1-Diaryl-1-germacyclobutanes and the Reactivity of 1,1-Diarylgermenes Leigh W.J., Potter G.D., Huck L.A., Bhattacharya A.
00740 Characterization of Bio-Oils from Agricultural and Forestry Waste as Pesticides Booker C.J., Vogel T., Gloor A., Bedmutha R., Scott I.M., Conn K.L., , , , Xu R., Ferrante L.Berruti F.Briens C.Yeung K.K.C.
00743 Advanced Analysis of Lead in Human Teeth and Bones Martin R.R., Naftel S.J., Nelson A., Mithoowani H., Francis J., , Stakiw J., Shotyk W.Krachler M.
00745 In-situ ATR-FTIR Studies on the Interaction of Phosphate Species with Magnesium Surfaces Gray-Munro J.E., Strong M.
00746 No Barrier Theory as an Approach to Calculating Rate Constants for Chemical Reactions, Illustrated by a Survey of Decarboxylation Guthrie J.P., Peiris S., Simkin M.
00747 Total Synthesis and Structural Assignment of (-)-Aplysiallene Wang J., Pagenkopf B.L.
00748 Hydrogen-Bonded Double Helices Wisner J.A., Li J., Mudraboyina B.
00749 Chemical Modification of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles (MPNs) via the Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Assisted under High Pressure Conditions Lines B., Zhu J., Workentin M.S.
00750 Effects of pH and Dissolved Oxygen on Steady-State Water Radiolysis: Experiments and Model Analysis Joseph J.M., Choi B.S., Yakabuskie P., Wren J.C.
00751 Folding and Interactions of E2 and E3 Enzymes in Ubiquitylation , Safadi S.S., Serniwka S.A., Beasley S.A., Hristova V.A., Barber K.R.Shaw G.S.
00752 Platinum Group Metal Carbenoid Complexes Jones N.D., Caputo C.A., Strong E.T.J., Jennings M.C., McDonald R., Tuononen H.M.
00753 Unusual Cycloaddition Reactions of Phosphaalkenes Pavelka L.C., Baines K.M.
00754 A Pyrrolocytosine Analogue that Forms a Fourth Hydrogen Bond to Guanosine Wojciechowski F., Hudson R.H.E.
00755 Structural Characterization and Applications in Catalysis of Pd(II) Oxazolidines Strong E.T.J., Cardile S.A., Jones N.D.
00756 Characterization of the Niobate Species Formed During Synthesis: From Nb2O5 Grains to Microporous Na2Nb2O6H2O Fibers and NaNbO3 Cubes Kirby C.W., Yan Z., Huang Y., Zhou H., Frost R.L.
00757 New Ferrocenyl Reagents for Passivating the Surfaces of Metal-Chalcogen Nanoclusters Corrigan J.F., MacDonald D.G., Ahmar S., Vijayaratnam N.
00758 Functionalised 3-Hydroxy-4-pyridinones for Alzheimer's Disease Therapy Scott L.E., Page B.D.G., Bowen M.L., Green D.E., Merkel M., Schugar H.J., Orvig C.
00759 Transition Metal Catalyzed Asymmetric Cyclopropanation of Alkenes with Diazo Reagents Bearing Two Electron-Withdrawing Groups Charette A.B., Marcoux D.
00760 3,5-Bis(benzylidene)-4-piperidones: A Novel Class of Potent Antimycobacterial Agents which Stimulate Mitochondrial Respiration Das S., Das U., Bandy B., Stables J.P., Dimmock J.R.
00761 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Solubility Equilibria in Charged Aqueous Solutions of NaCl Louwersheimer J., McLoughlin C., Verhoef E., Weinberg N.
00762 Synthesis of Potential Neuraminidase Inhibitors Mohan S., Pinto B.M.
00763 Lights, Action, Camera: Making Movies of Molecules with Femtosecond Electron Diffraction Siwick B.J., van Oudheusden T., de Jong E.F., van der Geer S.B., Op't Root W.P.E., Luiten O.J.
00764 [3×3] and [4×4] Square Grids by Designed Self-Assembly: CoII9, CoII16 and CuII12CuI4 Magneto-Structural Investigations Dawe L.N., Thompson L.K.
00765 Design and Synthesis of Fluorescent Probes of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity Tulsi N.S., Cairo C.W.
00766 Progress and Prospects in Aptamer-Based Biosensors DeRosa M.C.
00767 Density Functional Theory Scaling Properties of Non-Interacting and Exchange Functionals through Legendre Transforms Cuevas-Saavedra R., Ayers P.W.
00768 Effect of Experimental Factors on Phospholipid Bilayer Coatings in Capillary Electrophoresis Gulcev M.D., Lucy C.A.
00769 Self-Assembling Nanotubules Johnson R.S., Moralez J., Fenniri H.
00770 Self-Sorting Rosette Nanotubes Johnson R.S., Yamazaki T., Kovalenko A., Fenniri H.
00771 New SERS Substrate Development and its Application in Biofuel Cell Research Fan M.K., Finn A., Maréchal M., Harrington D., Brolo A.G.
00772 Organic Chemistry Laboratories: A Culture of Discovery and Creativity Kawulka K.E.
00773 Synthetic Studies on Polypropionates Ward D.E.
00774 New Families of Model Core Potentials for Au Zeng T., Sadlej A.J., Klobukowski M.
00775 The Chemical Biology of Amanitins Perrin D.M., May J.P., Dietrich D., Blanc A., Pellicelli J., Fournier P.
00776 Iridoid Glycosides from Barleria prionitis and Vitex pinnata Zahid S., Kalhari K., Mbong N., Zubair M., Ata A., Samarasekera R.
00777 General Preparation of Boracyclobutenes by Transmetallation of Titanacyclobutene Complexes. New Boron Synthons for Applications in Organic Synthesis Bauer R.C., Stryker J.M.
00778 Directed Placement and Orientation of Self-Assembled Block Copolymer/Quantum Dot Wires and Cables on Patterned Glass Substrates Harirchian Saei S., Moffitt M.G.
00779 A Bethe-Goldstone Formulation of the Valence Bond Model Cullen J.
00781 Microfluidic Single-Cell-Based Measurement of Multidrug Resistant Cancer Cells Li X.J., Li P.C.H. WITHDRAWN
00782 Catalytic Activity and Stability of Thiol-Coated Nickel Catalysts for Use in the Steam Reforming of Methane Abatzoglou N., Hossain M., Oudghiri-Hassani H., Rowntree P.
00783 Metallated Conjugated Materials: Ruthenium(II)-Oligothiophene Complexes Kuchison A.M., Patrick B.O., Wolf M.O.
00784 Development of Four-Membered N-Heterocyclic Carbenes with Silicon and Aluminum Backbones Forster T., Krahulic K.E., Parvez M., Roesler R.
00785 Adsorption of Liquid Benzene on Silica Surfaces: Molecular Dynamics Study Wang X., Choi P.
00786 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aromatic-Ether Containing Polyfluorenes Sirtonski M., McFarlane S.L., Coumont L.S., Piercey D.G., Glover L.A.M., Veinot J.G.C, Fleischauer M.D.
00787 Applications of Nanofabricated Graphitic Carbon Electrodes Du R., Yang N., McDermott M.T.
00788 Amatoxins as Probes for Transcriptional Inhibition Dietrich D., May J.P., Perrin D.M.
00789 Electrocyclic Ring Opening and Nazarov Cyclization of 2-Alkoxy-1,1-dichloro-2-vinylcyclopropanes Bonderoff S.A., Grant T.N., West F.G.
00790 Molecular Dynamics Study of Reaction Kinetics in Viscous Media Perkins J., Edwards E., Dance P., Weinberg N.
00791 New Adventures in the Reactions of Sulfur Compounds with Molybdenum Trioxide Apblett A.W., Barber K.N.
00792 Mechanistic Investigation of a Synthetically Modified DNAzyme: An RNaseA Mimic? Thomas J.M., Perrin D.M.
00793 Poly(methylenephosphine) Homo- and Copolymers Bearing Conjugated Substituents Chun C.P., Gates D.P.
00794 CE-LIF Characterization of Quantum Dots and their Conjugates with Proteins and Antibodies Pereira M., Lai E.P.C.
00795 Equilibrium Quotients for Contact Ion-Pair Formation Based on Raman Spectroscopic Measurements and Apparent Molar Volumes for the Neutral Species MgSO40(aq) under Hydrothermal Conditions Madekufamba M., Trevani L.N., Tremaine P.R.
00796 Nanoparticle Catalyst Arrays for Aromatic Hydrogenation Dehm N.A., Buriak J.M.
00797 Nanostructured Tin-Transition-Metal Carbon Alloys as Negative Electrodes in Li-ion Batteries Dahn J.R., Ferguson P.P., Todd A.D.W., Dunlap R.A., Thorne J.S.
00798 Nanoscale Patterning of Size- and Shape-Controlled Metallic Nanoparticles on Semiconductor Surfaces Aizawa M., Buriak J.M. WITHDRAWN
00799 PET Imaging Agents for in vitro Labeling of Recombinant Glucocerebrosidase, the Enzyme Used for Treatment of Gaucher Disease Phenix C.P., Rempel B.P., Adam M.J., Withers S.G.
00801 Methyl and Elemental Mercury Levels in the Urban Atmosphere in Toronto, Ontario Cairns E., Lu J.Y.
00802 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Tetraazaporphyrins with Face-On Orientation Ahmida M.M., Dufour S., Li H.-S., Schmidt R., DeWolf C., Eichhorn S.H.
00805 Development of 3,5-bis(Benzylidene)-4-piperidone Analogs as Potent Antineoplastic Agents that Overcome Multidrug Resistance Mechanisms Das U., Das S., , Sakagami H., Molnar J., Kawase M., Balzarini J., De Clercq E., Dimmock J.R.Stables J.P.
00806 Methylmercury-Thiol Complexes in the Intracellular and Extracellular Environments Wang F., Lemes M.
00807 Cationic Dipyrromethene Boron Compounds for Anion Sensing Hudnall T. W., Gabbai F.P.
00808 Metalloprotein Biocatalysis in Ionic Liquids Taylor S.A., Walsby C.J.
00809 Single-Domain Antibody-Modified Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for the Selective Isolation of Staphylococcus aureus Kell A.J., Ryan S., van Faassen H., Tanha J, Simard B.
00810 An Investigation of the Reactivity of Aldimines with Boron Derivatives Bushnell E.A.C., Gauld J.W., Thadani A.N.
00811 Surface Properties of M-YSZ(100) Model Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Giorgi J.B., Green R.G.
00812 Quantification of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Methylsulfone Metabolites by Chiral High Performance Liquid Chromatography Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry Cooper V.I., Wong C.S.
00813 New Developments in Asymmetric Catalysis: Chiral Hydrogen Bond Donors as Enantioselective Catalysts Gondi V.B., Hagihara K., Malerich J., Rawal V.H.
00814 Templated Synthesis of Highly Stable, Electroactive and Dynamic Metal-DNA Branched Junctions Yang H., Sleiman H.F.
00815 New Biolabels for Luminescence Deep-Tissue Imaging through Upconversion in the Near-Infrared Manseau M.-P., van Veggel F.C.J.
00816 Actinyl Complexes in Highly Alkaline Media: Chemical Questions Answered Schreckenbach G., , Shamov G.A.Wren J.E.C.
00817 Free Radical and Radiation Chemistry in "Green Solvents", Ionic Liquids and Supercritical Fluids Ghandi K.
00818 Generation and Analysis of Biological Networks and their Potential Therapeutic Applications Parkinson J.
00819 Investigating and Interfering with Cell Wall Recycling: A Strategy for Attenuating AmpC-Mediated Antibiotic Resistance Stubbs K.A., Balcewich M., Asgarali A., Vocadlo D.J., Scaffidi A., Stick R.V., Mark B.L.
00820 Does Platinum(II) Form 4, 5 or 6-Coordinated Complexes in Aqueous Solution? Jalilehvand F., Laffin L.
00821 NMR Tools and Strategies for Structural Genomics and Structural Biology Arrowsmith C.
00822 The Use of N-Heterocyclic Compounds for Chemical Hydrogen Storage Wechsler D., Cui Y., Carrier A., Davis B., Whitney R.A., Jessop P.G.
00823 Dinuclear Ruthenium Complexes Capable of Oxidizing Water into Molecular Dioxygen Masaoka S., Yoshida M., Sakai K.
00824 Electroactive Binary Composition Self Assembled Monolayers Lennox R.B., Lee L.Y.S., Shepherd J., Kassam A.
00825 Charge Decomposition and Natural Population Analyses of Ruthenium Quinonoid Species Lever A.B.P., Kalinina D., Dares C., Krainova J.
00826 An Electrochemical Method for Creating Domain-Segregated Binary SAMs on Polycrystalline Au Electrodes Shepherd J.L., Lemay D.
00827 Surface Electronic and Conformational Properties of the Conjugated Polymer MEH-PPV Investigated by 2D IR-Visible Sum Frequency Generation Li Q., Hua R., Chou K.C.
00828 Controlled Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots and Block Copolymers in Microfluidic Devices Moffitt M.G., Schabas G., Yusuf H., Sinton D.
00829 Microstructured Polypyrrole Composites Cameron C.G.
00830 Synthesis and Characterization of Encoded Methyl-Substituted Thioacetylstyrenes-Gold NP Polymeric Nanocomposite Scaffolds Farah A.A., Jawabrah-Al-Hourani B., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Cho J.-Y., Fenniri H.
00831 Investigation of Mixed-Valence Behaviour in Ruthenium Complexes of the Verdazyl Radical McKinnon S.D.J., Hicks R.G., Patrick B.O.
00832 Probing Mechanical Response from Single Molecules to Materials van der Horst A., Forde N.R.
00833 Mechanistic Study of the Antibiotic Resistance-Causing Enzyme Aminoglycoside N-6'-acetyltransferase Freiburger L.A., Mittermaier A., Auclair K.
00834 Direct Observations of the Bifunctional Addition Step in a Noyori-Type Asymmetric Ketone Hydrogenation Bergens S.H., Hamilton R.J.
00835 Self-Crosslinkable Polyelectrolytes for Cell Immuno-Isolation Stöver H.D.H., Mazumdar M.A.J., Burke N.A., Mills C., Potter M., Shen F.
00836 Animating Chemistry: Claymation as a Creative Tool for Evaluation of Student Learning Etkin N.
00837 Oligothiophenes Substituted with Thionitriles: Single-Crystal and Thin-Film Structures MacKinnon C.D., Morgan I.S., D'Aleo D.N., Kraft T.M., Hudolin M.L., Chen A., Wen J., Tian M., Jenkins H., Assoud A.
00838 Rational Design and Cytotoxicity of Novel Colchicine Derivatives Huzil J.T.
00839 Label-Free Immunoassay Using Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance of Noble Metal Nanoparticles Produced by Glancing Angle Deposition Gish D.A., Nsiah F., McDermott M.T., Brett M.J.
00840 Ecological and Biological Processes Influencing the Fate of Chiral Organochlorine Contaminants in the Eggs of Glaucous Gulls From the Norwegian Arctic Ross M.S., Verreault J., Letcher R.J., Gabrielsen G.W., Wong C.S.
00841 Relationship between the Geometry and Electronic Structure of Biphenyl Systems and their Radical Cations Zhang L., Peslherbe G.H., Muchall H.M.
00842 2D Structural Motif in New Thienoacene Molecular Semiconductors Hirst O.D., Brusso J.L., Dadvand A., Perepichka D.F.
00843 Efficient Carbonylation Reactions in Phosphonium Salt Ionic Liquids: Anionic Effects Nair J.J., McNulty J.
00844 The Optimization of DNA Photodamage Detection on Microarray Slides Pinnock C.L., Loppnow G.R.
00845 In Situ Optically-Active Second Harmonic Generation (OA-SHG) Studies of Functionalized Polycrystalline Silver Electrodes Birnie-Lefcovitch S., Brolo A.G., Sanderson A.C.
00846 Tricyclopropylbismuth as a Cyclopropyl Transfer Agent in N-Cyclopropylation and Cross-Coupling Reactions Gagnon A.
00847 The Microbial Weathering of Lead Jarosite (PbFe6(SO4)4(OH)12) Smeaton C.M., Fryer B.J., Weisener C.G.
00849 Strategies for Increased Capacity Flow-Counterbalanced Continuous Electrophoretic Purification Maxwell E.J., Chen D.D.Y.
00850 Mercury(II) Complex Formation with Cysteine, Penicillamine and Glutathione Jalilehvand F., Leung B.O., Mah V.
00851 Model Studies Related to the Synthesis of the Powerful Antitumor Antibiotic MPC1001 Peng J., Clive D.L.J.
00852 Zinc Complexes of Neutral Phosphinimine Ligands: Toward Lactide Polymerization Catalysts Wheaton C.A., Ireland B.J., Hayes P.G.
00853 Mechanistic Studies on the MurNAc 6-Phosphate Lyase (MurQ) of Peptidoglycan Recycling Hadi T., Mayer C., Tanner M.E.
00854 Synthesis and Testing of Mechanistic Probes of Polysialyltransferase Enzymes Morley T.J., Withers S.G., Wakarchuk W.W., Willis L.M.
00855 Tandem Catalysis with Metathesis Catalysts: Mechanism, Design, and Applications in Tissue Engineering Beach N.J., Weiss J., Camm K.D., Fogg D.E.
00856 Engineering Crystals Built from Esters of Gallic Acid Hamilton T.D., Wuest J.D.
00857 Oxidative Stability and Storage Behavior of Fatty Acid Esters Mixtures Marangoni D.G., Gillis S.
00858 Chemical Cytometry: The Chemical Analysis of Single Cells Dovichi N.J., Dickerson J., Reid B., Paulson T., Sanchez R., Ramsay L.
00859 Density Functional Theory Simulations of the Infrared Spectra of Peptides Tzadu L., Gough K.M.
00860 RNA Binding by the Spliceosomal Protein p14 Schellenberg M.J., MacMillan A.M.
00861 Rapid and Efficient Picosecond Laser Pulse Molecular Control Zaari R., Brown A.
00862 Novel Palladium b-Diiminate Chemistry Hadzovic A., Song D.
00863 Photoacoustic FT- IR Spectra of Selected Inorganic and Organic Artists' Pigments: A Potential New Method in Forensic Art Analysis von Aderkas E, Shavit M, Barsan M.M., Gilson D.F.R., Butler I.S.
00864 Brownmillerite Oxides: Potential Multi-Ferroic Materials? Ramezanipour F., Cowie B., Derakhshan S., Greedan J.E., Cranswick L.M.D.
00865 NMR Evidence for Half-of-the-Sites Ni2+ Binding in Two Identical Active Sites of Escherichia coli Glyoxalase I Su Z., Sukdeo N., Daub E., Honek J.F.
00866 Unnatural Amino Acids for Probing Radical Transfer in Peptides and Proteins Nara S.J., Pratt D.A.
00867 Dissociation of Gas Phase Protein Complexes Thachuk M., Wanasundara S.N.
00869 Mass Spectrometric Identification and Characterization of Drug-Induced Protein Nitroxylation in the Human Platelet Proteome Walsh G.M., Hoffman M.D., Devine D.V., Beavis R.C., Kast J.
00870 Synthesis of the Rearranged Abietane Framework of Microstegiol via Nicholas Reactions Taj R.A., Green J.R.
00871 The Role of Sialic Acid Residues in T Cell Integrin Adhesion Sadek C.M., Strelkov I., Cairo C.W.
00873 Binding Properties Comparison between Native and C-Terminus Truncated Pheromone Binding Proteins (PBPs) in Gypsy Moth Castillo C., Gong Y., Plettner E.
00874 New Approach to the Asymmetric Synthesis of Indolizidine Alkaloids Breau L., Chiasson J.-F., Juneau S.
00875 Structural and Kinetic Studies of Chimeric beta-Lactamases Clouthier C.M., Morin S., Gobeil S., Gagné S., Pelletier J.N.
00876 Direct, Facile Synthesis of N-Acyl Amino Acid Amides Thadani A.N., Ntaganda R., Milovic T., Scott J., Tiburcio J.
00877 Phosphaalkenes as Precursors to Highly Reactive Organophosphorus Cations Bates J.I., Gates D.P.
00878 A Convenient One-Pot Synthesis of trans-Vinyl Iodides from 1-Alkynes and Applications in Pheromone Synthesis Darwish A., Chong J.M.
00879 On the Discovery and Mechanism of Catalytic Nucleic Acids with a Protein-Like Repertoire Perrin D.M., Thomas J.M., Ting R.T., Hollenstein M., Hipolito C., Lam C.
00881 Synthesis and Interfacial Characterization of Gold and Silver Nanostructures on InP and GaAs Sayed S.Y., Buriak J.M.
00882 Palladium-Catalyzed Olefin Dioxygenation Li Y., Song D., Dong V.M.
00883 Metabolomic Studies for Global Assessment of Antioxidant Capacity Using Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Lee R., Chalcraft K., Britz-McKibbin P.
00884 Non-Cyclopentadienyl Actinide Organometallic and Redox Chemistry Emslie D.J.H., Cruz C.A., Ilango S., Vidjayacoumar B., Ray M.
00885 X-Ray Microprobe Analysis of Inhomogeneous Materials: Examples From the Mineral World Cavell R.G.
00886 Elucidating the Interaction between Inducer Peptide Pheromones and Membrane Receptors in Quorum Sensing van Belkum M.J., Derksen D.J., Vederas J.C.
00887 14N Solid State NMR with Indirect Detection Gan Z.
00888 Progress in Solid State NMR of Peripheral and Integral Membrane Proteins Ladizhansky V., Shi L., Zhong L., Bamm V., Brown L., Harauz G.
00889 Rational Design of Aldol Reactions that Proceed with Kinetic Resolution and Tunable Enantioselectivity Zahedi M.M., Becerril-Jimenez F., Ward D.E.
00890 Novel Metal Organic Frameworks from Three Dimensional Organophosphonates Vaidhyanathan R., Taylor J., Shimizu G.K.H
00891 Polarized ATR Spectroscopy Studies of D54-DMPC/Cholesterol Bilayers Coated on Sephadex G50 Beads Li J., Henry B., Lipkowski J.
00892 Methanol Electro-Oxidation Enhancement Wilkinson D.P., Fan S. WITHDRAWN
00893 Enantioselective Cross-Coupling of Nitrogen Nucleophiles Viirre R.D., Porosa L., Galas H., Khan A.
00894 The Coordination Chemistry of Low-Valent Group 5 Metal Complexes Containing p-Conjugated Macrocyclic Ligands Wong E.W.Y., Leznoff D.B.
00895 Investigation of N-Bis(trimethylsilyl)methyl Group as a Conformational Control Element in The Metal-Catalyzed Reaction of Diazoamides Zhang B., Wee A.G.H.
00896 Extending Conjugation in 2-Dimensions: Synthesis and Characterization of Multidentate Monomers Taerum T.A., Wylie R., Perepichka D.F.
00898 Properties of a Novel Micro Dual Flame Photometric Detector Hayward T.C., Thurbide K.B.
00899 Chiral Analysis Can Differentiate between New and Old Contaminant Sources around the Swan Hills Treatment Centre Asher B.J., Wong C.S., Schindler D.W.
00900 Electrochemical and Infrared Spectroscopy Studies of Self-Assembled Monolayers Containing Ionizable Headgroups Burgess I.J., Rosendahl S.M., Barlow B.C.
00901 Divalent Main Group Bis(diphenylphosphino)amido Complexes: Unexpected Coordination Motifs and Reactivity with Carbon Dioxide Dickie D.A., Kemp R.A.
00902 Altering Cell Surface Glycosylation State of T Cells Using the Staudinger Ligation Loka R.S, Cairo C.W
00903 Effects of Nanostructure and Porosity on Ultra-Thin Layer Chromatrography Bezuidenhout L.W., Brett M.J.
00904 Gd5Ni0.96Sb2.04 and Gd5Ni0.71Bi2.29-New Representatives of the Yb5Sb3 Structure Type: Crystal Structure, Physical Properties and Magnetocaloric Effect. Structural Transformation and Magnetic Properties of Hexagonal Gd5Bi3 Svitlyk V., Fei F., Mozharivskyj Y.
00905 Lewis Base-Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions Sánchez-Larios E., Gravel M.
00906 Activation and Inhibition of the Cancer Chemotherapy Target Cytidine 5'-Triphosphate Synthase Bearne S.L., Lunn F.A.
00907 Excited-State Behavior of OPV Chromophores Embedded in C60-Teminated OPE p-Bridges Wang L., Zhou N., Zhao Y., Thompson D.W.
00908 Ab initio Molecular Dynamics with the Semiclassical Initial Value Representation Wong S.Y., Carreón-Macedo J.-L., Roy P.-N., Brown A.
00909 Catalytic Asymmetric Olefin Aziridination and Rhodium (I) Mediated Synthesis of Alkyl Vinyl Sulfides Bichler P., Love J.A.
00910 Computational Studies of CHXYZ:C6H6 Complexes Keefe C.D., Isenor M.
00911 Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystalline Materials Based on a Dibenzylide-Acetone Core Hope-Ross K.A., Kadla J.F.
00912 Highlights from Teaching Tools Developed by Undergraduates Kutas C., Tran L., Al-Khalidi B., Si B., Farmer J., Kim T., Christian F., Baldendran P.
00913 A Soft-Chemical Approach to Anisotropic Lithium Niobate Nanostructures Wood B.D., Mocanu V., Gates B.D.
00914 A Novel Synthetic Approach to Substituted Piperidines Qadoumi Z., Britton R.A.
00915 Polymer Entrapped Trypsin Laden Microspheres: Online Digestion and Separation by a Monolithic Column Mugo S.M., Oleschuk R.D.
00916 Molecular Modification of Metal-Semiconductor Diode Junctions Popoff R.T.W., Yu H.Z.
00917 Triazinyl Radicals as Electrode Materials Oakley N.A., Frank N.L.
00918 Development of a Palladium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Intramolecular Aryl Amidation Porosa L., Viirre R.D.
00919 Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Templates on Silicon and other Semiconductor Surfaces Buriak J.M., Chai J., Qiao Y.H.
00920 A Theoretical Study on the Mechanism of the Reaction Catalyzed by UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase Huang W., Gauld J.W.
00921 Rearrangement of an Oxonium Ylide Towards the Total Synthesis of (+)-Dactylol Johnston J.R., Murphy G.K., West F.G.
00922 Conventional Optical Drives for Detecting CD-Based ELISA Ou M.L., Yu H.Z.
00923 Probes for Interrogating the Influence of Cellular Metabolism on the Hepatitis C Virus Pezacki J.P.
00924 Binding Study of Pi-Stacked Guanidinium Motif Wang X., Hof F.
00925 Characterization of the DNA Homolog of the RNA Dopamine Aptamer Walsh R., Blair D.A.D., Dedhar S., DeRosa M.C.
00926 CE Characterization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nanoparticles Specifically Tailored for Pre-Concentration of Estrogenic Compounds in Waste Water Analysis and Treatment DeMaleki Z., Pereira M., Lai E.P.C
00927 Amino-Functionalized Porous Nanostructured Thin Films Kwan J.K., Sit J.C.
00928 Novel Tetramerization of 3-Methyl-cyclopropene-3-carbonitrile: A CN-Alder-Ene Reaction? Shamov G.A., Ashirov R.V., Lodochnikova O.A., Litvynov I.A., Appolonova S.A., Plemenkov V.V.
00929 Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles Lennox R.B., Kassam A., Fuller E., Shepherd J., Meli V., Corbierre M., Beauvais J., Beerens J., Ho K-P., Goulet P.
00930 Proton Sponge Phosphines for the in situ ESI-MS Analysis of Catalytic Reactions Vikse K., McIndoe J.S.
00931 Approximate Solutions of Diffusion Equations Describing Reactions in Viscous Media Dance P., Edwards E., Basilevsky M., Weinberg N.
00932 Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Phorbol Stewart C., West F.G.
00933 Catalytic Enantioselective Carbonyl Allylboration: Discovery and Application of a New Mode of Activation for Boronic Esters Hall D.G.
00934 Novel Functionalized Phosphines and Applications Toward Stereoselective Wittig-Type Olefination Reactions Keskar K., McNulty J.
00935 Atmospheric Heavy Metal Concentrations and Deposits in Toronto, Ontario and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada Zhang L., Lu J.Y., Zhang C.X.Z.
00936 AFM-Based Force Sensing of Molecular Interactions and Processes in Living Cells Grandbois M.
00937 What Drives Weak Acid Ionization in Water ? A Computational Study Iftimie R., Thomas V.
00939 Ab-initio Calculations of Surface-Mediated Proton Transfer in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Eikerling M.H., Roudgar A., Narasimachary S.P.
00940 Luminescence-Based Probes as a Means to Understand the Recognition Event in Aptamer-Target Binding Bernard E.D., DeRosa M.C.
00941 Communicating with Students Outside the Classroom Burk R.C.
00942 Electrospray Mass Spectometry Studies of Carboxylic Acids in Aqueous Solution Wilson L.D, Mohamed M.H., Peru K., Headley J.
00944 The Kinetics of Thiomolybdate Interconversions Clark R.J., Reid R.S.
00945 Size- and Shape-Dependent Electrocatalysis of Platinum Nanoparticles on Semiconductor Surfaces Aizawa M., Buriak J.M.
00946 Complete Benchtop Fabrication of NSOM Probes Galway G., Ianoul A.
00947 Molecular Characterization of Nickel Species in Aerosols: Comparison of Synchrotron Xanes and Sequential Leaching Ajiboye B., Warner J., Cutler J., Throssell C., Keller N., Hall G., Eik H., Spiers G., Dutton M.
00948 The Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment: Remote Sensing of the Earth's Atmosphere from Orbit Walker K.A.
00949 A New Chapter in the Frustrated Lewis Pair Story: Tackling the Task of Ketone Hydrogenation and Alcohol Dehydrogenation Neu R.C., Chase P.A., Stephan D.W.
00950 Development of Phenothiazine Derivatives for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Darvesh S., McDonald R.S., Darvesh K.V., Martin E.
00951 Electrochemical Biosensing Based on Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays Kafi A.K.M., Chen A.
00952 Boron-Nitrogen Heterocycles as Ligands in Transition Metal Multi-Decker SandwichComplexes Borau-Garcia J., , Ly H.V., Parvez M.Roesler R.
00953 Thiosialosides: Synthesis and Immunochemistry Rich J.R., Bundle D.R.
00954 Integrated Paramagnetic Resonance of Biologically Relevant High-Spin Co(II) Tierney D.L., Myers W.K., Breece R.M.
00955 Synthesis and Oxidation Chemistry of a-Cyclodextrin Capped Porphyrins Moorthie V.A., Pollard M., Vederas J.C.
00956 Modifying Mesogen Shape Through Hydrogen Bonding and the Resulting Effects on Liquid Crystalline Self-Assembly Lavigueur C., Williams V.E.
00957 Lithium-7 NMR in Oxides: Distinguishing between Quadrupolar and Dipolar Effects Michaelis V.K., Aguiar P.M., Kroeker S.
00958 Approaches to Planar Chiral Aminoferrocenes: Solving the Problems of Generality, Selectivity and Manipulability Zaifman J., Metallinos C.
00959 Vapochromism and Magnetism of Dehydrated Transition Metal Dicyanoaurate Coordination Polymers Korcok J.L., Leznoff D.B.
00960 User Response Driven Evolution of a Laboratory Activity from Wild Idea to Effective Teaching Unit Kutas C., Chisu C.
00961 Molecular Recognition Using Self Assembing Cyclodextrin-DNA Conjugates Linkletter B.A., Curran E.
00962 The Role of the Individual, the Department, and the University in Creating a Positive Teaching Culture Darvesh K.V.
00963 Kinetic Solvent Effects on Peroxyl Radical Reactions Jha M., Pratt D.A.
00964 Influence of Hydrolysis on the Deposition of 3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane on Mg Alloy AZ91 Scott A.F., Gray-Munro J.E., Shepherd J.L.
00965 Ab initio Multiconfigurational Quantum Chemistry in Photobiology Olivucci M.
00966 Are We as Contaminated as Previously Thought? HPLC-MS/MS Interferences and the Case of Perfluorohexane Sulfonate (PFHxS) in Human Serum Chan E., Sandhu M.S., Benskin J.P., Martin J.M.
00967 Exploring the Chemistry of Early Transition Metal "Frustrated Lewis Pairs" Labeodan O.A., Stephan D.W.
00968 Soft Enolate Formation for Metal-Catalyzed Enolate Chemistry Geary L.M., Hultin P.G.
00969 New Metallopolymer Architectures Containing Heterocyclic Conjugated Structures MacNeil J.R.G., Moulins J.R., Walker D.T., MacLean B.J.
00970 Linear Nanostructure Formation of Trimethylene Sulfide-Derived Nanostructures on p- and n-Type H-Silicon(100)-2x1 DiLabio G.A., Dogel S.A., Zikovsky J., Pitters J.L., Wolkow R.A.
00971 Synthesis, Characterization and Structures of ortho-Phosphinoaniline Complexes of Rhodium and Ruthenium Hounjet L.J., Bierenstiel M., Cowie M.
00972 Development of a Cobalt Reporter Probe for Use in Electrochemical Aptamer-Based Biosensing Blair D.A.D., Francis T.J., DeRosa M.C.
00973 Antineoplastic 3,5-Bis(4-pyridylmethylene)-4-piperidone Derivatives: Novel Human Topoisomerase-IIa Inhibitors Jha M., Paul N.K., Jha A., DeClercq E.
00974 Hybrid Network Solids. Combining Metal-Ligand Self-Assembly and Hydrogen-Bonding in Co-Crystals of 4,4'-Bipyridine-N-monoxide Vukotic V.N., Habermehl N.C., Hoffart D.J., Loeb S.J.
00975 Studying Water-Soluble Associative Thickeners by a Combination of Fluorescence and Rheology Siu H., Duhamel J.
00976 Paramagnetic Assisted Micromixer Mugo S.M., Roszell S., Oleschuk R.D.
00977 A Lanthanide Phosphinidene Complex Masuda J.D., Jantunen K.C., Ozerov O.V., Noonan K.J.T., Gates D.P., Scott B.L., Kiplinger J.L.
00978 Discovery of a Novel Amidotransferase Involved in the Modification of Archaeal tRNA Masiyanise V., Phillips G., Maxwell A., El Yacoubi B., de Crecy-Lagard V., Iwata-Reuyl D.
00979 Probing the Solid and Liquid State Local Structure of Ionic Liquid Salts with 35Cl, 79Br and 127I NMR Gordon P.G., Brouwer D.H., Ripmeester J.A.
00980 A Foray into Asymmetric Alkene Isomerization: Preparation of Cyclic a-Substituted Allylic Boronates via Palladium-Catalyzed Borylation Lessard S., Peng F., Hall D.G.
00981 Stabilization of the Si(111) Organic Interface for Biosensing Mischki T.K., Lopinski G.P., Wayner D.D.M.
00982 Improper Hydrogen Bonds in Binary Methanol Solutions Keefe C.D., Gillis E.A.L.
00984 Cycling Highly Strained and Relaxed Oxide Structures for Material Synthesis Bieringer M., Shafi S.P., Castillo-Martinez E., Alario Franco M.A.
00985 Optical Coherence between Quantum Dots: A New Type of Bond? Cramb D.T., Heuff R.F., Marrocco M.
00986 Simplifying the Complicated: A Web-Based Learning Application to Improve Problem Solving Skills in Chemistry Yu L., Lam J., Loppnow G.R.
00987 Coordination Chemistry of 1st Row Transition Metal-Diamido Complexes and their Oxidation Chemistry Moatazedi Z., Leznoff D.B.
00988 Nanometric Colorimetric Sensors for Improvised and Conventional Explosives Apblett A.W., Materer N.F., Barber K.N.
00989 Living Anionic Polymerization of Phosphaalkenes Noonan K.J.T., Gillon B.H., Cappello V., Gates D.P.
00990 Highly Reusable, Chiral Catalyst-Organic Frameworks Made by Alternating ROMP Assembly Bergens S.H., Ralph C.K., Sullivan A.D., Hass H.
00991 Nanopatterning on Silicon Surfaces via Templated Block Copolymer Self-Assembly Buriak J.M., Chai J., Qiao Y.H.
00992 Comparing the Metabolomic Profiles of Different Streptomyces Bacteria Le C.H., Hayward R.J., Shipley P.R.
00993 Patterning Titanium Dioxide Nanostructures on Silicon for Catalysis Applications Zhang X., Buriak J.M.
00994 Theoretical Studies of the Photochemistry of Seeded Clusters Peslherbe G.H., Mak C.C., Timerghazin Q.K.
00995 Carbocyclic Analogs of Penicillins: Effects of Substitution on Conformation and Hemiketal Stability Johnson J.W., Evanoff D.P., Goodfellow V.J., Dmitrienko G.I.
00996 A Structure-Property Investigation on Highly Birefringent Coordination Polymers and the Pb(II) Lone Pair Katz M.J., Leznoff D.B., Kroeker S., Ye Z.-G.
00997 Assessing Quinoidal Structure in the Derivatives of Heavier Analogs of TCNQ Mawhinney R.C.
00998 Investigating and Manipulating the Enzymes of Sialic Acid and Pseudaminic Acid Biosynthesis Liu F., Tanner M.E., Schoenhofen I.C., Logan S.M.
00999 Reactivities of Novel Pd-nacnac Species Lund L.M., Hadzovic A., Song D.
01000 Nonlinear Light Propagation in Photopolymers: Pathways to Complex and Functional Microstructures Qiu L., Villafranca A., Kasala K., Shimmell W., Ponte M., Burgess I., Saravanamuttu K.
01001 The Total Synthesis of (-)-Allosecurinine Leduc A.B., Kerr M.A.
01002 Elucidation of the PKS Genes From Alternaria cinerariae Li J., Marcus S.L., Vederas J.C.
01003 Photochromic Spirooxazine Cobalt Dioxolene Valence Tautomers Paquette M.M., Frank N.L., Kopelman R.A.
01004 Self-Assembly of Carboxylic Acid Substituted Discotic Molecules in Solution and in Liquid Crystalline Phases Lavigueur C., Williams V.E.
01005 Acid-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of S-Nitrosothiols: Experimental and Computational Study Moran E.E., Timerghazin Q.K., Kwong E., English A.M.
01006 Utilizing the Coordination Chemist's Toolbox to Make a Luminescent Zinc(II)/Au(CN)2--Based Ammonia Sensor Katz M.J., Leznoff D.B.
01007 C-C Bond Formation and C-H Bond Activation Promoted by Adjacent Metals Ulmer T.J., Samant R., Cowie M.
01009 Characterization and Speciation of Petroleum by GCxGC Hager D.B.
01010 Self-Assembly of Metal Organic Rotaxane Polygons and Polyhedra, MORPs Viljoen E., Loeb S.J.
01011 Ru(bpy)32+-Containing Block Copolymers: Self-Assembly, and Luminescence Properties Metera K.L., Sleiman H.F.
01012 Plasmonic Nanostructures for Biosensing Brolo A.G.
01013 Acoustic Flame Detection of Surfactants in Liquid Chromatography Mah C., Thurbide K.B.
01014 Accessing Chiral Heterocyclic Intermediates via Rh(II)-Carbenoid C-H Insertion Reaction: Applications in Alkaloid Synthesis Wee A.G.H.
01015 Synthesis of MOF-5 Using DMF as Solvent: Reinvestigation of the Inconsistency in Adsorption Properties and Powder XRD Data of MOF-5 Xi X., Cai J., Wang J., Shi S., Huang Q., Yuan D., Fang M.
01016 Simultaneous Analysis of Free Estrogens and their Conjugates in Water at Sub- to Low-Part Per Trillion Levels by Column-Switching Chromatography/Polarity-Switching Tandem Mass Spectrometry Qin F., Zhao Y.Y., Sawyer M., Li X.F.
01017 Ion-Induced Assembly of 1-D Supramolecular Polymers from Macrocyclic Building Blocks Hui J.K.-H., MacLachlan M.J.
01018 Thiophene Substitution in Spin-Transition Complexes: Toward Multifunctional Metallopolymers Lemaire M.T., Djukic B., Britten J.F., Dube P.A., Razavi F.
01019 Permeation of Nitric Oxide Through Lipid Bilayer Membranes Issack B.B., Peslherbe G.H.
01020 Syntheses, Structures and Reactivities of 4, 5-Diazafluorene Complexes of Late Transition Metals Tan R., Jiang H., Song D.
01021 Isolation and Structural Characterization of Cyclic b-(1[2)-glucans from the Green Microalgae Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Reyes Suárez E., Budgen S.M., Kai F.B., Kralovec J.A., Noseda M.D., Barrow C.J., Grindley T.B.
01022 Chloromethane Production from the Photosubstitution of a Model DOC Compound in Marine Waters Dallin E., Wan P., Cielanga N., Stechishin O.D.M., Gill C.G., Krogh E.T.
01023 Phytochemical Studies on Macaranga capensis James A., Qasir M., Ata A., Gengan R.
01024 Aurocyanides: Structural Insights from 13C and 15N Solid-State NMR Harris K.J., Wasylishen R.E.
01025 Agonist-Induced Redistribution of the Human mu-Opioid Receptor (hMOR) in HEK 293 Cell Membranes Sun T., Burns D., Dahms T.E.S.
01026 Probing General Acid/Base Catalysis in the Hammerhead and Hairpin Ribozymes Thomas J.M., Perrin D.M.
01027 Synthesis of Novel Diarylamine Antioxidants Hanthorn J.J., Jha M., Pratt D.A.
01028 Designing Paclitaxel Derivatives Based on Isotype Differences within an Intermediate Binding Site for Paclitaxel Located in the Microtubule's Nanopore Freedman H., Tuszynski J.A.
01030 Employing Tetracyanoaurate(III) and First-Row Transition Metals in Heterobimetallic Functional Coordination Polymers Geisheimer A.R., Leznoff D.B.
01031 Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic, Oligomeric, Alkyl Siloxane Precursors into Ordered, Nanoporous Silicate Films Du J., Shimojima A., Suzuki T., Sakurai M., Crudden C.M., Kuroda K.
01032 Chelating Task Specific Ionic Liquids Singer R.D., Naik P.
01033 Thinking Outside the Classroom: Incorporating Field Trips into a First Year Curriculum Forest K.
01034 An Evaluation of Glucose Transport Inhibition as a Mechanism for Sensitizing Resistant Tumor Cells to Death Receptor Signalling Wood T.E., Batey R.A., Schimmer A.D., Dalili S.
01035 Synthesis of Poly-Hetero Methylenes and Methines and their Application in Organic Synthesis McNulty J., Das P.
01036 Transformations of Cyclic Olefins Mediated by Tungsten Nitrosyl Complexes Buschhaus M.S., Blackmore I.J., Graham P.M., Legzdins P.
01037 Tandem Vilsmeier-Haack Cyclization/Azomethine Ylide Intramolecular Cycloaddition as a New Synthetic Strategy Towards Tricyclic Cores of Alkaloids Bélanger G., Lévesque F., Doré M., Darsigny V.
01038 Mechanistic Investigation of Enhanced Benzo[a]pyrene Induced DNA Adducts in the Presence of Arsenic Guthrie J.W., Lee J., Le X.C., Weinfeld M.
01039 Probing the Ordering and Disordering of Self-Assembled Monolayers Moula M.G., Rowntree P.A.
01040 Hock Cleavage of Cholesterol 5-Hydroperoxide: An Ozone-Free Pathway to the Cholesterol Ozonolysis Products Identified in Arterial Plaque and Brain Tissue Brinkhorst J., Nara S.J., Pratt D.A.
01041 Casting Light on the Brain Nichol H., McCrea R.P.E., Tse J., Popescu B.F.Gh.
01042 Bridging the Gap: Molecular Dynamics and the Nucleotide Exchange Reaction in Elongation Factor Tu Wieden H.-J., Mercier E., , Yawney D.Gray J.
01043 Weighing of Biomolecules, Single Cells and Single Nanoparticles in Fluid Using Suspended Microchannel Resonators Godin M., Burg T., Manalis S.R.
01044 C-H Activation of Olefins Facilitated by Bimetallic Iridium/Rhodium Cooperativity Slaney M.E., Anderson D.J., Cowie M.
01045 Real and Apparent Magnetic Ordering in M[Au(CN)2]2-Based Coordination Polymers Lefebvre J., Sonier J.E., Leznoff D.B.
01046 Increased Magnetic Anisotropy: A Route to High Blocking Temperature Single Molecule Magnets Murugesu M.
01047 Synthesis and Reactivity of Base-Free Yttrium Complexes Supported by a Novel Carbazole-Based Ancillary Ligand Hayes P.G., Johnson K.R.D.
01048 Ppy/BPB Characterization by in situ Raman Spectroelectrochemistry Ferreira J., Girotto E.M., Brolo A.G.
01049 Development of a Concise, Stereocontrolled Synthesis of 2,5-Disubstituted-3-hydroxytetrahydrofurans: Application to Natural Product Synthesis Britton R.A., Kang B., Mowat J., Pinter T., Piercy G., Michaleski M.
01050 Recent Progress in the Development of New Photoremoveable Protecting Groups Lukeman M., Blake J., Burns M.D., Kiemele E.R., Yorke M, Roxin A.
01051 Nucleic Acid-Small Molecule Interactions: Structure and Binding Studies Johnson P.E., Tavares T.J., Neves M.
01052 Charged Ligands for Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Catalytic Reactions McIndoe J.S., Farrer N.J., Vikse K., Chisholm D.M.
01053 The Use of Tetra(4-pyridyl)amidinate Dirhodium(II) Dimer as a Structural Backbone for Multinuclear Complexes Chartrand D., Hanan G.S.
01054 Structural and Mutagenic Analysis of Inositol Dehydrogenase from Bacillus subtilis Zheng H., Van Straaten K.E., Sanders D.A.R., Palmer D.R.J.
01055 Reversible Amplified Fluorescence Quenching in Dithienylethene Functionalized Polythiophenes Kunz T.K., Wolf M.O., Finden J.G., Branda N.R.
01056 Validation of Phosphatidylcholine Lipid Force Fields in the Tensionless NPT Ensemble Taylor J., Whiteford N., Bradley G., Watson G.W.
01057 An Efficient Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of a(2,8)-Oligosialic Acids Zuccolo A.J., Ling C.C., Zheng R.B.
01058 Multifunctional Nanoparticle Clusters Paquet C., Somaskandan K., Jakubek Z., Simard B.
01059 Spirocyclic PCP Carbene Complexes of Neodymium(III), Thorium(IV) and Uranium(IV) Cavell R.G., Ma G., Ferguson M.J., McDonald R.
01060 Activation of Small Molecules by Singlet Carbenes Masuda J.D., Frey G.D., Donnadieu B., Schoeller W.W., Bertrand G.
01061 Unprecedentedly High Catalytic Activities of cis-Dichlorobis(aminopyridine)platinum(II) Derivatives in Hydrogen Evolution from Water and their Applications in Photochemical Conversion Processes Hirahara M., Masaoka S., Sakai K.
01062 Synthesis and Reactivity of Dipyrrinato Alkali-Metal Complexes Al-Sheikh Ali A., Cipot-Wechsler J., Chapman E., Thompson A.
01063 An Iterative Approach to the Synthesis of Pseudo-Steroidal Beta-Sheet Mimetics Coopersmith K.A., Wulff J.E.
01064 Stereoselective Synthesis of the Pentacyclic Natural Product Brevianamide E May J.P., Perrin D.M., Huang S.-C.
01065 Characterization of the 51V NMR Parameters of {V(O)(ONMe2)2}2O Using Hyperbolic Secant Pulses Nakashima T.T., Teymoori R., Wasylishen R.E.
01066 What Solid-State NMR Can Do for MRI Jerschow A., Regatte R.R.
01067 Ruthenium Complexes Derived from Biquinoline Ligands and their DNA Interactions McFarland S.A., Thummel R.P., Levangie J.E., Scott J.R., Monro S.M.A., Parrish A.W.
01068 Exploring the Potential of Lanthanide-Protein Conjugates for Multiplexed Assays Nitz M.
01069 Simulation Studies of Floppy Carbohydrates in Solution: The Importance of Solvation Effects Castillo Rijo N., Lowary T.L., Roy P.-N.
01070 Unprecedented in vitro Activity and in vivo Efficacy of Pre-Ordered Polymeric Heterobifunctional Ligands Bundle D.R., Kitov P.I., Paszkiewicz E., Lipinski T.
01071 Redox and Coordination Chemistry of Two Disubstituted 1,4-Quinones Trefz T.K., Hicks R.G., Patrick B.O.
01072 1D and 2D Nmr Investigations of the Interaction between Oppositely Charged Polymers and Surfactants Marangoni D.G., McLachlan A.A.
01073 Bulky Polyaromatic Fluorocarbons: Main Group Complexes and their Application as Weakly Coordinating Anions Smith J.C., Ma K., Piers W.E., Parvez M., McDonald R.
01074 Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of the Bisbenzyltetrahydroisoquinoline (BBIQ) Alkaloid (-) Cycleanine Dakhil O.O., Georghiou P.E.
01075 NMR Approaches to Probing Phase Separation in Model Nuclear Waste Glasses Kroeker S., Aguiar P.M., Michaelis V.K., McKinley C.M.
01076 Towards Understanding Mercury Toxicity: Organomercury Uptake in Zebrafish Korbas M., Krone P.H., Pickering I.J., George G.N.
01077 Ring Polymer Molecular Dynamics Approach Huh Y., Roy P.-N.
01078 Solid-State NMR and Computational Study of the Chlorine-35/37 Chemical Shift and Electric Field Gradient Tensors of a Series of Group 13 Chlorides Chapman R.P., Bryce D.L.
01079 Economical Production of Controlled Silver Nanoparticles by Molecular Sieve Surface Templating Kuznicki S.M., Lin C.C.H., Danaie M., Liu Y., Kuznicki T.M.
01080 Trifluoromethylated Group 4 Amidate Complexes: New Directions for Enhancing Reactivity in the Catalytic Hydroamination of Alkenes Turner C.S., Thomson R.K., Schafer L.L.
01081 Fabrication of Porous Conducting Polymer Hybrid Materials for Electrochemical Supercapacitors Applications Suppes G.M., Deore B.A., Freund M.S.
01082 Using MCTDH with Optimal Control Theory and Filter Techniques Schröder M., Carreon-Macedo J.-L., Brown A.
01083 The Border Air Quality and Meteorological Study (BAQS-Met): Analytical Applications McLaren R., Halla J.D., Nuaaman I., Brook J.
01084 Developing a Viable Interface between Silicon and Neurons: Nanopatterned Surfaces for Neuroregeneration Daly B., Buriak J.M., Giuliani F.
01085 Low Power Fluorescence Upconversion in a Zinc Metalloporphyrin via Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Sugunan S.K., Tripathy U., Paige M.F., Steer R.P.
01086 Photoswitching of Fluorescent Proteins: A Computational Approach Timerghazin Q.K., Ai H., Campbell R.E., Brown A.
01087 The Usefulness of q-Dialkylphenylenediamine Compounds in the Analysis of Inorganic Sulfides, Polysulfides, Thiosulfate, Polythionates, and other Sulfur Compounds likely to be Found in Water Kariuki S., Babady-Bila P., Drouin J.
01088 Modeling Charge Redistribution with a Thin Layer Cell Black J.M., Andreas H.A.
01089 Computational Evaluation of the Role of Pirkle-Type Complexes of Chiral Sulfoxides in the Determination of their Absolute Configuration Ivanova E.V., Muchall H.M., Buist P.H.
01090 Synthesis of Fluorinated Fructose Analogues for Use with PET Cheeseman C.I., Grant T.N., Trayner B., West F.G.
01091 Folding of the S-Adenosylmethionine Riboswitch Heppell B., Lafontaine D.A.
01092 Microextraction Approaches for Environmental Analysis Lee H.K.
01093 Synthesis of Benzotrithiophenes as Potential Cores for Discotic Liquid Crystals Kayal H., Demenev A., Eichhorn S.H.
01094 Preliminary Work on the Biosynthesis of Usnic Acid , Anderson K.S., Simmonds R.Sorensen J.L.
01095 A Novel Approach to Characterizing Prion Protein Structures Using Chemical Labelling, Microwave-Assisted Acid Hydrolysis and MALDI-MS Tsang J.S.W., Bujold A.R., Wishart D., Li L.
01096 Theoretical Investigation of the Photo-Ionization of Ion Pairs in Solvent Clusters Koch D.M., Nguyen T.-N., Peslherbe G.H.
01097 Surface Phase Transition of Polymers Studied by IR-Visible Sum-Frequency Generation Chou K.C., Li Q., Hua R., Cheah I.J.
01098 Multidentate N,S,S,N-Based Binuclear Complexes of Group 10 Metals Bierenstiel M., Cross E., English M., MacDonald K., Shehzad U.
01099 Origin and Speciation of Volatile Phosphorus in Gelled Hydrocarbons for Oil Well Stimulation Lawrence S.C, Warrender N., Dhillon S.
01100 A Mechanistic Study of C-F Bond Activation by Nickel Complexes Johnson S.A., Keen A.L., Saliba M., Mustafa F.
01101 Self-Assembly and Ordering of Metallic Nanoarrays by Block Copolymer Templating Chai J.N., Buriak J.M.
01102 Self-Assembled Rosette Nanotubes with Increased Inner Diameter Borzsonyi G., Myles A., Johnson R.S., Cho J.-Y., Fenniri H.
01103 Block Copolymer Route to High Throughput Biosensors Chen X., Poulis B., Bazuin C.G., Prud'homme R.E., Pellerin C.
01104 Crystal Sructure and NLO Properties of 3,4-Dicyano-1,2,5-telluradiazole Cozzolino A.F., Yang Q., Vargas-Baca I.
01105 Comparison of Three Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Sources for the Determination of Hexabromocyclododecane Enantiomers in Environmental Samples Ross M.S., Wong C.S.
01106 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation and Deposition in Urban Area Zhang X., He T., Song X., Siddiqi Z., Lu J.Y.
01107 Group 3 Amidate Complexes: Fundamental Reactivity and Applications in Hydroamination and e-Caprolactone Ring-Opening Polymerization Stanlake L.J.E., Schafer L.L.
01108 CNTs/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Al-Saleh M., Gelves G.A., Sundararaj U.
01109 Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of Haterumalides Kang B., Britton R.A.
01110 Comparing the Dynamics of Encounters between Chain Ends or Random Intrachain Segments with Pyrene-Labeled Polymers in Solution Ingratta M., Duhamel J.
01111 The Synthesis of Oligothiophene Functionalized Dimethyldihydropyrenes and their Electrical and Photochromic Properties Robinson S.G., Mitchell R.H.
01112 Examination of Fungal Spores Using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Isenor M., Gough K.M., Kaminskyj S.G.W.
01113 Structural Elucidation of Thuricin, a Two-Component Antimicrobial Peptide Sit C., Vederas J.C., Rea M.C., O'Connor P.M., Hill C., Ross R.P.
01114 Photoregulation of Lewis Acidity Using Molecular Switches Lemieux V., Branda N.R.
01115 Effects of Flexibility on the Classical Stability of Water Clusters Tritzant Y., Roy P.-N.
01116 CO2 as a Reagent for the Catalytic Synthesis of b-Hydroxycarboxylic Acids Flowers B.J., Gautreau-Service R., Jessop P.G.
01117 Coordination of Low-Valent Main Group Elements with N-Heterocyclic Carbenes RoyChowdhury R., Ellis B.D., Corrente A.M., Macdonald C.L.B.
01118 Bacteria Seeing Red: Isolation and Detection of Bacteria in Resource-Poor Settings Using Silica, Paper and Bacteriophage Voss R., Brook M.A.
01119 A New Synthetic Route to Poly(oxothiazenes) [N=S(O)R]n McWilliams A.R., Gezahegn S.
01120 Directed Assembly of Semiconductor Nanowires Gates B.D., Wang M., Sieb N.R.
01121 Schiff Base Macrocycles: Reliable Templates for Metallocavitand Formation Frischmann P.D., MacLachlan M.J.
01122 Library Screening Using a Novel "Beads on a Bead" Approach Coupled with a Fast Single-Bead MS/MS Deconvolution Enables High Throughput Discovery of Peptides for Molecular Imaging Amadei G.A., Luyt L.G., Cho C.F., Lewis J.D.
01123 Nanopatterning Surfaces Directed by Molecular Self-Assembly Zhou H., Wuest J.D.
01124 On the Formation of Glycine in the Interstellar Medium Koch D.M., , Peslherbe G.H.Hynes J.T.
01125 Novel Tantalum(V) Boronate Clusters Exhibiting a Lewis Acid Cavity Garon C.N., Fontaine F.-G.
01126 Solid State NMR Studies of Nanoconfined Materials Ratcliffe C.I., Desjardins P., Lang S., Ripmeester J.A., Zhou B.
01127 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Group IV Semiconductor Nanocrystals Henderson E.J., Veinot J.G.C.
01128 The Origin of Luminescence from Silicon Nanocrystals: A Near Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) and X-Ray Excited Optical Luminescence (XEOL) Study of Oxide-Embedded and Freestanding Systems Hessel C.M., Veinot J.G.C.
01129 Molecular Dynamics Calculations of Molecular Volumes Boon N., Deglint E., Dance P., Thiele L., Dinh V., Weinberg N.
01130 Investigating Multiple Free-Energy Relationships for the O-GlcNAcase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Glycosides Macauley M.S., Greig I.R., Vocadlo D.J.
01132 Agility of Adding Artificial Amino Acids Ebhardt H.A., Fahlman R.P.
01133 Phosphido Bridged Nb/Rh Heterobimetallics: Syntheses, Structures and Catalytic Hydrosilylation Leelasubcharoen S., Zhizhko P., Kuzmina L., Nikonov G.
01134 Synthesis of Star-Shaped Heptamers Based of Hexathiophene Substituted Benzene Kayal H., Eichhorn S.H.
01135 Positionally Grafting Functionality onto Mesoporous Silicates Webb J.D., Crudden C.M.
01136 Living Polymerization: AB Block Copolymers Cappello V., Noonan K.J.T., Gillon B.H., Gates D.P.
01137 Development, Evaluation, and Validation of a Device for Generating Gaseous HgBr2 Zhao W., Lu J.Y.
01138 Solvation Structure and Thermodynamics of Guanidinium Ions in Aqueous Clusters Mak C.C., Koch D.M., Peslherbe G.H.
01139 Photoemission of Fluorescent Protein Chromophores Timerghazin Q.K., Carlson H.J., Cotton D.W., Campbell R.E., Brown A.
01141 Developing Circular Dichroism for the Study of Potential Driven Conformation Changes of Adsorbed Proteins on a Gold Surface Fiche J.B., Laredo T., Lipkowski J., Dutcher J.R.
01142 Revised HDX-MS Strategies for Improving the Analysis of Protein Interactions Percy A.J., Slysz G.W., Baker C.J., Bosza B., Dang A., Schriemer D.C.
01143 LabEx: A Community Outreach Designed for Homeschooled Students Schriver M.J.
01144 Best Practices for a Positive Teaching and Learning Culture in Year 1 Chemistry Lock P.E.
01145 Unusual Carbenes Generated by Nucleophilic Attack on Chelating Isocyanide Fragments Yu I., Wallis C., Mehrkhodavandi P.
01146 Guided Inquiry-Based Approach to the Teaching of Absolute Configuration, Conformational Energy, and Fischer Projections Kutas C., Tran L., Al-Khalidi B., Si B.
01147 Synthesis of Novel Types of Polyester Dendrimers Karemerwa J.d'A., Al-Mughaid H., Huestis M., McIssac E., Grindley T.B.
01148 Structure of Water Molecules at the Interfaces of Silica and Aqueous Salt Solutions: Cation Effects Yang Z., Li Q., Chou K.C.
01149 Raman Microscopy and Infrared Spectromicroscopy of Focally Elevated Creatine in Brain Tissue from Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) in Transgenic Mice Khamenehfar A., Gough K.M., Del Bigio M.R.
01150 Investigation of the Mechanism of Hydrogen Formation Induced by Low-Energy Electron Irradiation of Partially Deuterated Hexadecanethiols Sheepwash E.E., Schwan A.L., Rowntree P.A.
01151 Tracking the Pathway of Arsenic Metabolism Thomas D.
01152 Chemisorptive Modification of Planar and Nanocolumnar Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Electrodes for Photovoltaic Solar Cells Rider D.A., Harris K.D., Brett M.J., Buriak J.M.
01153 Competitive Interactions between Toxic Metals and Endogenous Thiol Ligands Studied by HPLC-ICP-AES Pei K.L., Gailer J.
01154 Current Rectification from Chemically Modified Silicon(100) Surfaces Sinha S., Dickie A.J., Wolkow R.A.
01155 Non-Symmetrically Substituted Bis-NHC Palladium(II) Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Activity Foley S.R., Paulose T.A.P., Quail J.W.
01156 Selective Electroless Metallization of Flexible Polymeric Substrates Using Aluminum (III) Porphyrins as 'Ink' Davidson G.J.E., Miller M.S., Breen Carmichael T.
01157 Chiral Carbenoids for Asymmetric Synthesis Aggarwal V.K.
01158 Low Pt Loading, Ni/Pt Anode Electro-Catalyst for Direct 2-Propanol Alkaline Fuel Cells Menard L.N., Markiewicz M.E.P., Bergens S.H.
01159 Synthesis of the Diazobenzo[a]fluorene Antitumour Antibiotic Isoprekinamycin and Congeners: A Potential Route to the Fluostatins Liu W., Buck M., Chen N., Dmitrienko G.I.
01160 Further Explorations into the Coordination Chemistry of Oxazolines and Oxazoles Gossage R.A., Quail J.W., Vaughn D., Jones R.C., Deshpande A.A.
01161 Investigation of the Key Residues Involved in Binding of Anti-Cancer Ru(III)-Complexes via Functional Analysis of Site-Directed Mutants of Human Serum Transferrin Cetinbas N., Walsby C.J.
01162 Time of Flight Carrier Mobility Measurements in Nanostructured TiO2/Polythiophene Hybrid Materials Gerein N.J., Brett M.J.
01163 Ultrafast Singlet Excited-State Dynamics in Single- and Double-Stranded DNA Kohler B.
01164 Insertion of Terminal Acetylenes into Agostic g3-Cyclopentenyl and g3-Cyclohexenyl Cobalt and Ruthenium Complexes: Construction of Bridge Bicyclic Structures via Double Insertion of Acetylene Chan B.C., Dzwiniel T.L., Older C.M., Stryker J.M.
01165 Synthesis and Evaluation of Nanopatterned Interfaces for Neuron Growth Cooper A.M., Daly B., Buriak J.M., Giuliani F.
01166 An Investigation of the Structures of Copper-Thiomolybdate Complexes Slamova D., Reid R.S.
01167 Chemical and Biological Studies on Buxus natalensis Hawranik D., Zahid S., James A., Ata A., Gengan R.
01168 A Prototype Direct 2-Propanol Alkaline Fuel Cell Markiewicz M.E.P., Bergens S.H.
01170 In Vitro Screening for High Affinity siRNA Interactions with Hepatitis C Virus RNA Sagan S., Luebert C., Pezacki J.P.
01171 Building Complex Structures by the Self-Association of Molecules Containing Multiple Tetraphenylmethyl Groups Gagnon E., Maris T., Wuest J.D.
01172 Study of Asymmetric Induction of Alkynes into Aldehydes Graham E., Luu T., Tykwinski R.R.
01173 Towards the Total Synthesis Depsilairdin Pardeshi S.G., Ward D.E.
01175 Composite Nanoscale Electrodes for the Study of Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation at Palladium Read S.T., Rowntree P.A.
01176 Glycosylsulfonylhydrazides in Protecting Group Free Glycosidation Reactions Nitz M., Gudmundsdottir A.V.
01177 Identification of Biocatalysts for Glycosyl Transfer of C-3 Modified Galactopyranoses Rich J.R., Shim J.H., Chen H.-M., Wakarchuk W.W., Warren R.A.J., Withers S.G.
01178 Sterically Isolated "Oxo-Surface" Analogues: New Preorganized Polydentate Aryloxide Ligands for Coordination Chemistry and Polymerization Catalysis Lightbody O.C., Stryker J.M.
01179 Electrochemical Growth of Thiophene Based Films on Nanocolumnar Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Electrodes: Towards Photovoltaic Solar Cells with an Ordered Heterojunction Rider D.A., Harris K.D., Brett M.J., Buriak J.M.
01180 Probing the Conformational Itinerary of Glycosidases Using Conformationally-Restricted Substrate Analogues Bennet A.J., Wang Y., Cheng L., Chakladar S.
01181 Kinetic Isotope Effects on Sialidase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis Reactions Chan J., Bennet A.J.
01182 Structure, Composition and Thermoelectric Properties of the Cu-Si-P and Cu-Ge-P Phases Mozharivskyj Y.
01183 Development of Butyrylcholinesterase Neuroimaging Ligands for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Atkinson A., Darvesh S., Joy E.E., Macdonald I.R., Martin E., Pottie I.R.
01184 PtCl2-Catalyzed Cycloisomerizations and Radical Cyclizations of 1,5-Enynes. Construction of Various Bicyclo [3.1.0] Skeletons. Dhimane A.L., Blasczykowski C., Brancour C., Cariou K., Cloarec J.M., Harrak Y., Madness M.L., Mainetti E., Fensterbank L., Malacria M.
01185 Boronic Acids: Convertible Tags in Phase-Switch Synthesis Mothana S., Chahal N., Vanneste S., Hall D.G.
01186 Quantification of Water in the Nafion Membrane of an Operating Polymer-Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Using Micro-MRI Wang M., Bergens S.H., Wasylishen R.E.
01187 Development of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Featuring a Transition Metal Backbone Hobbs M.G., Roesler R.
01188 Microcalorimetric Study of the Antioxidant (Quercetin, Flavonoid) Interactions with Aggregates of Sodium Polystyrenesulfonate and Sodium Dodecylsulfate. Singh K., Marangoni D.G.
01189 Stability of Mesoporous Silica Materials Used in Pd Catalysis Glasspoole B.W., Webb J.D., Crudden C.M.
01190 Synthesis of Porphyrinoid Systems Based on Thiophene for Applications in Light Harvesting Jimenez R.P., Sutherland T.C.
01191 On-Line Environmental Monitoring in the Field Using Membrane Introduction Tandem Mass Spectrometry Etzkorn J.M., Davey N.G., Thompson A.J., Leung R., LeBlanc C.W., Ghafouri S., Krogh E.T., Gill C.G.
01192 N-Heterocyclic Carbenes with Inorganic Backbones Tuononen H.M., Kausamo A., Roesler R., Krahulic K.E.
01193 Silver Nanostructures Bound to Polymeric Microspheres: A Robust and Versatile Platform for Ultradetection SERS Labels Farah A.A., Cho J.-Y., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Fenniri H.
01194 Potential Role of Tubedown in the Treatment of Ocular Diseases Islam T., Paradis H., Gendron R.L.
01195 Formation of Functionalized Pyrrolidines via the Stevens Rearrangement of Azetidinium Ylides Bott T.M., West F.G.
01196 Synthesis and Electrochemical Study of Nanoporous Pt-Ir Materials Holt-Hindle P., Chen A.
01197 Development of Bioassays Utilizing Electrochemically Grafted Layers on Thin Carbon Films Laurentius L., McDermott M.T.
01198 Enhancing the Blue Emission of Eu2+ Inside a Photonic Crystal Bovero E., van Veggel F.C.J.
01199 Synthesis, Structures, and Investigations of Schiff Base Macrocycles MacLachlan M.J., , Frischmann P.D., Hui J.K.-H., Jiang J.Shopsowitz K.E.
01200 Deposition of Gold Metal Films from Photo-Reactive Gold (I) Amidinates Whitehorne T.J.J., Albert J., Guo T., Barry S.T.
01201 pH Sensitive Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer with CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Revesz E., Lai E.P.C., DeRosa M.C.
01202 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Radical Molecular Arrays on Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon(100)-2×1 II Shimoi Y., DiLabio G.A., Dogel S.A., Lin S., Ingold K.U.
01203 Silica Fabrication Using Self-Assembled Molecular Gels from Silyl L-Glutamide Lipids Takafuji M., Maeda S., Rao N.M., Ihara H.
01204 Quantitative Analysis of Mixtures Using XANES Spectroscopy Warner J., Cutler J.
01205 Theoretical Aspects of the Photophysical Behavior of Natural Nucleobases and their Analogs Matsika S., Kistler K.A., Laikov D., Mburu E.
01206 Incorporating Peer Reviewed Journal Summary Projects into a First Year Chemistry Curriculum Forest K.
01207 Solid-State NMR Investigations of Diselenoimidodiphosphinate Systems Demko B.A., Wasylishen R.E.
01208 Synthesis of Natural Products: Free Radical-Based Methodologies Guindon Y.
01209 Chemical and Particulate Cell Toxicity Measured by Real Time Cell Electronic Sensing (RT-CES) Boyd J.M., Huang L., Xie L., Li X.-F.
01210 Dimerization of Acyclic and Cyclic Stannylene Acetals: Regioselectivity and Energetics Whittleton S.R., Grindley T.B., Boyd R.J.
01211 Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Pesticides and Emerging Organic Pollutants in Environmental Samples Yang P., Hao C., Zhao X.
01212 Enhanced Protein Identification Efficiency for Comprehensive Membrane Proteome Analysis Using 2D-LC ESI QTOF MS/MS Wang N., Li L.
01213 Diphenylacetylenes: Methoxy and Amino Substituent Effects on Photoadditions and Photophysical Properties Pincock J.A, Gonzalez C.M., Young I., Pincock A.L.
01214 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Computational Study of the Self-Directed Growth of Butadiene, 2,3-Dimethylbutadiene and 1,3-Cyclohexadiene on Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon(100)-2×1 Dogel S.A., Zikovsky J., Sinha S., DiLabio G.A., Wolkow R.A.
01215 Atomic Layer Deposition of Copper on Self Assembled Monolayers of Various Surface Terminations Coyle J.P., Barry S.T.
01216 Optical Waveguide Supported Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Bescherer K., Loock H.-P., Barnes J., Kamino B., Dias S., Trefiak N., Tong Z.
01217 Investigating Unusual Forms of Glycosylation of Epidermal Growth Factor Repeats Whitworth G.E., Stubbs K.A., Vocadlo D.J.
01218 Advanced Methods of Subcritical Water Chromatography Thurbide K.B., Fogwill M.O.
01219 Investigation on the Metalloenzyme Glyoxalase I from Clostridium acetobutylicum Suttisansanee U., Lau K., Honek J.F., Burley S.K.
01220 Diimidazolium Cations as Versatile Guests for Various Macrocycles Noujeim N., Leclercq L., Schmitzer A.R.
01222 Alternating Pyrimidine-Thiophenes: New Co-Monomers for Electropolymerization for Hybrid Organic and Metal Coordinating Polymers Bolduc A., Dufresne S., Skene W.G.
01223 Gen Chem for Gen Y Mahaffy P.G.
01224 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilane)-b-Poly(-benzyloxycarbonyl-L-lysine) Diblock Copolymers Wang Y., Kim K.T., Manners I., Winnik M.A.
01225 Simulation Studies of Hydrogen Bond Dynamics in Charged and Hydrated Protein-Ligand Complexes in the Gas Phase Seo M., Kitova E.N., Klassen J.S., Roy P.-N.
01226 Photophysics of Soret-Excited Corroles in Solution Tripathy U., Liu X., Steer R.P.
01227 Catalyst Stamp Lithography Mizuno H., Buriak J.M.
01228 Binaphthol-Catalyzed Reactions of Boronates Chong J.M.
01229 Employing the Raman Signature of Carborane in Cellular Imaging Duguay D., Kennedy D.C., Burchell T., Pezacki J.P., Richeson D.S.
01230 Neutral Low-Oxidation State Phosphorus Oligomers Farrar G.J., Norton E.L., Macdonald C.L.B.
01231 Vibrational Spectra of Ca2IrH5 and Ca2IrD5 Barsan M.M., Moyer Jr. R.O., Butler I.S., Gilson D.F.R.
01232 Binuclear Metal Catalysts for Water Oxidation Wasylenko D.J., Berlinguette C.P.
01233 Benzo Fused Dehydrotropone Dicobalt Hexacarbonyl Complexes: Access via Knoevenagel Cyclization and Competitive Reactivity of their Derived Diols Amiralaei S., Green J.R.
01234 Interactions of Quantum Dots with Embryonic Tissues Cramb D.T., Clancy A., Gregoriou Y., Kelly N.M.
01235 Molecular Beacon Detection of DNA Damage due to Gamma Radiation Sparling S.B., Loppnow G.R.
01236 N-Sulfinyl Amines: A Computational Study of the Mechanisms of syn-anti Interconversion Ivanova E.V., Muchall H.M.
01237 Directed Evolution of Thermus aquaticus DNA Polymerase I for Improved Incorporation of Modified Nucleotides Hipolito C., Perrin D.M.
01238 Prediction of Ionization Response for Unknown Metabolites by Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry Chalcraft K., Britz-McKibbin P.
01239 Aluminum Catalyzed Cyclotrimerization of Dimethylcyanamide and Substituted Guanidines Priem J., Rowley C.N., Dornan P., Woo T.K., Barry S.T., Richeson D.S.
01240 N-Hydroxy-N,N'-diphenylarylamidate Complexes as Synthons for Supramolecular Assemblies Cibian M., Chartrand D., Hanan G.S.
01241 Templating New Metal-Organic Rotaxane-Frameworks (MORF)s with Substituted Crown Ethers Mercer D.J., Loeb S.K., Loeb S.J.
01242 Recent Developments in and Application of Domain Filtering Methods for Fluorine Containing Materials Hazendonk P., Montina T., Borisov A.S.
01243 Improving the Photochromic Properties of Dihydropyrene Switches by Changing the Internal Group Ayub K., Mitchell R.H.
01244 Formation of Copper Oxide and Copper Metal Nanostructures from Copper Oxide Thin Films Barry S.T., Coyle J.P.
01245 Evidence for Impurity Based Initiation of the Reaction of Alkenes with the Hydrogen Terminated Silicon Surface Mischki T.K., Lopinski G.P., Wayner D.D.M.
01246 Direct and Waste-Free Organocatalytic Amidations and other Reactions of Carboxylic Acids at Room Temperature Al-Zoubi R.M., Marion O., Hall D.G.
01247 A Switchable Surface: Using Electric Fields to Toggle the Protonation of an Acid Self-Assembled Monolayer Rosendahl S.M., Burgess I.J.
01248 FRET Property of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and its Implication for Protein-Protein Interaction Assays Su Z., Zhu S., Tzogankis C., Honek J.F.
01250 Ozonation Studies of Naphthenic Acids by Capillary HPLC/QTOF-MS Han X., Martin J.W., Fu H., Demeter M., Gamal El-Din M.
01251 Methylene-to-Acetyl Conversion in Heterobimetallic Ir/Ru Complexes: Roles of the Metals and Comparison with the Analogous Rh/Os and Rh/RuSystems Samant R.G., Wigginton J.R., Trepanier S.J., Xu L., , McDonald R., Ferguson M.J.Cowie M.
01252 Molecular Switches for Selective and Sequential Photorelease Lemieux V., Gauthier S., Branda N.R.
01253 Design, Synthesis and Bioevaluation of 3,5-Bisarylmethylene-4-piperidone Derivatives as Antitumor Agents for Site Specific Delivery Potter E., Jha A., Youssef D., DeClercq E.
01254 Design of Vitamin D Receptor/Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Hybrids as Potential Anticancer Compounds Gleason J.L., White J.H., Quach T.D., Tavera-Mendoza L.E., Dabbas B., Lamblin M., Hudon J., Liao X.
01255 A Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Study of the Attachment Mechanism of Diazonium Salt Derived Aryl Films to Gold Electrodes Chisholm R., Gish D.A., Brett M.J., McDermott M.T.
01256 Reactivity of Phosphinimide-Supported Titanium(IV) Cations with Non-Traditional Monomers Friesen D.M., Parvez M., Piers W. E.
01257 Synthetic Studies on Siphonarid Polypropionates: Synthesis of the Trioxaadamantane Ring System of Caloundrin B Beye G.E., Ward D.E.
01258 Fabrication of Ordered Nanoparticle Arrays on Silicon and their Applications Qiao Y.H., Buriak J.M.
01259 Studies Towards the Synthesis of the Marine Natural Product Palmerolide A Kaspar L.T., Penner M., Hall D.G.
01260 Theoretical Study of Work Function Modification by Organic Molecule-Derived Linear Nanostructure on H-Silicon(100)-2x1 Anagaw A.Y., Wolkow R.A., DiLabio G.A.
01261 New Hetero-Nuclear Recoupling and Homo-Nuclear Decoupling Sequences for Dipolar Interactions, Available for Ultra-Fast MAS in Solids Amoureux J.-P.
01262 Mapping of the Protective Epitope of the b1,2-Mannan from Candida albicans and Prospects for a Synthetic Conjugate Vaccine Bundle D.R., Nycholat C.M., Lipinski T., Wu X., Yasui Y., Cheriaparambil S., Rennie R.P.
01263 New Directions in Low Valent Main Group Chemistry Macdonald C.L.B., Ellis B.D., Norton E.L., Dube J.W.
01264 Methylaluminoxane Speciation by ESI-MS Henderson M.A., McIndoe J.S.
01265 Development of Fluorinated Carbohydrates as Mechanism-Based Inactivators of Glycosidases Rempel B.P., Withers S.G.
01266 Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structures and DFT Calculations of Donor-Acceptor Indium(III) and Gallium(III) Trihalide Complexes of Bulky Triarylphosphines Ma G., Chen F., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., Cavell R.G, Wasylishen R.E.
01268 Refinement of Zeolite Crystal Structures Using Ultrahigh-Field Measurements and Ab Initio Calculations of 29Si Chemical Shift Tensors Brouwer D.H.
01269 Synthesis Of Potential a-Galactosidase Inhibitors Chakladar S., Wang Y., Cheng L., Bennet A.J.
01270 Investigations into the Synthesis of Composite Polyurea Microcapsules Hickey J.N., Stöver H.D.H.
01271 The Association Pathway of an Insect Pheromone-Binding Protein with Ligands by Kinetic Studies Gong Y., Plettner E.
01272 Cyclic DNA Nanostructures: From Synthetic Methodology to Utility for Three-Dimensional DNA Assemblies McLaughlin C.K., Aldaye F.A., Sleiman H.F.
01273 From C-H to C-F Activation: An Unlikely Connection Anderson D.J., Slaney M.E., McDonald R., Cowie M.
01274 Subcritical Water Chromatography in a Capillary Column Fogwill M.O., Thurbide K.B.
01275 Stability of Metallic Nanoparticles Incubated in Human Blood Serum Elias A.L., Copper A.M., Gao Y., Ritchie B., Buriak J.M.
01276 Progress Towards the Synthesis of Chiral Chelating Ligands for Olefin Polymerization Etkin N., Doiron R.C., Smith W.W.
01277 Synthesis and Evaluation of Osteotropic Fluoroquinolone Prodrugs for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteomyelitis Rafai Far A., Tanaka K.S.E., Houghton T.J., Kang T., Dietrich E., Lafontaine Y., Arhin F.F., Sarmiento I., Liu J., Srikumar R., Fadhil I., Laquerre K., Ostiguy V., Lehoux D., Moeck G., Parr T.R.
01278 Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors: Scientific Considerations and Prospective Martel R.
01279 RNA-Protein Interactions in a Gene Silencing Complex Gesner E.M., Makil N., Duchaine T., MacMillan A.M.
01280 Simulating the "True" Dynamics of Catalytic Reactions: Transition Path Sampling in Organometallic Chemistry Rowley C.N., Woo T.K.
01281 Scaling Properties of Field Induced Carrier Generation In Conducting Polymers Pilapil M.A., Pillai R.G., Zhao J. H., Freund M.S., Thomson D.J.
01282 Design and Synthesis of New Porous Materials: Three-Dimensional Macromolecular Networks Based on Covalent Self-Assembly Maly K.E.
01283 Fluorescent Labeled Rosette Nanotube St. Jules M., Fenniri H.
01284 Detection of DNA Repair Proteins Binding to Trivalent Arsenic Yan H.M., Le X.C.
01285 Force Spectroscopy of Structure Formation in Single Nucleic Acid Molecules Woodside M.T.
01286 Solid-to-Liquid Phase Transitions in Supported Phospholipid Bilayers Badia A., Ramkaran M.
01287 New Developments in the Design and Performance of a Thermally Assisted Membrane Interface for the On-Line Analysis of VOCs and SVOCs in Air and Water Samples Ghafouri S., Davey N.G., Krogh E.T., Gill C.G.
01288 Columnar Liquid Crystals as Model Systems for Understanding Self-Assembly Williams V.E., Voisin E., Calderon O.
01289 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in Sub-Diffraction-Limited Volumes Using Near-Field Optical Probes Johnston L.J., Vobornik D., Banks D.S., Lu Z., Fradin C., Taylor R.S.
01290 Self-Directed Growth of Contiguous Perpendicular Molecular Lines on H-Si(100) Surfaces Zikovsky J., Dogel S.A., Haider M.B., DiLabio G.A., Wolkow R.A.
01291 A Bioinspired Approach for the Attachment of Gold Nanoparticles onto Phospholipids Using an Enzyme Tang N.Y.-W., Badia A.
01292 Methotrexate-Resistant Human Dihydrofolate Reductase: Directed Evolution of a Selectable Marker for Mammalian Cells Pelletier J.N., Volpato J.P., Mayotte N., Sauvageau G., Yachnin B., Berghuis A., Blanchet J.
01293 Determination of Blood Plasma Metalloproteins by SEC-ICP-AES Manley S.A., Byrns S., Brown P., Gailer J.
01294 Efficient Synthesis of Hydroxyethylene Dipeptide Isostere of Phe-Aib Genest N., Lama T., Del Valle S., Lubell W.D.
01295 Synthesis and Reactivity of Boron-Bridged Ansa-Metallocene Metal Complexes Mallov I., Dawson K., Burchell T.J., Richeson D.S.
01296 Interactions of the Anti-Cancer Ru(III)-Complexes with Human Serum Transferrin Cetinbas N., Walsby C.J.
01297 Electron Transfer in DNA: A Fluorescence Blob Model Approach Keyes-Baig C., Duhamel J.
01298 Proton Conducting Metal Organic Frameworks (PCMOFs) Vaidhyanathan R., Hurd J.A., Thangadurai V., Shimizu G.K.H.
01299 Design, Synthesis and Properties of 2D Donor-Acceptor Chromophores Ramsaywack S., Azyat K., Gholami M., Tykwinski R.R.
01300 On the Structure and Dynamics of Secondary n-Alkyl Ions East A.L.L., , Bucko T.Hafner J.
01301 Controlled Laser Dye Emission Through the Oxidation Level of Polypyrrole Santos M.J.L., Girotto E.M., Brolo A.G.
01302 Tracer Diffusion in Rough Sphere Fluids Thachuk M., Kravchenko O., Sokolovskii R., Patey G.
01303 Combinatorial Studies of PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts Dahn J.R., Stevens D.A., Yang R., Garsuch A., Bonakdarpour A., Liu G.
01304 Surfactant and Cross-Linker Influence on Gold Nanoparticle Agglomeration During Sol-gel Encapsulation Vreugdenhil A.J., Malcolm A.C., Parnis J.M.
01305 Non-Classical NHC Complexes from the Reaction of (IMes)AgCl with Main Group Reagents and Osmium Carbonyl Clusters Cooke C., Pomeroy R., Clyburne J.A.C.
01306 The Multiple Phases of 4,5,6,7-Tetrafluorobenzo-2,1,3-telluradiazole Cozzolino A.F., Elder P.J., Vargas-Baca I.
01307 Long-Range Proton Transfer in Aqueous Acid-Base Reactions Siwick B.J., Bakker H.J.
01308 Sulfide-Functionalized Organosilicates as Coatings for Fibre-Optic Heavy Metal Sensors Cipot-Wechsler J., Du J., Lobez-Comeras J.M., Barnes J., Crudden C.M., Loock H.-P.
01309 Mechanistic Investigations of the Lipo-Oligosaccharide Sialyltransferase from Nisseria meningitidis Rakic B., Wakarchuk W.W., Withers S.G.
01310 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Rare Earth Vanadium Oxychlorides of Composition LnVO3Cl Hancock M., Bieringer M.
01311 Investigations into the Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Low Oxidation State Group 13 Salts Cooper B.F.T., Macdonald C.L.B.
01312 Synergistic Effects of Ni1-xCox-YSZ Alloyed Cermet SOFC Anodes for Direct Oxidation of Hydrogen and Methane Fuels Containing H2S Giorgi J.B., Grgicak C.M., Pakulska M.M., O'Brien J.S.
01313 Hydrogen Abstraction by OH on Fluorinated Ethyl Methyl Ethers White C.W., Martell J.M.
01314 Capillary Electrophoresis for Chemical Separation, Characterization, and Identification Chen D.D.Y.
01315 A Novel Nitrogen Phosphorus Detector Using a Micro Counter-Current Flame Giganto Burguete C., Hayward T.C., Thurbide K.B.
01316 Single-Step Analysis of Glutathione Ratio via On-Line Sample Preconcentration with Chemical Derivatization by Capillary Electrophoresis: An Elusive Clinical Biomarker Ptolemy A.S., Britz-McKibbin P.
01317 Design of Nanoparticle-Based Contrast Agensts for Live Cell Imaging of Cell Surface Receptors Kennedy D.C., Pezacki J.P.
01318 Towards Spectral Stability in Polyfluorene-Based Materials McFarlane S.L., , Veinot J.G.C., Coumont L.S., Piercey D.G., Tucker R.T., Glover L.A.M., Sirtonski M., Ruhl J., Chisholm R.A., Fleischauer M.D., McDonald R.Brett M.J.
01319 Silver(I) Coordination Compounds with Nitrile-Substituted Off-Axis Ligands: Structural Sensitivity to Solvents and Counterions MacKinnon C.D., Parent S.L.M., Sears W.A., Winter A.J., Jenkins H., Assoud A., Robertson C.M.
01320 Biomimetic Acylation: Selectivity and Applications Kluger R., Tzvetkova S., Andrusiak T., Bunn S., Rathgeber S
01322 Pd-Catalyzed Intramolecular Reaction of (E)-2,2-Disubstituted-1-alkenyldimethylalanes with Aryl Triflates Heikkinen J.J., Fillion E., Trépanier V.É., Remorova A.A., Carson R.J., Seed A., Goll J.M., Taylor N.J.
01323 Reactivity of Group 3 Complexes Supported by a Novel Tridentate Bis(Phosphinimino) Ligand Johnson K.R.D., Hayes P.G.
01324 Synthesis of Partially Deuterated Hexadecanethiols for the Study of Electron Induced Molecular Hydrogen Production Sheepwash E.E., Rowntree P.A., Schwan A.L.
01325 In Vitro Selection of a Sugar-Sensing DNAzyme Lam C., Hollenstein M., Hipolito C., Perrin D.M.
01326 Evaporation Dynamics of Aqueous Nanodroplets Van Klei C., McLoughlin C., Dance P., Weinberg N.
01328 Design and Calibration of a Visible-IR Mueller-Matrix Ellipsometer to Study Molecules Adsorbed at the Solid-Liquid Interface Hall S.A., Hore D.K.
01329 Multiple Pulse Variable Excitation Angle Domain Selection Methods for Semi-Crystalline Fluoropolymers Montina A.D., Hazendonk P.
01330 Nanoscale Two-Component Molecular Layers at Au Surfaces Shewchuk D.M., McDermott M.T.
01331 Progress in the Synthesis of Daphnilongeranin B and Geminal Acylation Processes Leading to Heterocycles Burnell D.J., Hughes J.A., Thornton P.D.
01332 Conductivity Measurements on Arrays of Indium Tin Oxide Posts Using Conductive AFM Fernando S.P., Harris K.D., Brett M.J.
01333 Polyurea Microcapsule Surface Modification Using Functional Polyelectrolyte Li J., Jafar Mazumdar M.A., Stöver H.D.H., Hithcock A.P., Shirley I.
01334 The G-C Quartet, a Unique DNA Base Hybrid: Synthesis, Self-Association and Structural Analysis Asadi A., Perrin D.M.
01335 Phosphorescent Light-Harvesting Bi- and Terpyridine-Functionalized Dithienol[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Derivatives Bai D.R., Nickel D., Baumgartner T.
01336 Quadruplex Formation of the Human Telomere: An Atoms in Molecules Investigation Taylor A., Taylor J., Watson G.W., Boyd R.J.
01337 Charge Transfer in Hydrogen-Bonded Anthraquinone Phillips S.E., Sutherland T.C.
01338 The Reactivity of Amido-Actinide and Siloxo-Amino-Amido-Actinide Coordination Complexes Hayes C.E., Leznoff D.B.
01339 A Density Functional Theory Study on the Catalytic Mechanism of a DNA/RNA Repair Enzyme AlkB Liu H., Gauld J.W.
01340 Synthesis, Reactivity and Structural Features of Group IV and V Metal Complexes Bearing N,N'-Disubstituted 1,8-Diaminonaphthalene Ligands Lavoie N., Burchell T., Richeson D.S.
01341 Self-Assembly of Rosette Nanotubes with Increased Inner Diameter in Water Borzsonyi G., Myles A., Fenniri H.
01342 Shape Selectivity via Light: Photochemical Synthesis of Crystalline Gold Nanoplates and Nanospheres Banks J.T., McKelvey J.I., Holt J., Correia M.
01343 Selectivity Enhancement in RP-HPLC by Tuning the Molecular Packing Structure of Polymeric Organic Phase on Silica Mallik A.K., Rahman M. M., Czaun M., Takafuji M., Ihara H.
01344 Gene Regulation Mechanisms of Purine Riboswitches Lafontaine D.A., Tremblay R., Mulhbacher J., Lemay J.F.
01346 The Reactivity of Trimethylene Sulfide on Porous Silicon Wright V.A., Buriak J.M.
01347 Total Synthesis of Dihydroxytetrahydrofurans from Notheia anomala Mowat J., Piercy G., Kang B., Pinter T., Britton R.A.
01348 Further Travels around AroA's Active Site Berti P.J., Chindemi P.
01349 Commercial Nanoparticle Manufacture with Confined Impinging Jet Reactor Siddiqui S. W., Unwin P., Kresta S.
01350 Towards Mechanistic Studies of the Pyrrolnitrin Biosynthetic Enzymes Pratt D.A., Morrison M.D.
01351 Energetics, Structure and Dynamics of Quantum Clusters in their Ground State Cuervo J.E., Boninsegni M., Roy P.-N.
01352 Biosynthesis of Ethyl Oleate in Honeybees, a Primer Pheromone that Regulates Behavioral Maturation Chen H., Castillo C., Plettner E.
01353 Structure and Properties of Peloruside A: Towards an Understanding of Anti-Cancer Activity Gajewski M., Klobukowski M., Tuszynski J.
01355 Modeling of Electric Field Distribution in an Electrospray Ion Source Zhong X., Yi R., Chen D.D.Y.
01356 Towards the Synthesis of Discotic Liquid Crystalline Schiff Base Macrocycles Shopsowitz K.E., Edwards D.R., Gallant A.J., MacLachlan M.J.
01357 Calibration of New Model Core Potentials for Main Group Elements Zeng T., Mori H., Miyoshi E., Klobukowski M.
01358 Towards an Aptamer for Fumonisin B1 McKeague M., DeRosa M.C.
01359 Oligo-nuclear Re(I) Complexes Based on Heterocyclic Ligands Hanan G.S., Chartrand D., Lisowskaya N.
01360 Peptide Self-Assembly: Collagen Triple Helices and Beta-Sheet Nanofibers Hartgerink J.D.
01361 Aptamer-Based Electrochemical Sensors for the Detection of Adenosine Jiang Z., Yu H.Z.
01362 New Asymmetric Scorpionate Ligands and their Group 10 Complexes Vachon J., Schougaard S.B.
01364 Novel Fluorescence Based Strategies for Visualizing Reactive Oxygen Species in Lipid Membranes Cosa G.
01365 Surface-Confined Metal Deposition and its Application Xu L.
01366 Synthesis and Characterization of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles from an Organic Chemist's Perspective Scaiano J.C., McGilvray K.L., Billone P., Gonzalez C., Marin M.L, Maretti L.
01367 Can a Protein Bound Zn(II)-OH2 be Considered a Weak Acid? The Answer Will be Illustrated From our Work on Zinc Metalloproteins Ellis P.D., Lipton A.S., Heck R.
01368 Single Molecule Studies on Liposome Encapsulated Conjugated Polymers: Toward a Liposome Beacon Cosa G.
01369 New Approaches in Palladium Catalyzed Coupling Reactions: Design of Direct Routes to Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Arndtsen B.A., Black D.A., Beveridge R., Lu Y.
01370 Solid-state 35Cl, 47/49Ti and 91Zr NMR Spectroscopy of Metallocenes Relevant in Heterogeneous Catalysis Rossini A.J., Hung I., Mills R.W., Briscoe G.A., Schurko R.W.
01371 Chemistry of Reduced Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and their Applications in High Performance Composites Guan J.W., Martinez-rubi Y., Simard B.
01372 Confinement Effects on the Morphology of Photopatterned Porous Polymer Monoliths for Capillary and Microchip Electrophoresis of Proteins He M., Harrison D.J.
01373 Chemically-Modified siRNA and AONs: Synthesis and Applications Watts J.K., Donga R., Lackey J., Bayó-Puxan N., Hassler M., Deleavey G., El-Sabahy M., Wazen N., Leroux J.C., , Chan T.H.Damha M.J.
01375 Understanding Electrophilic Burden in Pharmaceutical Excipients: Quantitation of Acetol in Propylene Glycol and Glycerol Toltl N.P., Beilin E., Baker L.J., Culbert P.
01376 Probing Neuroreceptors and Ion Channels Using Unnatural Amino Acids Dougherty D.A.
01377 Single Enantiomer Hydrazides in Cycloaddition Reactions Ogilvie W.
01378 The Preparation of Single Isomer Trisubstituted Olefins Ogilvie W., Jiang J.L., Simard-Mercier J., Ho M.L., Flynn A.B.
01379 Multiplex Proteomic Analysis on a Valve-Based Microfluidic Device Lu Q., Bao J.B., Harrison D.J.
01380 Photo-Switchable Proteins Woolley G.A.
01383 Photo-Mechanical Polymer Assemblies: From Reflectometry to Robotics Barrett C.J.
01384 The Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrene and Bipyridine Derivatives as Models for Asphaltenes and Resins Tan X.L., Fenniri H., Gray M.R.
01385 Structural Studies of Protein Disulfide Isomerases Gehring K., Denisov A.Yu., Kozlov G.
01386 Comprehensive Proteome Mapping of Escherichia coli by LC-ESI MS/MS Combined with Sequential Protein Precipitation and Solubilization Ye X., Wang N., Weiner J., Li L.
01388 Thermodynamics of Amyloid Fibril Formation: Molecular Theory of Solvation Perspective Blinov N., Dorosh L., Wishart D., Kovalenko A.
01389 Nanowire-Based Electrodes for Fuel Cell Applications Sun X., Cai M.
01390 Hydro/Solvothermal Synthesis: Targeting Noncentrosymmemetric Structures and other New Materials Poeppelmeier K.R.
01391 Dynamics of Single Molecule Force Ramp Experiments: The Role of Fluctuations Staple D.B., Hanke F., Kreuzer H.J.
01393 Alteration of Glutathione Synthesis by Arsenicals in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells (HL-60 Cells) Charoensuk V., Gati W.P., Weinfeld M., Le X.C.
01394 Modelling the Stretching of Titin In and Out of Equilibrium Staple D.B., Kreuzer H.J.
01395 Analysis of Eight Nitrosamines in Drinking Water by Using Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography and In-Line Preconcentration Modir-Rousta A., Bottaro C.
01396 Mass Spectral Analysis of Influenza Vaccine Formulations Cyr T.D., Cameron M., Brazeau J.
01397 Multiple Scale Modeling of Supramolecular Architectures in Solution Yamazaki T., Fenniri H., Kovalenko A.
01398 Enhanced Red Up-Conversion from Silica Coated LaF3 Nanoparticles Doped with Yb and Ho Pichaandi J.M., Sivakumar S., van Veggel F.C.J.
01399 Carbon Nanotubes as Electrocatalyst Supports for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Chen Y., Saha M., Liu H., Li R., Sun X.
01400 Spectroscopic Studies of Methyl Coenzyme M Reductase (MCR): A Bio-Organometallic Enzyme Telser J., Kunz R.C., Dey M., Ragsdale S.W., Lees N.S., Hoffman B.M.
01401 GCxGC-TOFMS Analysis of Cigarette Smoke: The Importance of Acquisition Rate in GCxGC and its Effect on Peak Identification Stevens P.T.
01402 Synthesis of Manganese Oxide One-Dimensional Nanostructures using Chemical Vapor Deposition Method Norouzi Banis M., Ruying L., Zhang Y., Sun X.
01403 Complexity and Chemoselective Methods Towards the Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds Cossy J.
01404 Molecular Theory of Hydrodynamic Boundary Conditions in Nanofluidics Kobryn A.E., Kovalenko A.
01406 Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes: Structure and Nitrogen Amount Control Liu H., Zhang Y., Li R., Sun X., Mérel P., Désilet S.
01407 Molecular Theory of Solvation for Complex Formation and Effective Interactions of Proteins and Synthetic Organic Nanoarchitectures in Solution Kovalenko A.
01408 Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Highly Substituted Five-Membered Lactones and Lactams Originating from an Allyboration Reaction of Aldehydes or Imines Elford T.G., Pelletier E., Ulaczyk-Lesanko A., Hall D.G.
01409 Family 4 Glycosidases Utilize a Redox-Elimination Mechanism in the Hydrolysis of a- and b-Glycosides Yip V.L.Y.
01410 Exploring the Membrane Binding Properties of the Pro-Apoptotic Protein Bid Shamas-Din A., Campbell C., Leber B., Andrews D.W., Fradin C.
01411 Spin-Delocalized Conjugated Polymers for Organic Spintronic Materials Frank N.L., Dooley B.M., Yan B., Zsombor M., Bowles S.E., Samanta S.
01412 Synthesis and Reactivity of Diarylamido-Based PNP Pincer Complexes of Scandium Scott J.L., Basuli F., Mindiola D., Fout A.R.
01414 Structure and Properties of Multiferroic Materials Zhu W., Feng L., Bokov A., Ye Z.-G.
01415 Theoretical Investigation of "S-Nitrosohemoglobin" Koch D.M., Peslherbe G.H., English A.M.
01416 Synthesis of Erbium Hydroxide Microflowers and Nanostructures in Subcritical Water Assaaoudi H., Fang Z., Butler I.S., Barsan M.M., Kozinski J.A.
01417 Development of a Novel Technique for the Selection of Aptamers against Whole, Live Bacterial Cell Surface Molecules Hamula C.L., Zhang H., Li X.F., Le X.C.
01418 Mechanistic Insight into Phosphine Catalyzed [4+2] vs [2+2+2] Annulations Dudding T., Fonovic B., Kwon O.
01419 Predicting the Congener-Specific Environmental Behaviour of Perfluorinated Acid Contaminants Using Semi-Empirical Computational Methods Rayne S., Forest K., Friesen K.J.
01420 High Precision Spectroscopic Line Parameters of Carbon Dioxide in the Near Infrared Predoi-Cross A., McKellar A.R.W., Devi V.M., Benner D.C., Hurtmans D.R.
01421 Self-Consistent Combinations of 3D-RISM-KH Method with ab initio Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Dynamic Theories: New Developments Gusarov S., Luchko T., Tuszynski J., Kovalenko A.
01422 Introduction of Targeted Signal Enhancement: A Vortex Cooler-Driven Signal-to-Noise Enhancer for Process GC and Laboratory GC Applications Eidt R.A., McCarthy B.D.
01423 27Al 3Q MAS NMR of Aluminous Clinopyroxenes at 21.1 Tesla Flemming R.L., Pawsey S.
01424 Environmental Management Win Polygraphic World Olifirenko I.
01425 The Labyrinth or the Maze: Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning Poe J.C.
01426 Building New Molecular Materials from Derivatives of Bis(diaminotriazinyl)amine Che-Quang H., Brunet P., Maris T., Wuest J.D.
01427 The Quest for a Zirconium-Boron Bond Burford R.J., Garon C.N., Fontaine F-.G., Westcott S.A.
01429 Powering the Planet: The Chemistry of Renewable Energy Nocera D.G.
01430 Analysis of Plant Lipids by MALDI MS and MS/MS Ross A.R.S., Olson D.J.H., Taylor D.C., Smith M.A., Abrams S.R.
01431 Electrochemical Characterization of Proton Exchange Membrane Catalyst Layers containing Sulfonated Polyaromatic Ionomers Astill T.D., Holdcroft S.
01432 Catch Bonds of Glycoprotein Ib-von Willebrand Factor Interaction and their Elimination by VWD Mutants Wu T., Yago T., Yang J., Miner J., Coburn L., López J.A., Cruz M.A., McIntire L.V., McEver R.P., Zhu C.
01433 Gas-Phase Shell Formation Processes on Metal Nanoparticles Pedersen D.B., Wang S., Liang S.
01434 Determination of Trivalent Arsenicals Using Post Column Derivatization HPLC-ESI-MS/MS McKnight-Whitford A.N., Le X.C.
01435 Amidate Supported Early Transition Metal Complexes: Tunable Species for Hydroamination Catalysis Schafer L.L.
01436 Digital Microfluidics for Screening Assays Wheeler A.R.
01437 New Lead-Free Ferroelectric Ceramics Derived from the AgNbO3-KNbO3 Solid Solution Wei C.-Y., Lei C., Ye Z.-G.
01438 Chirality Transfer from Chiral Solutes and Surfaces to Nearby Solvent Cann N.M., Wang S.
01440 Proton Exchange Membrane under Low Hydration Level: Insights from Atomistic Simulations and Electronic Structure Computations Dupuis M., Devanathan R., Venkatnathan A., Glezakou V.A.
01441 The Graduate School Option Taylor G.
01442 Some New Developments in the Cationic Chemistry of the Group 13 and 15 Elements Cowley A.H.
01443 Copper Peptides vs Copper Proteins: What's the Difference? Ab Initio Studies with Relevance to Prion Diseases and Alzheimer's Disease Rauk A.
01444 Conformational Relationships within the Tubulin Molecule: Implications for Rational Drug Design Luduena R., Joe P., Banerjee A.
01445 Microwaves in Organic Synthesis: From Laboratory Curiosity to Standard Practice in 20 Years Kappe C.O.
01446 Characterization of Lipid Monolayers at the Aqueous-Liquid Crystal Interface Meli V., Gupta J.K., Lin I.-H., Teren S., Abbott N.L.
01447 Making Good Decisions in University Armour M.-A.
01448 Preferential Binding of Hg2+ and Cd2+ to Specific Lipid Classes as Detected by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Le M.T., Gailer J., Prenner E.J.
01449 Nanoelectrospray and FAIMS. A Match Made in Heaven? Hatsis P., Sawdey L., Valaskovic G., Wu J.-T.
01450 Genetic Control by Metalloregulatory RNAs Winkler W., Dann C., Wakeman C., Ramesh A.
01452 Modifying the Spectral Properties of a Red Fluorescent Protein Chica R.A., Allen B.D., Mayo S.L.
01453 Hybrid Materials from Amphiphilic Poly(p-phenylene) and Nanomaterials Muhammad Hanafiah N., Valiyaveettil S.
01454 Submillimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of Molecular Ions Amano T.
01455 Predictions of Protein-Protein Interactions at the Atomic Scale Wodak S.J.
01456 Proteomics of Metastasis: A Label-Free Approach Pinto D.M., Bonner R., Ivosev G., Lock C., Tate S., Leslie A., Burton L.
01457 Mimicking the Function of Eggshell Matrix Proteins: Role of Multiplets of Charged Amino Acid Residues and Self-Assembly of Peptides in Biomineralization Parayil Kumaran A., Valiyaveettil S.
01458 Water Soluble Multifunctional Cross Conjugated Poly(para-phenylenes): Design, Synthesis and Characterization Li H., Valiyaveettil S.
01459 Cavity Based Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy from 0.5 to 110 GHz Cooke S.A.
01460 Amphiphilic Poly(p-phenylene)s for Preparing Highly Structured Thin Films Bte Muhammad Hanafiah N., Valiyaveettil S.
01461 Targeting an Ubiquitous Enzyme, ODCase: Discoveries and Lessons Kotra L.P., Pai E.F.
01462 Self-Assembly of Inorganic Nnorods: A Block Copolymer Paradigm Nie Z., Fava D., Zou S., Walker G.C., Rubinstein M., Kumacheva E.
01463 New Lead(II) and Bismuth Thiolate Cluster Complexes: Unexpected Products of Conventional Syntheses Eichhöfer A., Sommer H., Fenske D., Ahlrichs R., May K.
01464 Phenalenyl-Based Neutral Radical Conductors Haddon R.C.
01465 Synchrotron Far Infrared Spectroscopy: Higher Resolution and Longer Wavelengths at the Canadian Light Source McKellar A.R.W., Appadoo D.R.T.
01466 Phosphinimide Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization Stephan D.W.
01467 Synchrotron Spectroscopy Analysis of Nanomaterials Sham T.K.
01468 Careers Decisions that Make Sense Makar I.C.
01469 Fluorescence Micro-Spectroscopy: Small Molecules Target Carcinogenic Proteins Gradinaru C.
01470 Determination of Perfluorinated Compounds in Environmental Samples by Using HPLC-MS/MS Cai Y., Cui L., Liao C., Jiang G.
01471 IR Spectroscopy at the Canadian Light Source: The m11 Fundamental and m16+m18 Y m18 Hot Band of Trans-Acrolein Shi H., Xu L.-H., Lees R.M., Tokaryk D.W., McKellar A.R.W., Appadoo D.R.T.
01472 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Acetohydroxamic Acid Tautomers Sears D.N., Ying L., Sujino K.
01473 Fate and Occurrence of Dechlorane Plus, a Chlorinated Flame Retardant, in the Environment McCarry B.E., Sverko E., Harner T., Li Y., Lee S., Pozo K., Zhang Z.
01474 Analytical Instrument Qualification in the Pharmaceutical Industry McClure E.L., Ying L.
01475 Disruption of Copper Homeostasis Contributes to Cadmium Toxicity in Yeast Zahler N.H., Stoddard A.K., Kidd M.J., Ward J., Vogt S., Penner-Hahn J., Fierke C.A.
01476 Structural Insights on Key Proteins at the Heart of the Spliceosome MacMillan A.M.
01477 6S RNA Interactions with E. coli RNAP Characterized Using in vitro Selection Shephard L., Dobson N., Unrau P.J.
01479 The Employable Chemistry Graduate Schwass D.
01480 Starburst Dithieno[3,2-b;2',3'-d]phospholes with Main Group Element Cores Kuhlmann M., Durben S., Baumgartner T.
01481 Capillary Electrophoretic Separation of Markers of Oxidative Stress found in Subcellular Environments Arriaga E.A., Xu X., Kostal V., Sa R., Feng J.
01483 Iterative Exclusion (IE)-MSAnalysis: Uncovering the Hidden Proteome Lajoie G., Bendall S., Hughes C., Bhatia M.
01484 Novel Chemical Crosslinker for MS-Based Structural Proteomics Borchers C.H., Petrotchenko E.V.
01485 Formation of Zwitterions of Amino Acids in Gas Phase Ion-Molecule Complexes McMahon T., Wu R.
01486 Evidence for the Formation of Trithiatetrazocinyl Radical Anions Yu X., Boeré R.T., Roemmele T.L.
01487 Improved Synthesis and Characterization of Water Soluble Amine Terminated Au Nanoparticles Leontowich A.F.G., Lu Y., Paige M.F., Kraatz H.B., Scott R.W.J.
01488 The Surface Modification of a Polyurethane Biomaterial for Bacterial Biofilm Prevention Leclair A., Gray-Munro J.E.
01489 Cyanometallate Coordination Polymers with Amino-Thiol Ligands Sue K.C., Leznoff D.B., , Kobayashi M.Geisheimer A.R.
01490 Multifunctional Compounds for Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutic Agents Page B.D.G., Scott L.E., Orvig C.
01491 Peptide-Based Natural Antibiotics: Nonribosomal and Ribosomal Strategies Walsh C.T.
01492 How to Prepare a Discovery Grant Application NSERC Staff
01493 Future Changes to the Discovery Grants Program NSERC Staff WITHDRAWN
01495 NSERC's Role in Supporting Research and Innovation at the Leading Edge Fortier S.
01496 Di-N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Bridging Ligands in Dirhodium Complexes Wells K.D., Cowie M., Zamora M.T.
01498 A Computational Study of Tungsten(II)-Catalyzed Rearrangements of Norbornadiene Berner G.M., East A.L.L., Mihichuk L., Morcom A.D.
01499 In situ Studies of LnMnO3 Formation Lu J., Bieringer M.
01500 UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy: Toward an Understanding of Antimicrobial Peptide Structure-Function Relationships Quan B.D., Ianoul A.
01501 Comparison of the Selective Reductive Desorption of Alkanethiol SAMs at Au Bead and Planar Electrodes Lemay D.M., Shepherd J.L.
01502 The Roles of 3 AA Side Chains in the Function of Escherichia coli Citrate Synthase Gao Y., Duckworth H.W.
01503 Molecular Mechanism of pEM-2 Activity Won A., Ianoul A.
01504 Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins: Self-Assembled Diblock Polymer Coating vs. Commerical Coating Da Cunha R., MacDonald A.M., Lucy C.A.
01505 Selective Self-Assembly of Micron Scale Components under Dry Conditions Miller M.S., Davidson G.J.E., Breen Carmichael T.
01506 Comparing Deconvolution and Valley-Drop Integration Methods for Determining Enantiomer Fraction D'Agostino L.A., Asher B.J., Wong C.S., Harynuk J.J.
01507 Synthesis of New Discotic Liquid Crystals Derived from Trinaphthylenes Lynett P.T., Maly K.E.
01508 Synthesis and Reactivity of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes from Bis(alkylimidazolium) Salts Zilke L., Prokopchuk E.
01509 Development of Aptamer-Gadolinium Conjugates as MRI Contrast Agents Beking M.A., DeRosa M.C.
01510 High Spatial Resolution Analysis of Fungal Cell Biochemistry with Synchrotron FTIR Jilkine K., Gough K.M., Kaminskyj S.G.W.
01511 Minimizing FRET in DNA Microarrays Towle K., Pinnock C.L., Elyazbi A., Pillai S., Loppnow G.R.
01512 Attempts to Optimize a Novel Anionic Aromatic Substitution Reaction Involving a Diphenylphosphinoyl Group Kiemele E.R., Keay B.A.
01513 Determination of the Subcellular Location of a Key Enzyme Involved in Sex Pheromone Biosynthesis by the Female Yellow Mealworm Beetle, Tenebrio molitor Van Den Bosch S., Vanderwel D.
01514 Non-Linear Effect Study for Catalytic Asymmetric Alkenylboration of a,b-Unsaturated Ketones Grosu F., Chan A., Chong J.M.
01516 Effects of Surfactant Doping on the Electrodeposition of Copper in Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids Bond T.M., Burgess I.J., Scott R.W.J., Dash P.
01517 Creating Red Fluorescent Protein Based Ca2+ Sensors Cotton D.W., Huiwang A.I., Campbell R.E.
01518 Porphyrin Derivatized Sol-Gels for Investigating Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Dasog M., Paige M.F., Scott R.W.J., Steer R.P.
01519 Synthesis of a-(1[5)-Linked Oligomers of L-Arabinofuranose as Ligands for an Active Site Mutant a-L-Arabinofuranosidase Byrns S.C., Lowary T.L.
01520 Re-Evaluating the Alkyne Bond Field A.P., Mawhinney R.C.
01521 Solid-Phase Extraction of Pentachlorophenol Using Magnetically Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Davies J.E., Burk R.C.
01522 Computational Studies of Photoabsorption of Substituted Coumarins Koh S., Timerghazin Q.K., Key J., Cairo C.W., Brown A.
01523 Preparation of Cyclopentadienyl Salicylaldiminato Complexes of Chromium(III) Zhou W., Smith K.M.
01524 Probing Conformational Changes of Proteins Using Fluorescently-Labeled Aptamers Nguyen N.N., Zhang H., Le X.C.
01525 Synthesis and Investigation of Blue Light-Emitting Polyfluorene-Based Materials Containing Sulfur, Bromine and Fluorine Glover L.A.M., McFarlane S.L., Veinot J.G.C.
01526 Hydrogen-Bonding Properties of Potential Universal Nucleobases Shim J., Przybylski J.L., Wetmore S.D.
01527 Aluminum Metal Thin Films by Vapour Deposition Delahunt J.R., Brazeau A.L., Barry S.T.
01528 Electron Withdrawing Abilities of the Trifluoromethyl Group in the Excited State Burns M.D., Lukeman M.
01529 Platinum-Anilinyl-Oxazoline Complexes as Cisplatin Analogues MacInnis T.D.
01530 Towards DNA Modification for Aptamer-Based Structural Probes Pallister P.J., DeRosa M.C.
01531 Preparation of a Carbon Based Aniline Stationary Phase for High Performance Liquid Chromatography Baergen A.M., Chambers S.D., Lucy C.A.
01532 Detection of Photochemical Damage in Polymerized Adenine by Molecular Beacons Turk C.J., Loppnow G.R.
01533 Handling Analytical Calibration Data: A Dry Laboratory for Undergraduate Chemistry Students Lam J., Harynuk J.J.
01534 Asymmetric Phosphaalkene Polymers Puetz K., Dugal-Tessier J., Dake G.R., Gates D.P.
01535 Effect of Surfactants and Cross-Linkers on Gold Nanoparticle Agglomeration in Sol-Gel Matrices Malcolm A.C., Vreugdenhil A.J., Parnis J.M.
01536 Method Development and Analysis of Arsenic Species in Blood Serum Using Anion Exchange Chromatography Coupled with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Yu L., Lu X., Le X.C.
01537 Investigation of the Two State Adsorption of Benzotriazole on Gold(111) Jennings M., Zamlynny V.
01538 Developing Luminescent Aptamer-Based Biosensors Using Excimer and Monomer Emission Hosseini B., DeRosa M.C.
01539 Investigating Phosphopeptides by Mass Spectroscopy Fung A., Payoe R., Fahlman R.P.
01540 Computational Studies of C8-Guanine Fluorescent Probes Churchill C.D.M., Millen A.L., Manderville R.A., Wetmore S.D.
01541 Electroosmotic Pumping in Glancing Angle Deposited Nanostructured SiO2 Thin Films Jim S., Bezuidenhout L.W., Taschuk M.T., Brett M.J.
01542 Synthesis of Novel Fluorene-Based Blue-Emitting Polymers for Polymer Light-Emitting Diode (PLED) Applications Coumont L.S., McFarlane S.L., Piercey D.G., Sirtonksi M., Veinot J.G.C.
01543 Understanding the Organization of Polyphenylbenzenes in Molecular Materials Arseneault P.-M., Gagnon E., Maris T., Wuest J.D.
01544 Pulse Fourier-Transform NMR Spectroscopy in the Earth's Magnetic Field Feland B., Wasylishen E., Wasylishen R.E.
01545 Cellulose/Rubber-Nanocomposites with Outstanding Reinforcing Properties Schuster R.H.

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