Abstracts CSC2008

Wednesday PM

AN1Salon 5

Analytical and Environmental Toxicology (Joint with EN) (joint with EN1)

Organizer(s) - Chris Le and Xing-Fang Li
Chair(s) - Feiyue Wang and Shengwen Shen

13:20 01378 Tracking the Pathway of Arsenic Metabolism Thomas D.
14:00 01379 Biotransformation and Distribution of Arsenic in Biological Tissues *Reimer K.J., Moriarty M., Koch I.
14:20 01380 Mechanistic Investigation of Enhanced Benzo[a]pyrene Induced DNA Adducts in the Presence of Arsenic Guthrie J.W., Lee J., *Le X.C., Weinfeld M.
14:40 01381 Advanced Analysis of Lead in Human Teeth and Bones Martin R.R., Naftel S.J., Nelson A., Mithoowani H., Francis J., Stakiw J., Shotyk W., Krachler M.
15:00 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Tony McKnight-Whitford and Claire McGuigan

15:20 01382 Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Pesticides and Emerging Organic Pollutants in Environmental Samples Yang P., Hao C., Zhao X.
16:00 01383 New Developments in the Design and Performance of a Thermally Assisted Membrane Interface for the On-Line Analysis of VOCs and SVOCs in Air and Water Samples Ghafouri S., Davey N.G., Krogh E.T., Gill C.G.
16:20 01384 Remediation of Metal Oxyanion-Contaminated Soils with Zero Valent Iron $Rivero-Huguet M., *Marshall W.D.
16:40 01385 Methylmercury-Thiol Complexes in the Intracellular and Extracellular Environments *Wang F., Lemes M.
17:00 End of Session

AN4Salons 13/14

Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Chemical and Biological Sensing (Joint with MT) (joint with MT5)

Organizer(s) - Stephane Evoy and Wayne Hiebert
Chair(s) - Wayne Hiebert

13:20 01386 Electrochemical Biosensing Based on Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays Kafi A.K.M., *Chen A.
13:40 01387 Aptamer-Based Electrochemical Sensors for the Detection of Adenosine Jiang Z., *Yu H.Z.
14:00 01388 Surface-Attached Biomolecules and Cells Studied by Thickness Shear Mode Acoustic Wave Sensors Wang X., *Thompson M.
14:20 01389 Weighing of Biomolecules, Single Cells and Single Nanoparticles in Fluid Using Suspended Microchannel Resonators *Godin M., Burg T., $Manalis S.R.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01390 Inkjet Printed Gold Electrode Arrays for On-Chip Electrochemical Modulation of DNA Monolayers $Li Y.C., *Yu H.Z.
15:40 01391 Bacteria Seeing Red: Isolation and Detection of Bacteria in Resource-Poor Settings Using Silica, Paper and Bacteriophage Voss R., *Brook M.A.
16:00 01392 A Mixed Oligonucleotide and Oligomer Film on Silica-Bsed Substrates to Enhance Biosensing Selectivity Wong A.K.Y., $Krull U.J.
16:20 01393 A Nanoscience Approach for Detecting Exudates in the Rhizosphere of Agricultural Soils *Sultan Y., $DeRosa M.C., Monreal C, Schnitzer M
16:40 01394 Sulfide-Functionalized Organosilicates as Coatings for Fibre-Optic Heavy Metal Sensors Cipot-Wechsler J., Du J., Lobez-Comeras J.M., Barnes J., $Crudden C.M., Loock H.-P.
17:00 End of Session

AN9Salons 15/16


Organizer(s) - Mark McDermott
Chair(s) - Roderick Chisholm and Dwayne Shewchuk

13:20 01395 The Border Air Quality and Meteorological Study (BAQS-Met): Analytical Applications McLaren R., Halla J.D., Nuaaman I., Brook J.
13:40 01396 On-Line Environmental Monitoring in the Field Using Membrane Introduction Tandem Mass Spectrometry Etzkorn J.M., Davey N.G., Thompson A.J., Leung R., LeBlanc C.W., Ghafouri S., Krogh E.T., *$Gill C.G.
14:00 01397 Characterization of Bio-Oils from Agricultural and Forestry Waste as Pesticides Booker C.J., Vogel T., Gloor A., Bedmutha R., Scott I.M., Conn K.L., Xu R., Ferrante L., Berruti F., Briens C., *Yeung K.K.C.
14:20 01398 UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopy as a Robust Spectroscopic Tool for Direct Analysis of Sunscreen Formulations Oladepo S.A., *Loppnow G.R.
14:40 01399 Determination of Naphthenic Acid Concentration in Oil Sands Derived Liquid Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Billinghurst B.E., *$Michaelian K.H., Rahimi P., Alem T., Arboleda P.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01400 Origin and Speciation of Volatile Phosphorus in Gelled Hydrocarbons for Oil Well Stimulation *Lawrence S.C, Warrender N., $Dhillon S.
15:40 01401 The Surface Characterization and Determination of Localized Corrosion Kinetics on Hyper-Stoichiometric UO2+x *He H., Qin Z., Keech P., Noel J.J., Ding Z., Shoesmith D.W.
16:00 01402 Improving Conductivity of Protic Ionic Liquids with Heterocyclic Bases *$Rochefort D., Mayrand-Provencher L.
16:20 End of Session


Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acids

Organizer(s) - Andrew MacMillan and Peter Unrau
Chair(s) - Andrew MacMillan and Peter Unrau

13:20 01403 Development of a New Class of Ribozyme and Study of the Folding Pathway of HDV Ribozyme *$Perreault J.P., Beaudoin J.D., Reymond C.
14:00 01404 A Novel and Highly Selective DNAzyme Sensor for Mercury Cations Hollenstein M., Hipolito C., $Perrin D.M.
14:20 01405 Aging-Related Oxidative DNA Damage: Charge Transfer through Telomeric Guanine Quadruplexes Cheng A.K.H., Huang Y.C., Sen D., *$Yu H.Z.
14:40 01406 A Pyrrolocytosine Analogue that Forms a Fourth Hydrogen Bond to Guanosine *Wojciechowski F., $Hudson R.H.E.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01407 Applying Rolling Circle Amplification to DNAzyme Mediated Reactions for Biosensing *$Li Y., Ali M.M., Zhao W., Brook M.A., Pelton R.
16:00 01408 Design and Selection of Minimalist Protein-DNA Interactions *$Shin J.A.
16:20 01409 Progress and Prospects in Aptamer-Based Biosensors $DeRosa M.C.
16:40 01410 6S RNA Interactions with E. coli RNAP Characterized Using in vitro Selection Shephard L., Dobson N., *$Unrau P.J.
17:00 End of Session

BM8Salon 3

Small Molecule Drug Design and Development (Joint with OR) (joint with OR11)

Organizer(s) - Amitabh Jha
Chair(s) - Lakshmi Kotra

13:20 01411 Development of Natural Products Based Anti-Inflammatory and Antihypertensive Drugs *Parmar V.S.
14:00 01412 Synthesis and Evaluation of Osteotropic Fluoroquinolone Prodrugs for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteomyelitis *$Rafai Far A., Tanaka K.S.E., Houghton T.J., Kang T., Dietrich E., Lafontaine Y., Arhin F.F., Sarmiento I., Liu J., Srikumar R., Fadhil I., Laquerre K., Ostiguy V., Lehoux D., Moeck G., Parr T.R.
14:20 01413 Development of 3,5-bis(Benzylidene)-4-piperidone Analogs as Potent Antineoplastic Agents that Overcome Multidrug Resistance Mechanisms *Das U., Das S., Sakagami H., Molnar J., Kawase M., Balzarini J., De Clercq E., $Dimmock J.R., Stables J.P.
14:40 01414 Protecting the Intellectual Property for Medicinal Drugs and Other Inventions Mitchell M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01415 Carbocyclic Analogs of Penicillins: Effects of Substitution on Conformation and Hemiketal Stability Johnson J.W., Evanoff D.P., Goodfellow V.J., *Dmitrienko G.I.
15:40 01416 Cardiovascular Agents: Renin Inhibitors Kasani A., Stier M., Holsworth D.D., Maiti S.
16:00 01417 Design of Anti-inflammatory Cyclooxygenase and/or Lipoxygenase Inhibitors, Including Nitric Oxide Donor Prodrugs, Devoid of Adverse Ulcerogenic and Cardiovascular Effects *$Knaus E.
16:40 End of Session

EN1Salon 5

Analytical and Environmental Toxicology (Joint with AN) (joint with AN1)

Organizer(s) - Chris Le and Xing-Fang Li
Chair(s) - Feiyue Wang

13:20 Joint with AN1 - See AN1

15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Chair(s) - Tony McKnight-Whitford and Claire McGuigan

17:00 End of Session

EN3Salon 9

Bioinorganic Chemistry-General (Joint with IN) (joint with IN1)

Organizer(s) - Juergen Gailer and Farideh Jalilehvand
Chair(s) - Ray Turner

14:00 01418 X-Ray Spectroscopic Studies of the Active Sites of Molybdenum Enzymes *$George G.N., Doonan C.J., Pushie M.J., Wilson H.L., Rajagopalan K.V.
14:20 01419 An Investigation of the Structures of Copper-Thiomolybdate Complexes Slamova D., Reid R.S.
14:40 01420 The Kinetics of Thiomolybdate Interconversions Clark R.J., Reid R.S.
15:00 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Helen Nichol

15:20 01421 Cucurbit[7]uril Complexes of Vitamin B12 and Coenzyme B12 *$Macartney D.H., Wang R.
15:40 01422 Integrated Paramagnetic Resonance of Biologically Relevant High-Spin Co(II) *$Tierney D.L., Myers W.K., Breece R.M.
16:00 01423 Synthesis of Iron(II) Complexes of L-Threonic Acid: Studies on the Stability Constants of Binary and Ternary Iron(II) Complexes of L-Threonic Acid-Amino Acids Yu L., Huakuan L., Siying G. WITHDRAWN
16:20 01424 Determination of Blood Plasma Metalloproteins by SEC-ICP-AES Manley S.A., Byrns S., Brown P., $Gailer J.
16:40 01425 Metalloprotein Biocatalysis in Ionic Liquids Taylor S.A., *$Walsby C.J.
17:00 End of Session

IC2Hall D Foyer

Job Searches: Marketing Yourself

Organizer(s) - Gerry Tertzakian and Wendy Lam
Chair(s) - Mary Fairhurst and Roger Cowles

13:45 Introductory Remarks
14:00 What Do Employers Look For? Whom Do Employers Hire? How to Market Yourself? Panel - Pierre Beaumier, Sunil Chaudhary, Umesh Karnik, Andrew Scholte and Zhongxin Zhou

16:30 End of Session

IN1Salon 9

Bioinorganic Chemistry-General (Joint with EN) (joint with EN3)

Organizer(s) - Juergen Gailer and Farideh Jalilehvand
Chair(s) - Ray Turner

14:00 Joint with EN3 - See EN3

15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Chair(s) - Helen Nichol

17:00 End of Session

IN3Salon 8

Catalysis (Joint with OR) (joint with OR3)

Organizer(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Steve Westcott
Chair(s) - Chris Kozak and Cathleen Crudden

13:20 01426 Parameters for s-Donation and p-Backdonation Capabilities of Diiminepyridine Type Ligands Zhu D., Budzelaar P.H.M.
13:40 01427 Transition Metal Complexes Supported by New Pincer Ligands Featuring Formally Anionic Heavier Main Group Element Donors: Synthesis and Applications in Catalysis *$Turculet L., MacInnis M.C., MacLean D.F.
14:00 01428 Charged Ligands for Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Catalytic Reactions *$McIndoe J.S., Farrer N.J., Vikse K., Chisholm D.M.
14:20 01429 Mechanistic Aspects of Ruthenium Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis *$Piers W.E., Romero P.E., van der Eide E.F., Leitao E.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01430 Investigations into Homogeneous Copper(II) Systems for Ethylene Polymerization *Olson J.A., $Foley S.R., Quail J.W.
15:40 01431 Unusual Carbenes Generated by Nucleophilic Attack on Chelating Isocyanide Fragments Yu I., Wallis C., *Mehrkhodavandi P.
16:00 01432 Highly Reusable, Chiral Catalyst-Organic Frameworks Made by Alternating ROMP Assembly *Bergens S.H., Ralph C.K., Sullivan A.D., Hass H.
16:40 01433 Positionally Grafting Functionality onto Mesoporous Silicates Webb J.D., *Crudden C.M.
17:00 End of Session

IN4Salon 11

Conjugated Materials and Heterocycles (Joint with OR) (joint with OR6)

Organizer(s) - Alison Thompson
Chair(s) - Mark MacLachlan

13:20 01434 Thiophene Substitution in Spin-Transition Complexes: Toward Multifunctional Metallopolymers *$Lemaire M.T., Djukic B., Britten J.F., Dube P.A., Razavi F.
13:40 01435 Flexible Molecular Wires? Synthesis and Properties of Polyynes $Chalifoux W.A., Ferguson M.J., *Tykwinski R.R., Lucotti A., Tommasini M., Fazzi D., Del Zoppo M., Zerbi G.
14:00 01436 Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of New Thiophene-Containing Compounds Price J.T., Chan Y., McDonald R., Ding Z., *Jones N.D.
14:20 01437 The Use of N-Heterocyclic Compounds for Chemical Hydrogen Storage Wechsler D., Cui Y., Carrier A., Davis B., Whitney R.A., *$Jessop P.G.
14:40 01438 Spin-Delocalized Conjugated Polymers for Organic Spintronic Materials *$Frank N.L., Dooley B.M., Yan B., Zsombor M., Bowles S.E., Samanta S.
15:00 End of Session

IN5Salon 12

Main Group Chemistry: A Symposium in Honour of Neil Burford, Tristram Chivers and Richard Oakley

Organizer(s) - Roland Roesler and Robin Hicks
Chair(s) - Roland Roesler

13:20 01439 Some New Developments in the Cationic Chemistry of the Group 13 and 15 Elements Cowley A.H.
14:00 01440 Synthesis and Reactivity of Boron-Bridged Ansa-Metallocene Metal Complexes $Mallov I., Dawson K., Burchell T.J., *Richeson D.S.
14:20 01441 Boron-Nitrogen Heterocycles as Ligands in Transition Metal Multi-Decker SandwichComplexes Borau-Garcia J., Ly H.V., Parvez M., *Roesler R.
14:40 01442 Affecting Intermolecular Bonding in Dimethylthallium(III) Aryloxides and Thiolates *$Briand G.G., Decken A., MacDonald D.J., McKelvey J.I., Zhou Y.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01443 Coinage Metal Complexes of Selenium Diimides Laitinen R.S., Risto M., Takaluoma T., Oilunkaniemi R., Bajorek T., Chivers T.
15:40 01444 Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structures and DFT Calculations of Donor-Acceptor Indium(III) and Gallium(III) Trihalide Complexes of Bulky Triarylphosphines Ma G., Chen F., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., *$Cavell R.G, Wasylishen R.E.
16:00 01445 Novel Boron and Boron-Nitrogen Heterocycles *$Piers W.E., Bosdet M.J.D., Jaska C.J., Wood T.K., Mercier L.G., Bonnier C., Parvez M.
16:40 End of Session

IN6Salon 4

Nanotechnology: Nanoparticles, Nanowires and Quantum Dots (Joint with MT) (joint with MT7)

Organizer(s) - Jonathan Veinot, Eric Henderson and Arnold Kell
Chair(s) - Eric Henderson

Inorganic Chemistry Division Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry Lecture presented by Ludovico Cademartiri

13:20 01446 An Example of Curiosity-Driven Nanochemistry: Juggling Nanocrystals, Nanorods, Nanowires, Photonic Crystals, and Mesoporous Materials *Cademartiri L.
14:00 01447 Monodisperse Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Silica Microspheres: Synthesis and Assembly into Crystalline Colloidal Arrays Kelly T.L., Yamada Y., Che S.P.Y., Yano K., *$Wolf M.O.
14:20 01448 Placing Erbium Ions in the Vicinity of Silicon Nanocrystals: A New Chemical Approach Rodriguez Núñez J.R., Hessel C.M., Henderson E.J., *$Veinot J.G.C., Meldrum A.
14:40 01449 Synergy of Slow Photon and Chemically Amplified Photochemistry in Platinum Nanocluster Loaded Inverse Titania Opals *Chen J.I.L., von Freyman G., Loso E., Choi S.Y., Kitaev V., $Ozin G.A.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01450 Enhancing the Blue Emission of Eu2+ Inside a Photonic Crystal *$Bovero E., van Veggel F.C.J.
15:40 01451 Effect of 2D Plasmonic Nanostructures on the Behaviour of Supported Model Cell Membrane Uddin Ahamad N., *$Ianoul A.
16:00 01452 NIR and Upconverted Emissions from Silica and Zirconia Coated LaF3 Nanoparticles Sangeetha N.M., *$van Veggel F.C.J.
16:20 01453 Enhanced Red Up-Conversion from Silica Coated LaF3 Nanoparticles Doped with Yb and Ho Pichaandi J.M., Sivakumar S., *$van Veggel F.C.J.
16:40 End of Session

MT3Salon 7

Fundamentals and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes (Joint with OR) (joint with OR7)

Organizer(s) - Yuming Zhao and Benoit Simard
Chair(s) - Yuming Zhao

13:20 01454 Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites: Synthesis, Properties, and Potential Applications Cheng F., Imin P., Behal S., Lawson G., Bahun G.J., *Adronov A.
14:00 01455 Chemistry of Reduced Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and their Applications in High Performance Composites Guan J.W., Martinez-rubi Y., Simard B.
14:20 01456 CNTs/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Al-Saleh M., Gelves G.A., *Sundararaj U.
14:40 01457 Further Progress toward the Synthesis of Nanotube Segments (Aromatic Belts) Yao T., Yu H., *$Bodwell G.J.
15:00 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Alex Adronov

15:20 01458 Carbon Clusters Containing Transition Metals *$Baird M.C.
16:00 01459 Attaching Dendrimers to Carbon-Rich Molecular Systems Using Click Chemistry Mahmud I., *Zhao Y.
16:20 End of Session

MT5Salons 13/14

Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Chemical and Biological Sensing (Joint with AN) (joint with AN4)

Organizer(s) - Stephane Evoy and Wayne Hiebert
Chair(s) - Wayne Hiebert

13:20 Joint with AN4 - See AN4

17:00 End of Session

MT7Salon 4

Nanotechnology: Nanoparticles, Nanowires and Quantum Dots (Joint with IN) (joint with IN6)

Organizer(s) - Jonathan Veinot, Eric Henderson and Arnold Kell
Chair(s) - Eric Henderson

13:20 Joint with IN6 - See IN6

13:20 Inorganic Chemistry Division Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry Lecture presented by Ludovico Cademartiri

16:40 End of Session

OR3Salon 8

Catalysis (Joint with IN) (joint with IN3)

Organizer(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Steve Westcott
Chair(s) - Chris Kozak and Cathleen Crudden

13:20 Joint with IN3 - See IN3

17:00 End of Session

OR6Salon 11

Conjugated Materials and Heterocycles (Joint with IN) (joint with IN4)

Organizer(s) - Alison Thompson
Chair(s) - Mark MacLachlan

13:20 Joint with IN4 - See IN4

15:00 End of Session

OR7Salon 7

Fundamentals and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes (Joint with MT) (joint with MT3)

Organizer(s) - Yuming Zhao and Benoit Simard
Chair(s) - Yuming Zhao

13:20 Joint with MT3 - See MT3

Chair(s) - Alex Adronov

16:20 End of Session

OR10Salon 1


Organizer(s) - Michel Gravel
Chair(s) - Sunil Pansare

13:20 01460 Single Enantiomer Hydrazides in Cycloaddition Reactions *$Ogilvie W.
14:00 01461 Studies on Organocatalytic Asymmetric Ketone-Nitroalkene Michael Addition Reactions Heath R.L., *$Pansare S.V.
14:20 01462 Building Carbohydrates via Dioxanone Aldol Chemistry: How We Drifted into Organocatalysis Majewski M., Niewczas I., Palyam N.
15:00 End of Session

OR11Salon 3

Small Molecule Drug Design and Development (Joint with OR) (joint with BM8)

Organizer(s) - Amitabh Jha
Chair(s) - Lakshmi Kotra

13:20 Joint with BM8 - See BM8

16:40 End of Session

PT3Salon 10

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Pierre-Nicholas Roy, Alexander Brown and Mariusz Klobukowski
Chair(s) - Alexander Brown

13:20 01463 Simulated Electronic Structure Calculation Approach to Molecular Mechanics Hollett J.W., Poirier R.A.
13:40 01464 Theoretical Investigation of "S-Nitrosohemoglobin" Koch D.M., Peslherbe G.H., *$English A.M.
14:00 01465 Theoretical Study of Through-Space and Through-Bond Electron Transfer within Positively Charged Peptides in the Gas Phase *$Simons J., Neff D., Sobczyk M.
14:40 01466 Applications of Quantum Capping Potentials Johnson E.R., DiLabio G.A.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01467 Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics: Could They/Should They Play a Key Role in Systems Biology? What's Possible? What's Not? Salahub D.R.
16:00 01468 Olefin Selectivity in the Fe-Based Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: A DFT Approach $Lo J.M.H., *Ziegler T.
16:20 01469 Self-Consistent Combinations of 3D-RISM-KH Method with ab initio Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Dynamic Theories: New Developments Gusarov S., Luchko T., Tuszynski J., *$Kovalenko A.
16:40 01470 Actinyl Complexes in Highly Alkaline Media: Chemical Questions Answered *$Schreckenbach G., Shamov G.A., Wren J.E.C.
17:00 End of Session

PT5Hall D

Frontiers of Molecular Spectroscopy: A Symposium in Honour of Michael Gerry

Organizer(s) - Yunjie Xu and Wolfgang Jäger
Chair(s) - Corey Evans

13:20 01471 Synchrotron Far Infrared Spectroscopy: Higher Resolution and Longer Wavelengths at the Canadian Light Source McKellar A.R.W., Appadoo D.R.T.
13:40 01472 Rotational Analysis of the Ring-Puckering Modes of Heterocycles Using Infrared Synchrotron Radiation *$van Wijngaarden J.A.
14:00 01473 Probing Novel High-Pressure Structures by Vibrational Spectroscopy *$Song Y.
14:20 01474 Does Platinum(II) Form 4, 5 or 6-Coordinated Complexes in Aqueous Solution? *$Jalilehvand F., Laffin L.
14:40 01475 Lights, Action, Camera: Making Movies of Molecules with Femtosecond Electron Diffraction *$Siwick B.J., van Oudheusden T., de Jong E.F., van der Geer S.B., Op't Root W.P.E., Luiten O.J.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 01476 Optical Coherence between Quantum Dots: A New Type of Bond? *Cramb D.T., Heuff R.F., Marrocco M.
15:40 01477 Aromatic Ring Rotation and Bending Induced by Metal Coordination *$Yang D.-S.
16:00 01478 High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Monophosphides *$Adam A.G., Tokaryk D.W., Balfour W.J., Downie L.E., Slaney M.E., Granger A.D.
16:20 01479 Rotational Spectroscopy of Single Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS) Molecules Embedded in Superfluid Helium Nanodroplets $Lehnig R., Raston P., *Jäger W
16:40 01480 IR Spectroscopy at the Canadian Light Source: The m11 Fundamental and m16+m18 Y m18 Hot Band of Trans-Acrolein Shi H., Xu L.-H., Lees R.M., Tokaryk D.W., McKellar A.R.W., Appadoo D.R.T.
17:00 End of Session

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