Abstracts CSC2008

Wednesday AM

AN1Salon 5

Analytical and Environmental Toxicology (Joint with EN) (joint with EN1)

Organizer(s) - Chris Le and Xing-Fang Li
Chair(s) - Paul Yang and Jessica Boyd

08:00 01241 Determination of Perfluorinated Compounds in Environmental Samples by Using HPLC-MS/MS Cai Y., Cui L., Liao C., Jiang G.
08:40 01242 Chlorinated vs. Chloraminated Drinking Water: Toxicity-Based Identification of Disinfection By-Products Using ESI-MS and ESI-MS/MS *$Richardson S.D., Crumley F.G., Fasano F., Plewa M.J., Wagner E.D., Mize T.H., Angel P., Orlando R., Williamson L.N., Bartlett M.G.
09:20 01243 Simultaneous Analysis of Free Estrogens and their Conjugates in Water at Sub- to Low-Part Per Trillion Levels by Column-Switching Chromatography/Polarity-Switching Tandem Mass Spectrometry Qin F., Zhao Y.Y., Sawyer M., $Li X.F.
09:40 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Camille Hamula and Hongquan Zhang

10:00 01244 Molecular Switches and Quantum Dots for Nano-Scale Nucleic Acid Biosensors *$Krull U.J., Massey M., Algar W.R.
10:40 01245 Analytical Applications of Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis (lFFE) *$Bowser M.T., Fonslow B.R., Turgeon R., Mosing R.K.
11:20 01246 NMR-Based Metabolomics for Assessing Earthworm Stress from Exposure to Sub-Lethal Concentrations of Organic Chemicals in Soil *$Simpson M.J., Simpson A.J., McKelvie J.R., Xu Y., Brown S.A.E., Lankadurai B.P., Yuk J.
11:40 01247 Molecular Characterization of Nickel Species in Aerosols: Comparison of Synchrotron Xanes and Sequential Leaching Ajiboye B., Warner J., Cutler J., Throssell C., Keller N., Hall G., Eik H., Spiers G., Dutton M.
12:00 End of Session

AN4Salons 13/14

Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Chemical and Biological Sensing (Joint with MT) (joint with MT5)

Organizer(s) - Stephane Evoy and Wayne Hiebert
Chair(s) - Stephane Evoy

08:00 01248 Surface Templating Using a Photolabile Terpolymer in Building a Matrix Isolation DNA Biosensor Lim Y., Krull U.J.
08:20 01249 Surface Modification of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) with a Perfluorinated Alkoxysilane for Selectivity towards Fluorous Tagged Peptides *$Horton J.H., Oleschuk R.D., Wang D.
08:40 01250 Development of Bioassays Utilizing Electrochemically Grafted Layers on Thin Carbon Films Laurentius L., *$McDermott M.T.
09:00 01251 Stabilization of the Si(111) Organic Interface for Biosensing Mischki T.K., Lopinski G.P., *$Wayner D.D.M.
09:20 01252 Thiamine Catalyzed Bioorthogonal Cross-Coupling of Aromatic Aldehydes on Silicon Surfaces in Aqueous Media Hoop K.A., Mischki T.K., Lopinski G.P., Wayner D.D.M., *$Pezacki J.P.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01253 Structural Design of Micro- and Nanomechanical Resonators for Sensing Applications Vengallatore S.
10:40 01254 Block Copolymer Route to High Throughput Biosensors Chen X., Poulis B., *$Bazuin C.G., Prud'homme R.E., Pellerin C.
11:00 01255 Optical Nanoprobes for Biomolecule Detection Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Dai S., *Fenniri H
11:20 01256 Ultrasensitive Detection of HIV-1 Protease Using Single Walled Carbon Nanotube/Gold Nanoparticle Modified Electrodes *Mahmoud K.A., Hrapovic S., $Luong J.H.T.
11:40 01257 Nanometric Colorimetric Sensors for Improvised and Conventional Explosives *Apblett A.W., Materer N.F., Barber K.N.
12:00 End of Session

AN5Salons 15/16

Nanoscale Phenomena in Electrochemistry

Organizer(s) - Richard McCreery
Chair(s) - Richard McCreery

08:20 01258 Voltammetric Responses of Redox Active Cations and Anions at Electrodes Modified with Amine Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Thin Films *$Villemure G., Liu X.
08:40 01259 Electrochemical and Infrared Spectroscopy Studies of Self-Assembled Monolayers Containing Ionizable Headgroups *$Burgess I.J., Rosendahl S.M., Barlow B.C.
09:00 01260 Electroactive Binary Composition Self Assembled Monolayers *$Lennox R.B., Lee L.Y.S., Shepherd J., Kassam A.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01261 Electrochemiluminescence from CdSe and Carbon Nanocrystals Chen Y., Haroun S., Zhou J., Booker C.J., *$Ding Z.
10:40 01262 Synthesis and Electrochemical Study of Nanoporous Pt-Ir Materials Holt-Hindle P., *Chen A.
11:00 01263 Quantification of the Spontaneous Chemical Modification of Carbon Black by Diazonium Coupling Smith R.D.L., Pickup P.G.
11:20 01264 Nanoscale Two-Component Molecular Layers at Au Surfaces Shewchuk D.M., $McDermott M.T.
11:40 01265 Molecular Memory Devices Based on Redox Reactions in Molecular Junctions *$McCreery R.L., Barman S., Deng F., Wu J.
12:00 End of Session

AN8Salon 6

Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces (Joint with PT) (joint with PT10)

Organizer(s) - Alex Brolo and Dennis Hore
Chair(s) - Dennis Hore

08:00 01266 Near-Field Infrared Nanoscopy and Nanospectroscopy *$Hillenbrand R.
08:40 01267 In situ ATR-FTIR Studies on the Adsorption of Organoarsenicals on Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides *$Al-Abadleh H.A., Duggal M., Hoang T.
09:00 01268 In-situ ATR-FTIR Studies on the Interaction of Phosphate Species with Magnesium Surfaces *$Gray-Munro J.E., Strong M.
09:20 01269 Linear Nanostructure Formation of Trimethylene Sulfide-Derived Nanostructures on p- and n-Type H-Silicon(100)-2x1 *$DiLabio G.A., Dogel S.A., Zikovsky J., Pitters J.L., Wolkow R.A.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01270 Development of Nano-Structured Electrodes for SERS Studies of Model Biomembranes $Vezvaie M., Brosseau C.L., Kycia A., *Lipkowski J.
10:20 01271 Polarized ATR Spectroscopy Studies of D54-DMPC/Cholesterol Bilayers Coated on Sephadex G50 Beads Li J., Henry B., *$Lipkowski J.
10:40 01272 Examination of Fungal Spores Using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Isenor M., *$Gough K.M., Kaminskyj S.G.W.
11:00 01273 Design of Nanoparticle-Based Contrast Agensts for Live Cell Imaging of Cell Surface Receptors Kennedy D.C., *$Pezacki J.P.
11:20 01274 Structure of Water Molecules at the Interfaces of Silica and Aqueous Salt Solutions: Cation Effects Yang Z., Li Q., *$Chou K.C.
11:40 End of Session


Chemistry and Biology of Nucleic Acids

Organizer(s) - Andrew MacMillan and Peter Unrau
Chair(s) - Andrew MacMillan and Peter Unrau

08:00 01275 Discovery of a Novel Amidotransferase Involved in the Modification of Archaeal tRNA Masiyanise V., Phillips G., Maxwell A., El Yacoubi B., de Crecy-Lagard V., *$Iwata-Reuyl D.
08:40 01276 Uniform Accuracy in Ribosomal Protein Synthesis *$Kothe U., Rodnina M.V.
09:20 01277 A Study of Cation-Directed Self-Assembly of Guanosine Derivative Using NMR and ESI-MS Kwan I.C.M., Mo X., She Y.-M., $Wu G.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01278 Nucleic Acid-Small Molecule Interactions: Structure and Binding Studies *$Johnson P.E., Tavares T.J., Neves M.
10:40 01279 Marked for Death: A Role of tRNAArg in Targeting Proteins for Degradation *$Fahlman R.P.
11:00 01280 In Vitro Screening for High Affinity siRNA Interactions with Hepatitis C Virus RNA Sagan S., Luebert C., *$Pezacki J.P.
11:20 01281 Folding of the S-Adenosylmethionine Riboswitch Heppell B., *$Lafontaine D.A.
11:40 01282 On the Discovery and Mechanism of Catalytic Nucleic Acids with a Protein-Like Repertoire Perrin D.M., Thomas J.M., Ting R.T., Hollenstein M., Hipolito C., Lam C.
12:00 End of Session

BM8Salon 3

Small Molecule Drug Design and Development (Joint with OR) (joint with OR11)

Organizer(s) - Amitabh Jha
Chair(s) - Virinder Parmar

08:20 01283 Greener Biocatalytic Route for the Synthesis of Nucleosides as Small Molecular Weight Drug Candidates *$Prasad A.K.
08:40 01284 Applications of Aziridines in PET Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry: Systematic Ring-Opening of Aziridines with Fluorinating Agents $van Oosten E.M., Stephenson K.A., Wilson A.A., Yudin A.K., Houle S., *Vasdev N.
09:00 01285 Biology Oriented Synthesis *$Waldmann H.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01286 Design and Development of Disease Modifying Agents for Neurological Disorders *$Weaver D.F., Carter M.D., Barden C., Lu E., Jacobo S., Gao F., Beshara C., Tiedje K., Buhendwa M.G., Galloway T.
10:40 01287 Development of Phenothiazine Derivatives for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease *$Darvesh S., McDonald R.S., Darvesh K.V., Martin E.
11:00 01288 An Evaluation of Glucose Transport Inhibition as a Mechanism for Sensitizing Resistant Tumor Cells to Death Receptor Signalling Wood T.E., *Batey R.A., $Schimmer A.D., Dalili S.
11:20 01289 Molecular Modeling Study on a Chemically Diverse Series of Cyclogenase-2 Selective Inhibitors: Generation of Predictive Pharmacophore Model Using the Catalyst®/HypoGen® Module *$Chopra M.
11:40 End of Session

EN1Salon 5

Analytical and Environmental Toxicology (Joint with AN) (joint with AN1)

Organizer(s) - Chris Le and Xing-Fang Li
Chair(s) - Paul Yang and Jessica Boyd

08:00 Joint with AN1 - See AN1

09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 Chair(s) - Camille Hamula and Hongquan Zhang

12:00 End of Session

EN3Salon 9

Bioinorganic Chemistry-General (Joint with IN) (joint with IN1)

Organizer(s) - Juergen Gailer and Farideh Jalilehvand
Chair(s) - Martin Stillman

08:20 01290 Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry *$Orvig C.
09:00 01291 Interactions of the Anti-Cancer Ru(III)-Complexes with Human Serum Transferrin Cetinbas N., *$Walsby C.J.
09:20 01292 Probing the Effects of Redox-Mediated Protein Misfolding in Biology: Exploring the Role of Sulfur-Based Redox Events in Disease *Kennepohl P., Karunakaran-Datt A., Martin-Covelli D., Diaconescu V.
09:40 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Pierre Kennepohl

10:00 01293 Understanding Iron Acquisition in Staphylococcus aureus: Studies Using Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry Pluym M., Tiedemann M., Muryoi N., Heinrichs D.E., *$Stillman M.J.
10:20 01294 Investigation of Glucosamine Conjugates as Potential 99mTc-Based Imaging Agents *Bowen M.L., Chen Z.F., Adam M.J., $Orvig C.
10:40 01295 Casting Light on the Brain $Nichol H., McCrea R.P.E., Tse J., Popescu B.F.Gh.
11:00 01296 Employing the Raman Signature of Carborane in Cellular Imaging Duguay D., Kennedy D.C., Burchell T., Pezacki J.P., $Richeson D.S.
11:20 01297 Spectroscopic Studies of Methyl Coenzyme M Reductase (MCR): A Bio-Organometallic Enzyme *Telser J., Kunz R.C., Dey M., Ragsdale S.W., Lees N.S., $Hoffman B.M.
11:40 01298 Investigating the Biological Chemistry of Nitroxyl *Bohle D.S., Phillips H.A.
12:00 End of Session

IC3Hall D Foyer

Professional Chemists and Science Policy Forum

Organizer(s) - Gerry Tertzakian and Wendy Lam
Chair(s) - Michael Gaultois and Wendy Lam

08:00 Introductory Remarks
08:15 What Professions are Chemistry Graduates in? How Chemists Apply their University Training to Industrial, Business or Management Pursuits Panel - Sunil Chaudhary, Steve Kuznicki, Leslie May, Mary Jane McKay-Carey and Chris Swyngedouw

10:00 Coffee Break
Science Policy Forum

10:30 The Professional Chemist: Right to Practice? Panel - Pierre Beaumier, Roger Cowles, Jeff Cutler, Jim Frazee, David Naranjit, Adrian Pritchard, Dave Schwass and Paul West

The CSC Science Policy Forum will address professional status, accreditation and contributions to science policy. Panelists will discuss the environmental drivers and present an update on their respective chemistry association.

12:00 End of Session

IN1Salon 9

Bioinorganic Chemistry-General (Joint with EN) (joint with EN3)

Organizer(s) - Juergen Gailer and Farideh Jalilehvand
Chair(s) - Martin Stillman

08:20 Joint with EN3 - See EN3

09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 Chair(s) - Pierre Kennepohl

12:00 End of Session

IN3Salon 8

Catalysis (Joint with OR) (joint with OR3)

Organizer(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Steve Westcott
Chair(s) - Laura Turculet and Michael Shaver

08:00 01299 Updates on Natural Zeolite Assisted Cracking of Oil Sands and Light Hydrocarbon Extraction of Bitumen Yin H., Junaid A.S.M., Wei W., An W., McCaffrey W.C., *Kuznicki S.M.
08:20 01300 Profiling an Optimal Pt(II) Based Methane Activation Catalyst by Density Functional Theory Zhu H., *Ziegler T.
08:40 01301 Group 3 Amidate Complexes: Fundamental Reactivity and Applications in Hydroamination and e-Caprolactone Ring-Opening Polymerization Stanlake L.J.E., $Schafer L.L.
09:00 01302 Highly Active Catalysts for Ring Opening Polymerization of Lactide *$Mehrkhodavandi P., Douglas A.F., Labourdette G.
09:20 01303 A New and Remarkably Active Family of Transfer Hydrogenation Precatalysts that do not Feature an Ancillary Ligand N-H Functionality Lundgren R.J., Rankin M.A., $Stradiotto M.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01304 Aluminum Catalyzed Cyclotrimerization of Dimethylcyanamide and Substituted Guanidines Priem J., Rowley C.N., Dornan P., Woo T.K., Barry S.T., *Richeson D.S.
10:20 01305 New Approaches in Palladium Catalyzed Coupling Reactions: Design of Direct Routes to Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Arndtsen B.A., Black D.A., Beveridge R., Lu Y.
10:40 01306 Palladium-Catalyzed Olefin Dioxygenation Li Y., Song D., Dong V.M.
11:00 01307 Iron Catalysts for C-C Bond Formation and Epoxidation Reactions *$Kozak C.M.
11:20 01308 Simulating the "True" Dynamics of Catalytic Reactions: Transition Path Sampling in Organometallic Chemistry Rowley C.N., *$Woo T.K.
11:40 01309 Reactivity of Phosphinimide-Supported Titanium(IV) Cations with Non-Traditional Monomers Friesen D.M., Parvez M., *$Piers W. E.
12:00 End of Session

IN4Salon 11

Conjugated Materials and Heterocycles (Joint with OR) (joint with OR6)

Organizer(s) - Alison Thompson
Chair(s) - James Wisner

08:00 01310 Synthesis, Structures, and Investigations of Schiff Base Macrocycles *$MacLachlan M.J., Frischmann P.D., Hui J.K.-H., Jiang J., Shopsowitz K.E.
08:20 01311 Alternating Pyrimidine-Thiophenes: New Co-Monomers for Electropolymerization for Hybrid Organic and Metal Coordinating Polymers Bolduc A., Dufresne S., *$Skene W.G.
08:40 01312 Electron-Fuelled Molecular Motors Based on Star-Shaped Ruthenium Complexes with Conjugated or Insulating Spacers *$Rapenne G.
09:00 01313 Directing Self-Assembly in 2D and 3D by Combined Use of Metal Coordination and Hydrogen Bonding *$Wuest J.D., Duong A., Helzy F., Ryan P.E., Telfer S., Hamilton T.D.
09:40 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Natia Frank

10:00 01314 Electron Deficient BODIPY Dyes: Structure, Electronic Properties and Reactivity Bonnier C., *Piers W.E., Parvez M.
10:20 01315 Synthesis and Reactivity of Dipyrrinato Alkali-Metal Complexes Al-Sheikh Ali A., Cipot-Wechsler J., Chapman E., *Thompson A.
10:40 01316 Cationic Dipyrromethene Boron Compounds for Anion Sensing Hudnall T. W., Gabbai F.P.
11:20 01317 Boron Dipyromethene Dyes: A Toolbox for Molecular Photonics and Light Emitting Devices Ziessel R.
12:00 End of Session

IN5Salon 12

Main Group Chemistry: A Symposium in Honour of Neil Burford, Tristram Chivers and Richard Oakley

Organizer(s) - Roland Roesler and Robin Hicks
Chair(s) - Charles Macdonald

08:00 01318 Phenalenyl-Based Neutral Radical Conductors Haddon R.C.
08:40 01319 Main Group Radicals: Approaching the Metallic State Leitch A.A., Oakley R.T., Robertson C.M., Dube P.A.
09:00 01320 Voltammetry and EPR Investigations of Unsaturated Binary S,N Compounds Roemmele T.L., *Chivers T., $Boeré R.T.
09:20 01321 A Novel Approach to the Preparation of a 1,3,2-Dithiazolobenzo-1,3,2-dithiazol-4,8-dione Utilizing the Twofold Cycloaddition and Oxidation Chemistry of SNS+ Mailman A., *Passmore J.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01322 Fine Tuning Ferromagnetism in Heavy Atom Radicals Robertson C.M., Leitch A.A., Cvrkalj K., Myles D.J.T., Reed R.W., Dube P.A., *Oakley R.T.
10:20 01323 New Ferrocenyl Reagents for Passivating the Surfaces of Metal-Chalcogen Nanoclusters *$Corrigan J.F., MacDonald D.G., Ahmar S., Vijayaratnam N.
10:40 01324 Methylaluminoxane Speciation by ESI-MS Henderson M.A., *McIndoe J.S.
11:00 01325 Mixed Dichalcogenidoimidodiphosphinates Containing Tellurium Robertson S.D., *Chivers T.
11:20 01326 The Multiple Phases of 4,5,6,7-Tetrafluorobenzo-2,1,3-telluradiazole Cozzolino A.F., Elder P.J., Vargas-Baca I.
11:40 01327 Synthesis of Cationic Selenium-Nitrogen Rings, Element Chalcogen Coordination Compounds and Unusual Rearrangements Dutton J.L., Martin C.D., *$Ragogna P.J.
12:00 End of Session

IN6Salon 4

Nanotechnology: Nanoparticles, Nanowires and Quantum Dots (Joint with MT) (joint with MT7)

Organizer(s) - Jonathan Veinot, Eric Henderson and Arnold Kell
Chair(s) - Jonathan Veinot

08:00 01328 Commercial Nanoparticle Manufacture with Confined Impinging Jet Reactor Siddiqui S. W., Unwin P., *Kresta S.
08:20 01329 Multifunctional Nanoparticle Clusters Paquet C., Somaskandan K., Jakubek Z., *Simard B.
08:40 01330 Single-Domain Antibody-Modified Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for the Selective Isolation of Staphylococcus aureus Kell A.J., Ryan S., van Faassen H., Tanha J, Simard B.
09:00 01331 Removal of Residual Metal Catalysts with Iron/Iron Oxide Nanoparticles from Coordinating Environments *$Macdonald J.E., Veinot J.G.C.
09:20 01332 Gold Nanoparticles from a Photochemical Perspective: Excited State Reactivity of Reducing Agent Precursors and Metal Salts $McGilvray K.L., Yuan N., Kerluke R., *Scaiano J.C.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01333 Structural Tuning of Gold and Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts *$Scott R.W.J.
10:40 01334 Control of the Local Structure, Electronic Behavior and Surface Properties of Au-Pd Bimetallic Nanoparticles Using Mixed Capping Molecules Liu F., Cook S.C., Padmos J.D., *$Zhang P.
11:00 01335 Gas-Phase Shell Formation Processes on Metal Nanoparticles *$Pedersen D.B., Wang S., Liang S.
11:20 01336 Surfactant and Cross-Linker Influence on Gold Nanoparticle Agglomeration During Sol-gel Encapsulation *Vreugdenhil A.J., Malcolm A.C., Parnis J.M.
11:40 01337 Shape Selectivity via Light: Photochemical Synthesis of Crystalline Gold Nanoplates and Nanospheres *$Banks J.T., McKelvey J.I., Holt J., Correia M.
12:00 End of Session

MS2Salon 2

Functional Polymer Architectures and their Applications (Joint with MT) (joint with MT2)

Organizer(s) - Derek Gates
Chair(s) - Elizabeth Gillies and Kalai Saravanamuttu

08:00 01338 Synthesis, Characterization and Curing of a New Methacrylate- and Acrylate-Based Monomers for Dental Restorative Resins Ghaemy M., $Bekhradnia S., Heidaripour M.
08:20 01339 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilane)-b-Poly(-benzyloxycarbonyl-L-lysine) Diblock Copolymers Wang Y., Kim K.T., Manners I., Winnik M.A.
08:40 01340 Poly(methylenephosphine) Homo- and Copolymers Bearing Conjugated Substituents Chun C.P., Gates D.P.
09:00 01341 Addition Polymerization of Group 14 Metallenes Pavelka L.C., Holder S.J., *Baines K.M.
09:20 01342 Strained [1]Metallacyclophanes with Aluminum and Gallium in Bridging Positions. First Steps Towards New Polymers Lund C.L., Schachner J.A., *$Müller J., Quail J.W.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01343 Stereoselective Self-Assembly of Functional Polymers with Gold Atoms in the Backbone Puddephatt R.J.
10:40 01344 Utilizing the Coordination Chemist's Toolbox to Make a Luminescent Zinc(II)/Au(CN)2--Based Ammonia Sensor Katz M.J., *$Leznoff D.B.
11:00 01345 Donor-Acceptor Graft Copolymers Based on Fullerene-Functionalized Poly(3-alkylthiophenes) Gholamkhass B., Chen X., Peckham T., *Holdcroft S.
11:20 01346 Reversible Amplified Fluorescence Quenching in Dithienylethene Functionalized Polythiophenes Kunz T.K., *Wolf M.O., Finden J.G., Branda N.R.
11:40 01347 Luminescent Polymers Based on Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Building Blocks: Valuable Materials for Sensory and Light-Harvesting Applications *$Baumgartner T.
12:00 End of Session

MT2Salon 2

Functional Polymer Architectures and their Applications (Joint with MS) (joint with MS2)

Organizer(s) - Derek Gates
Chair(s) - Elizabeth Gillies and Kalai Saravanamuttu

08:00 Joint with MS2 - See MS2

12:00 End of Session

MT3Salon 7

Fundamentals and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes (Joint with OR) (joint with OR7)

Organizer(s) - Yuming Zhao and Benoit Simard
Chair(s) - Benoit Simard

08:00 01348 Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors: Scientific Considerations and Prospective *Martel R.
08:40 01349 Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes: Structure and Nitrogen Amount Control Liu H., Zhang Y., Li R., *Sun X., Mérel P., Désilet S.
09:00 01350 Conducting Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Composites as Supercapacitor Electrode Materials Huber T.A., Kopac M.C.
09:40 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Richard Martel

10:00 01351 Asymmetric Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes *$Perepichka D.F.
10:40 01352 Functionalization of [60]Fullerene and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with p-Conjugated Oligomers *Zhao Y., Zhou N., Wang L., Rice N.A.
11:00 01353 Tailoring Properties of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Functionalization: Diazonium and [2+1]Cycloaddition Reactions *$Cabana J., Lavoie S., Paillet M., Élyse E., Martel R., McBreen P.
11:20 01354 Mesoporous Transition Metal Oxide Alkali Fulleride Composites *$Antonelli D., Trudeau M., Hu X.
12:00 End of Session

MT5Salons 13/14

Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Chemical and Biological Sensing (Joint with AN) (joint with AN4)

Organizer(s) - Stephane Evoy and Wayne Hiebert
Chair(s) - Stephane Evoy

08:00 Joint with AN4 - See AN4

12:00 End of Session

MT7Salon 4

Nanotechnology: Nanoparticles, Nanowires and Quantum Dots (Joint with IN) (joint with IN6)

Organizer(s) - Jonathan Veinot, Eric Henderson and Arnold Kell
Chair(s) - Jonathan Veinot

08:00 Joint with IN6 - See IN6

12:00 End of Session

OR3Salon 8

Catalysis (Joint with IN) (joint with IN3)

Organizer(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Steve Westcott
Chair(s) - Laura Turculet and Michael Shaver

08:00 Joint with IN3 - See IN3

12:00 End of Session

OR6Salon 11

Conjugated Materials and Heterocycles (Joint with IN) (joint with IN4)

Organizer(s) - Alison Thompson
Chair(s) - James Wisner

08:00 Joint with IN4 - See IN4

09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 Chair(s) - Natia Frank

12:00 End of Session

OR7Salon 7

Fundamentals and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Fullerenes (Joint with MT) (joint with MT3)

Organizer(s) - Yuming Zhao and Benoit Simard
Chair(s) - Benoit Simard

08:00 Joint with MT3 - See MT3

10:00 Chair(s) - Richard Martel

12:00 End of Session

OR10Salon 1


Organizer(s) - Michel Gravel
Chair(s) - Michel Gravel

08:40 01355 New Developments in Asymmetric Catalysis: Chiral Hydrogen Bond Donors as Enantioselective Catalysts Gondi V.B., Hagihara K., Malerich J., *Rawal V.H.
09:20 01356 Mechanistic Insight into Phosphine Catalyzed [4+2] vs [2+2+2] Annulations *$Dudding T., Fonovic B., Kwon O.
09:40 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Travis Dudding

10:00 01357 Binaphthol-Catalyzed Reactions of Boronates Chong J.M.
10:40 01358 Direct and Waste-Free Organocatalytic Amidations and other Reactions of Carboxylic Acids at Room Temperature Al-Zoubi R.M., Marion O., *Hall D.G.
11:00 01359 Lewis Base-Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions Sánchez-Larios E., *$Gravel M.
11:20 01360 Asymmetric Catalysis Using Chiral Nucleophilic Carbenes $Rovis T.
12:00 End of Session

OR11Salon 3

Small Molecule Drug Design and Development (Joint with OR) (joint with BM8)

Organizer(s) - Amitabh Jha
Chair(s) - Virinder Parmar

08:20 Joint with BM8 - See BM8

11:40 End of Session

PT3Salon 10

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Pierre-Nicholas Roy, Alexander Brown and Mariusz Klobukowski
Chair(s) - Mariusz Klobukowski

08:00 01361 Proton Transport Through Just-in-Time EVB, a Born-Oppenheimer/EVB Hybrid Method for Molecular Dynamics Simulations *$Hristov I.H., Paul R., Paddison S.J.
08:20 01362 Size Scaling in Families of Different Protein Folds Rogerson P., *$Arteca G.A.
08:40 01363 On the Structure and Dynamics of Secondary n-Alkyl Ions *$East A.L.L., Bucko T., Hafner J.
09:00 01364 Combining the Advantages of an Iterative Eigensolver and a Contracted Basis to Compute Energy Levels of CH5+ Wang X.G., *$Carrington T.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01365 Quantum Mode-Coupling Theory: Formulation and Applications to Normal and Supercooled Quantum Liquids Rabani E.
10:40 01366 Crystallization of Molecular Liquids: From Techniques to Understanding *$Kusalik P.G.
11:00 01367 The Jamming Landscape for Confined Hard Discs Ashwin S.S., *$Bowles R.K.
11:20 01368 Permeation of Nitric Oxide Through Lipid Bilayer Membranes Issack B.B., Peslherbe G.H.
11:40 01369 Validation of Phosphatidylcholine Lipid Force Fields in the Tensionless NPT Ensemble Taylor J., Whiteford N., Bradley G., $Watson G.W.
12:00 End of Session

PT5Hall D

Frontiers of Molecular Spectroscopy: A Symposium in Honour of Michael Gerry

Organizer(s) - Yunjie Xu and Wolfgang Jäger
Chair(s) - Nicholas Walker

08:00 01370 The Effects of Self-Aggregation and Solvents on the Vibrational Circular Dichroism and Optical Rotation Measurements of Glycidol Yang G., *$Xu Y.
08:20 01371 Improper Hydrogen Bonds in Binary Methanol Solutions *$Keefe C.D., Gillis E.A.L.
08:40 01372 On One Hand But Not the Other: Quantum Chemical Studies of Optical Rotation and Circular Dichroism *$Crawford T.D.
09:20 01373 Hydration of Propylene Oxide: Structural Solvation Probed with VCD Spectroscopy and Computer Simulations Losada M., Nguyen P., *$Xu Y.
09:40 Coffee Break
10:00 01374 Chiral Recognition in Jet-Cooled Complexes: The Role of Conformational Flexibility Zehnacker A.
10:40 01375 Competing Hydrogen Bond Topologies in Chiral Self-Recognition: Direct Rotational Spectroscopic Detection of Four 2-Fluoroethanol Dimers in the Gas Phase Borho N., Liu X., *$Xu Y.
11:00 01376 Circular Dichroism Exhibited by a Class of Achiral Rosette Nanotubes $Hemraz U.D., Johnson R.S., Fenniri H.
11:20 01377 Chirality Transfer from Chiral Solutes and Surfaces to Nearby Solvent *Cann N.M., Wang S.
12:00 End of Session

PT10Salon 6

Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces (Joint with AN) (joint with AN8)

Organizer(s) - Alex Brolo and Dennis Hore
Chair(s) - Dennis Hore

08:00 Joint with AN8 - See AN8

11:40 End of Session

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