Abstracts CSC2008

Monday PM

AN2Salon 2

Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - Charles Lucy and James Harynuk
Chair(s) - Norman Dovichi and Robert McLaren


13:20 00532 Chemical Cytometry: The Chemical Analysis of Single Cells *$Dovichi N.J., Dickerson J., Reid B., Paulson T., Sanchez R., Ramsay L.
Ryan/Harris Graduate Prize Lecture presented by Andrei Drabovich

14:00 00533 Selection of Smart Aptamers Using Kinetic Capillary Electrophoresis *Drabovich A.P., $Krylov S.N.
Fred Beamish Award Lecture presented by Aaron Wheeler

Introduction of Aaron Wheeler by Ulrich Krull

14:20 00534 Digital Microfluidics for Screening Assays Wheeler A.R.
15:00 Coffee Break
W.A.E. McBryde Award Lecture presented by David Chen

Introduction of David Chen by Norman Dovichi

15:20 00535 Capillary Electrophoresis for Chemical Separation, Characterization, and Identification *$Chen D.D.Y.
Maxxam Award Lecture presented by Charles Lucy

Introduction of Charles Lucy by Ron Kratochvil

16:00 00536 A Physical Analytical Perspective of Self-Assembled Coatings in Capillary Electrophoresis *$Lucy C.A.
16:40 End of Session

BM1Salon 7

Altered Proteins

Organizer(s) - Ronald Kluger
Chair(s) - John Honek

13:20 00537 Activation and Inhibition of the Cancer Chemotherapy Target Cytidine 5'-Triphosphate Synthase *$Bearne S.L., Lunn F.A.
14:00 00538 Further Travels around AroA's Active Site *$Berti P.J., Chindemi P.
14:40 00539 Biomimetic Acylation: Selectivity and Applications *$Kluger R., Tzvetkova S., Andrusiak T., Bunn S., Rathgeber S
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00540 The Mechanism of Prephenate Dehydrogenase Revealed Through Structural, Kinetic and Mutational Analyses Turnbull J.L., Christendat D.
15:40 00541 Investigating and Manipulating the Enzymes of Sialic Acid and Pseudaminic Acid Biosynthesis Liu F., *$Tanner M.E., Schoenhofen I.C., Logan S.M.
16:20 End of Session

BM3Salons 15/16

Chemical Biology: Molecular Probes and Organic Biomaterials (Joint with OR) (joint with OR5)

Organizer(s) - David Vocadlo and Fraser Hof
Chair(s) - Mark Nitz and David Zechel

13:20 00542 Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Periwinkle *$O'Connor S.E.
14:00 00543 Type III Polyketide Synthase Loci from Rhizobium leguminosarum and Synechococcus sp. Colpitts C., Lohans C., Askew C., Yost C., *Suh D.-Y.
14:20 00544 Synthesis and Activity of Olfaction and Gustation Inhibitors against Pest Insects *$Plettner E., Mudalige A.P., Gong Y., Castillo C., Nagabandi S.
14:40 00545 Probing Brassinin Oxidase and Brassinin Glucosyl Transferase, Fungal Detoxifying Enzymes from Plant Pathogens *$Pedras M.S.C., Minic Z., Sarma-Mamillapalle V.K., Jha M., Hossain M., Suchy M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00546 Lipase Resistant Phosphonolipids for Exogenous Lung Surfactant Therapy *$Schwan A.L., Davy J.A., Wang Z., Notter R.H, Wang Z.
15:40 00547 Molecular Beacon Detection of DNA and RNA Damage *$Loppnow G.R.
16:00 00548 Polyvalent Display of Cationic Motifs on Bacteriophage Qb with anti-Heparin Activity *Udit A.K., Everett C., Gale A.J., Kyle J.R., Ozkan M., $Finn M.G.
16:20 00549 Unprecedented in vitro Activity and in vivo Efficacy of Pre-Ordered Polymeric Heterobifunctional Ligands *$Bundle D.R., Kitov P.I., Paszkiewicz E., Lipinski T.
17:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Robert Campbell and Todd Lowary
Chair(s) - Robert Campbell and Todd Lowary

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00550 Modifying the Spectral Properties of a Red Fluorescent Protein Chica R.A., Allen B.D., $Mayo S.L.
17:00 00551 Potential Role of Tubedown in the Treatment of Ocular Diseases Islam T., Paradis H., Gendron R.L.
17:00 00552 Investigation of the Key Residues Involved in Binding of Anti-Cancer Ru(III)-Complexes via Functional Analysis of Site-Directed Mutants of Human Serum Transferrin Cetinbas N., *$Walsby C.J.
17:00 00553 Structural and Mutagenic Analysis of Inositol Dehydrogenase from Bacillus subtilis Zheng H., Van Straaten K.E., Sanders D.A.R., *$Palmer D.R.J.
17:00 00554 Structural and Kinetic Studies of Chimeric beta-Lactamases Clouthier C.M., Morin S., Gobeil S., Gagné S., $Pelletier J.N.
17:00 00555 NMR Evidence for Half-of-the-Sites Ni2+ Binding in Two Identical Active Sites of Escherichia coli Glyoxalase I *Su Z., Sukdeo N., Daub E., $Honek J.F.
17:00 00556 RNA Binding by the Spliceosomal Protein p14 Schellenberg M.J., $MacMillan A.M.
17:00 00557 The Effects of Protein Osmolytes and Detergent Chain Length on the Stability of the Integral Membrane Protein Glycerol Facilitator Baturin S.J., Galka J., *$O'Neil J.D.
17:00 00558 A Novel Strategy for the Synthesis of Sulfotyrosine-Bearing Peptides Ali A.M., *Taylor S.D.
17:00 00559 Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase Activity in Organic Solvents *$D'Cunha G.B., Quinn A.J., Pickup M.J.
17:00 00560 A Convenient Route to N-[2-(Fmoc)-aminoethyl]glycine Esters and bis-N-Boc Protected Nucleobases *Wojciechowski F., $Hudson R.H.E.
17:00 00561 Suitably Protected Pseudoisocytosine and 2,6-Diamiopurine for Mild Acid Deprotection in PNA Oligomer Synthesis *Wojciechowski F., $Hudson R.H.E.
17:00 00562 Mechanistic Investigation of a Synthetically Modified DNAzyme: An RNaseA Mimic? Thomas J.M., *$Perrin D.M.
17:00 00563 Probing General Acid/Base Catalysis in the Hammerhead and Hairpin Ribozymes Thomas J.M., *$Perrin D.M.
17:00 00564 Characterization of the DNA Homolog of the RNA Dopamine Aptamer Walsh R., Blair D.A.D., Dedhar S., *$DeRosa M.C.
17:00 00565 Molecular Beacon Detection of DNA Damage due to Gamma Radiation Sparling S.B., $Loppnow G.R.
17:00 00566 Directed Evolution of Thermus aquaticus DNA Polymerase I for Improved Incorporation of Modified Nucleotides Hipolito C., $Perrin D.M.
17:00 00567 Cyclic DNA Nanostructures: From Synthetic Methodology to Utility for Three-Dimensional DNA Assemblies McLaughlin C.K., Aldaye F.A., $Sleiman H.F.
17:00 00568 RNA-Protein Interactions in a Gene Silencing Complex Gesner E.M., Makil N., *Duchaine T., $MacMillan A.M.
17:00 00569 Towards an Aptamer for Fumonisin B1 McKeague M., *DeRosa M.C.
17:00 00570 Dynamics for the RING Domain from Human TRAF6 by 15N NMR: Implications for Biological Function Markin C.J., $Spyracopoulos L.
17:00 00571 Dissecting the Enzymatic Mechanism of the Sialyltransferase CstII from Campylobacter jejuni by NMR Spectroscopy Chan P.H.W., Lee H.J., Wakarchuk W.W., Strynadka N.C.J., Withers S.G., $McIntosh L.P.
17:00 00572 Structural Characterization of Zn(II) Binding to HIV-1 Transactivator-of-Transcription Protein by Circular Dichroism and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Vo T.N., *O'Neil J.D.
17:00 00573 Structural Elucidation of Thuricin, a Two-Component Antimicrobial Peptide Sit C., *$Vederas J.C., Rea M.C., O'Connor P.M., Hill C., Ross R.P.
17:00 00574 Binding Study of Pi-Stacked Guanidinium Motif *Wang X., $Hof F.
17:00 00575 Synthesis of Enantiopure Pyrrolo(3,2-e)(1,4)diazepin-2-ones by Pictet-Spengler Cyclization Deaudelin P., *Lubell W.D.
17:00 00576 A Concise Total Synthesis of (±)-Acutifolone A *Liu H.J., Hsieh M.C.
17:00 00577 Efficient Synthesis of Hydroxyethylene Dipeptide Isostere of Phe-Aib Genest N., Lama T., Del Valle S., *Lubell W.D.
17:00 00578 An Iterative Approach to the Synthesis of Pseudo-Steroidal Beta-Sheet Mimetics Coopersmith K.A., Wulff J.E.
17:00 00579 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Acetohydroxamic Acid Tautomers *Sears D.N., Ying L., Sujino K.
17:00 00580 Design, Synthesis and Bioevaluation of 3,5-Bisarylmethylene-4-piperidone Derivatives as Antitumor Agents for Site Specific Delivery Potter E., *$Jha A., Youssef D., DeClercq E.
17:00 00581 Development of Butyrylcholinesterase Neuroimaging Ligands for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Atkinson A., $Darvesh S., Joy E.E., Macdonald I.R., Martin E., *Pottie I.R.
17:00 00582 Antineoplastic 3,5-Bis(4-pyridylmethylene)-4-piperidone Derivatives: Novel Human Topoisomerase-IIa Inhibitors Jha M., Paul N.K., Jha A., DeClercq E.
17:00 00583 3,5-Bis(benzylidene)-4-piperidones: A Novel Class of Potent Antimycobacterial Agents which Stimulate Mitochondrial Respiration Das S., Das U., Bandy B., Stables J.P., *Dimmock J.R.
17:00 00584 Functionalised 3-Hydroxy-4-pyridinones for Alzheimer's Disease Therapy Scott L.E., Page B.D.G., Bowen M.L., Green D.E., Merkel M., Schugar H.J., $Orvig C.
17:00 00585 Substrate Analogues as Inhibitors and Mechanistic Probes of MenD from E. coli Fang M., Langman B., Ho K., *$Palmer D.R.J.
17:00 00586 Biochemical Investigations of Methionine c-Lyase 1 Moya I.A., *$Honek J.F.
17:00 00587 Peptide and Peptidomimetic Approaches for Developing Cancer Targeting Agents Ahmed S., *$Kaur K.
17:00 00588 Chemical Synthesis and Chemopreventive Evaluation of Natural Products Analogs, Application I: Chalcone Analogs *$Touaibia M.
17:00 00589 Synthesis and Evaluation of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 3C-Like Proteinase $Miyyapuram V., Zhang J., *Vederas J.C.
17:00 00590 Insulinomimetic Activity of Kaempferitrin from Leaves of Cinnamomum osmophloeum *$Tzeng Y.M., Chen K., Lee M.J.
17:00 00591 Ab initio Conformational Studies of Galactofuranose Richards M.R., $Lowary T.L.
17:00 00592 In vivo Synthesis of Complex Ganglioside Analogues by Metabolically Engineered Escherichia coli Strains Jacques S., Ling C.C., Samain E., *$Bundle D.R.
17:00 00593 Synthesis of Aza-C-glycosides as Potential Inhibitors of Glycosidases and Glycosyltransferases Sandbhor M., Williams D., Bhasin M., *$Zou W.
17:00 00594 Synthesis of ABO Blood Group Oligosaccharides for Glycosyl Transferase and Antigen Affinity Studies Meloncelli P., Lowary T.L.
17:00 00595 Studies Directed Towards the Synthesis of a CS-D Tetrasaccharide Ingram L.J., *Taylor S.D.
17:00 00596 Biological Evaluation of a-Galactosidase Inhibitors *Wang Y., Cheng L., Ko S., $Bennet A.J.
17:00 00597 Solution Structures of Tumor Antigen LeaLex and Two Trisaccharide Fragments Jackson T.A., Wang A., *Auzanneau F.-I.
17:00 00598 The Role of Sialic Acid Residues in T Cell Integrin Adhesion Sadek C.M., Strelkov I., *$Cairo C.W.
17:00 00599 Synthesis of Fluorinated Fructose Analogues for Use with PET $Cheeseman C.I., Grant T.N., Trayner B., West F.G.
17:00 00600 Investigating Multiple Free-Energy Relationships for the O-GlcNAcase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Glycosides *Macauley M.S., Greig I.R., $Vocadlo D.J.
17:00 00601 Identification of Biocatalysts for Glycosyl Transfer of C-3 Modified Galactopyranoses Rich J.R., Shim J.H., Chen H.-M., Wakarchuk W.W., Warren R.A.J., $Withers S.G.
17:00 00602 Investigating Unusual Forms of Glycosylation of Epidermal Growth Factor Repeats Whitworth G.E., Stubbs K.A., Vocadlo D.J.
17:00 00603 Synthesis of Sulfonium-Ion Analogs of Galactofuranose Rings Li J., *Lowary T.L.
17:00 00604 Studies of a Polyprenol Monophosphomannose-Dependent a-(1[6)-Mannosyltransferase Involved in Mycobacterial Lipoarabinomannan Biosynthesis Tam P.H., *$Lowary T.L.
17:00 00605 Synthesis of Lipoic Acid Tagged Glycolipids for Probing the Mycobacterial Cell Wall Assembly Peng W.J., *Lowary T.L.
17:00 00606 Synthesis of Glycoconjugate Related to Mycobacteria Cell Wall Liu C., *Richards M.R., $Lowary T.L.
17:00 00607 A Novel Method for in situ Generation of Glycosyl Iodides *$Lowary T.L., Martin A.D.
17:00 00608 Synthesis of Zwitterionic Oligosaccharides with the Potential to Stimulate T-Cell Responses Iynkkaran I., Ling C.C., *$Bundle D.R.
17:00 00609 Development of Fluorinated Carbohydrates as Mechanism-Based Inactivators of Glycosidases Rempel B.P., Withers S.G.
17:00 00610 Mechanistic Investigations of the Lipo-Oligosaccharide Sialyltransferase from Nisseria meningitidis Rakic B., Wakarchuk W.W., $Withers S.G.
17:00 00611 Deoxygenated Galactofuranosides and UDP-Galactofuranose Analogues as Probes for Mycobacterial Galalactofuranosyltransferases Zhou R., *$Lowary T.L.
17:00 00612 Synthesis of Polyacetylene Glycosides and Thioglycosides *Pan Y., $Lowary T.L., Tykwinski R.R.
17:00 00613 Altering Cell Surface Glycosylation State of T Cells Using the Staudinger Ligation Loka R.S, *$Cairo C.W
17:00 00614 An Efficient Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of a(2,8)-Oligosialic Acids Zuccolo A.J., $Ling C.C., *Zheng R.B.
17:00 00615 Elicitors: Stress-Driven Discovery of Secondary Metabolites from the Fungal Phytopathogen Leptosphaeria maculans Yu Y., *Pedras M.S.C.
17:00 00616 Synthesis of an Oxidatively Stable Analogue of the Antimicrobial Peptide, Lacticin 3147 A2 $Liu H., Pattabiraman V.R., *Vederas J.C.
17:00 00617 Syntheses and Antimicrobial Activity Testing of Lantibiotic-Siderophore Conjugates $Yoganathan S., Martin-Visscher L.A., Pattabiraman V.R., Cobb S.L., Sit C.S., *Vederas J.C.
17:00 00618 Analysis of Metabolic Responses of Brassica juncea to the Biotrophic Pathogen Albugo candida and Abiotic Stress Zheng Q.A., Jha A., *Pedras M.S.C., Rimmer S.R.
17:00 00623 Metabolic Profiling of Brassica napus Revealed Distinct Defense Responses against the Biotrophic Pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae Zheng Q.A., Jha A., *Pedras M.S.C.
17:00 00619 Stereoselective Synthesis and Biological Activity of Gypsy Moth Pheromone Analogues *$Plettner E., Mudalige A.P., Nagabandi S.
17:00 00620 A Profluorophore Labeling Strategy for Cell Surface Glycoconjugates Key J.A., Romaniuk N.A., *$Cairo C.W.
17:00 00621 Aqueous Solvolysis of Heteroaryltrifluoroborates at Physiological Conditions by 19F-NMR Li Y., *Perrin D.M.
17:00 00622 Unexpected Reduction Reactions of Cytochrome P450cam Prasad B., Rojubally A., *$Plettner E.
17:00 00624 Design and Synthesis of Fluorescent Probes of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity Tulsi N.S., *$Cairo C.W.
17:00 00625 Mechanistic Study of the Antibiotic Resistance-Causing Enzyme Aminoglycoside N-6'-acetyltransferase Freiburger L.A., Mittermaier A., *$Auclair K.
17:00 00626 Binding Properties Comparison between Native and C-Terminus Truncated Pheromone Binding Proteins (PBPs) in Gypsy Moth Castillo C., Gong Y., *$Plettner E.
17:00 00627 Elucidating the Interaction between Inducer Peptide Pheromones and Membrane Receptors in Quorum Sensing van Belkum M.J., Derksen D.J., *$Vederas J.C.
17:00 00628 Library Screening Using a Novel "Beads on a Bead" Approach Coupled with a Fast Single-Bead MS/MS Deconvolution Enables High Throughput Discovery of Peptides for Molecular Imaging Amadei G.A., *$Luyt L.G., Cho C.F., Lewis J.D.
17:00 00629 The Association Pathway of an Insect Pheromone-Binding Protein with Ligands by Kinetic Studies Gong Y., *Plettner E.
17:00 00630 Biosynthesis of Ethyl Oleate in Honeybees, a Primer Pheromone that Regulates Behavioral Maturation Chen H., Castillo C., *Plettner E.
17:00 00631 Electrochemical Probing of HIV Proteins Using Ferrocene-Conjugated Peptides Kerman K., *Kraatz H.B.
17:00 00632 Amatoxins as Probes for Transcriptional Inhibition Dietrich D., May J.P., *$Perrin D.M.
17:00 00633 The Optimization of DNA Photodamage Detection on Microarray Slides Pinnock C.L., $Loppnow G.R.
17:00 00634 Interaction of the Fungal Phytotoxins Destruxin B and Sirodesmin PL with Crucifer Plants Khallaf I.S., *Pedras M.S.C.
17:00 00635 Probing the Metabolism of Crucifer Fungal Pathogens with Indole Glucosinolates Hossain S., *Pedras M.S.C.
17:00 00636 DRED: A Proof of Concept Perez-Pineiro R., Alvarez-Puebla R., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., Materi W., *Fenniri H.
17:00 00637 Evaluating Potential Inhibitors of Phytoalexin Detoxification by the Plant Pathogenic Fungus Leptosphaeria maculans Sarma-Mamillapalle V.K., Jha M., Pedras M.S.C.
17:00 00638 Fluorescent Labeled Rosette Nanotube St. Jules M., *$Fenniri H.
17:00 00639 Hock Cleavage of Cholesterol 5-Hydroperoxide: An Ozone-Free Pathway to the Cholesterol Ozonolysis Products Identified in Arterial Plaque and Brain Tissue Brinkhorst J., Nara S.J., *$Pratt D.A.

CE3Salon 3

Getting to the Core of Introductory Level Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Laura Deakin and Joel Kelly
Chair(s) - Laura Deakin and Joel Kelly

13:20 00640 As if the Concerns of our Students Mattered; As if the Planet Were at Stake Middlecamp C.
14:00 00641 My Prof is Different than your Prof. What Does this Mean? Mahadev K., *Mozol V.
14:20 Undergraduate Student Panel - Perspectives from students of their introductory chemistry experience. Audience questions and discussion about student interests, participation and learning.

15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00642 LabEx: A Community Outreach Designed for Homeschooled Students *$Schriver M.J.
15:40 00643 Gen Chem for Gen Y Mahaffy P.G.
16:20 Textbook Publisher Panel - Vision behind different Canadian textbooks. Audience questions and discussion about content approaches, context and examples for a heterogeneous classroom.

17:00 End of Session

EN4Salon 11

Bioinorganic Chemistry-Toxic Metals (Joint with IN) (joint with IN2)

Organizer(s) - Juergen Gailer and Farideh Jalilehvand
Chair(s) - Juergen Gailer

13:20 00644 X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy as an in-situ Probe of Toxic Heavy Elements *$George G.N., Pickering I.J., Singh S.P., Korbas M., Hoffmeyer R.
14:00 00645 Mercury(II) Complex Formation with Cysteine, Penicillamine and Glutathione *$Jalilehvand F., Leung B.O., Mah V.
14:20 00646 Towards Understanding Mercury Toxicity: Organomercury Uptake in Zebrafish Korbas M., Krone P.H., Pickering I.J., George G.N.
14:40 00647 Preferential Binding of Hg2+ and Cd2+ to Specific Lipid Classes as Detected by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Le M.T., Gailer J., Prenner E.J.
15:00 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Farideh Jalilehvand

15:20 00648 The Mechanism of Arsenic Binding to Metallothioneins from Time- and Temperature-Resolved Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Ngu T.T., *$Stillman M.J.
15:40 00649 Arsenic and Arthropods: An Unusual Detoxification Molecule Uncovered in Terrestrial Insects Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Andrahennadi R., *$Pickering I.J.
16:00 00650 Cadmium(II) Complex Formation with Glutathione in Aqueous Solution Mah V., *$Jalilehvand F.
16:20 00651 Disruption of Copper Homeostasis Contributes to Cadmium Toxicity in Yeast Zahler N.H., Stoddard A.K., Kidd M.J., Ward J., Vogt S., Penner-Hahn J., *$Fierke C.A.
16:40 00652 Competitive Interactions between Toxic Metals and Endogenous Thiol Ligands Studied by HPLC-ICP-AES Pei K.L., *$Gailer J.
17:00 End of Session

IN2Salon 11

Bioinorganic Chemistry-Toxic Metals (Joint with EN) (joint with EN4)

Organizer(s) - Juergen Gailer and Farideh Jalilehvand
Chair(s) - Juergen Gailer

13:20 Joint with EN4 - See EN4

15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Chair(s) - Farideh Jalilehvand

17:00 End of Session

IN3Salon 8

Catalysis (Joint with OR) (joint with OR3)

Organizer(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Steve Westcott
Chair(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

13:20 00653 Metal-Catalyzed Dehydrogenation of Ammonia-Borane for Transportation Applications: The Importance of Aminoborane (BH2NH2) Coordination Chemistry *$Baker R.T.
14:00 00654 "Frustrated Lewis Pairs": Activation of Small Molecules and Catalysis Stephan D.W.
14:40 00655 Catalytic Dehydrocoupling of Group 13-Group 15 Lewis Acid-Base Adducts: New Catalysts and Mechanistic Studies Lee K., Clark T.J., Staubitz A., Lough A.J., *$Manners I.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00656 Amidate Supported Early Transition Metal Complexes: Tunable Species for Hydroamination Catalysis Schafer L.L.
16:00 00657 Pt-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of Polyfluoroarenes Wang T., Buckley H.L., *$Love J.A.
16:20 00658 Dinuclear Ruthenium Complexes Capable of Oxidizing Water into Molecular Dioxygen *Masaoka S., Yoshida M., Sakai K.
16:40 00659 Stability of Mesoporous Silica Materials Used in Pd Catalysis Glasspoole B.W., Webb J.D., *Crudden C.M.
17:00 End of Session

IN5Salon 12

Main Group Chemistry: A Symposium in Honour of Neil Burford, Tristram Chivers and Richard Oakley

Organizer(s) - Roland Roesler and Robin Hicks
Chair(s) - Robin Hicks

13:20 00660 New Ambient Temperature and Controlled Routes to Polyphosphazenes Manners I.
14:00 00661 Living Anionic Polymerization of Phosphaalkenes Noonan K.J.T., Gillon B.H., Cappello V., $Gates D.P.
14:20 00662 Redox Chemistry of the Monoanionic [HC(PR2E)2]- and Dianionic [C(PR2E)2]2- Ligands (R = Alkyl, Aryl; E = Chalcogen) Konu J., Chivers T.
14:40 00663 Phosphinoarsonium and Diarsonium Cations from Chloride Abstraction Induced Pnictogen Coupling $Conrad E.D., *Burford N., McDonald B., Ferguson M.R.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00664 Nonconventional Sb-Sb Bonding in Thermoelectric Materials Kleinke H.
15:40 00665 ñPhosphole-Containing Dendrimers Romero-Nieto C., Merino S., Rodríguez-López J., *$Baumgartner T.
16:00 00666 Donor-Stabilization and Reductive Coupling of Halostibenium Cations Carpenter Y., Decken A., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., *Burford N.
16:20 00667 New Directions in Low Valent Main Group Chemistry *Macdonald C.L.B., Ellis B.D., Norton E.L., Dube J.W.
16:40 End of Session


Solid-State Chemistry: From Materials Discovery to Industrial Processing (Joint with MT) (joint with MT9)

Organizer(s) - Arthur Mar and Zuo-Guang Ye
Chair(s) - John Greedan

13:20 00668 Mechanistic Insights into ABO3 Bixbyite Oxidation Pathway and Investigation of Novel Oxygen Defect Materials Shafi S.P., Kotyk M.W., *Bieringer M.
13:40 00669 Cycling Highly Strained and Relaxed Oxide Structures for Material Synthesis *$Bieringer M., Shafi S.P., Castillo-Martinez E., Alario Franco M.A.
14:00 00670 Artificial Charge Modulation in Perovskite Vanadate Superlattices Sheets W.C., Boullay P., $Prellier W.
14:20 00671 Three Electrons to Revenue: Electroplating of Indium *Brese N., $Szocs E., Schwager F., Toben M., Bayes M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00672 Nanostructured Tin-Transition-Metal Carbon Alloys as Negative Electrodes in Li-ion Batteries *$Dahn J.R., Ferguson P.P., Todd A.D.W., Dunlap R.A., Thorne J.S.
16:00 00673 Recent Trends in Solid Electrolytes Thangadurai V.
16:20 00674 Polymer Electrolytes/Graphite Oxide Nanocomposites *$Bissessur R., Scully S.F.
16:40 00675 Selective Electroless Metallization of Flexible Polymeric Substrates Using Aluminum (III) Porphyrins as 'Ink' Davidson G.J.E., Miller M.S., *$Breen Carmichael T.
17:00 End of Session

IN8Salon 4

Symposium in Honour of Bill Graham: From C-H Activation to Future Challenges in Organometallic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Joe Takats and Michael Heinekey
Chair(s) - Eddy Isaacs

13:20 00676 The Organometallic Active Sites of Hydrogenase Enzymes *$Darensbourg M.Y.
14:00 00677 Characteristic Reactivity of Tungsten Alkyl Allyl Complexes Semproni S.P., Graham P.M., Buschhaus M.S., *Legzdins P.
14:20 00678 Activation of Molecular Nitrogen: Way Harder than C-H Bond Activation *$Fryzuk M.D.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00679 Phosphinimide Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization *$Stephan D.W.
16:00 00680 Exploring the Chemistry of Early Transition Metal "Frustrated Lewis Pairs" Labeodan O.A., Stephan D.W.
16:20 00681 Methylene-to-Acetyl Conversion in Heterobimetallic Ir/Ru Complexes: Roles of the Metals and Comparison with the Analogous Rh/Os and Rh/RuSystems *Samant R.G., Wigginton J.R., Trepanier S.J., Xu L., McDonald R., Ferguson M.J., $Cowie M.
16:40 00682 Preparation and Characterization of Transition Metal Dihydrogen Complexes *$Heinekey M., Egbert J., Matthews S.
17:00 End of Session

IN9Salons 17/18


Organizer(s) - Martin Cowie
Chair(s) - Brian Sterenberg

13:20 00683 New Asymmetric Scorpionate Ligands and their Group 10 Complexes Vachon J., *Schougaard S.B.
13:40 00684 Iminoisoindolines as Ligands for the Formation of Palladacyclic Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in C-C Coupling Reactions Chitanda J.M., Prokopchuk D.E., Quail J.W., Foley S.R.
14:00 00685 Structural Characterization and Applications in Catalysis of Pd(II) Oxazolidines Strong E.T.J., Cardile S.A., *$Jones N.D.
14:20 00686 Non-Symmetrically Substituted Bis-NHC Palladium(II) Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Activity $Foley S.R., Paulose T.A.P., *Quail J.W.
14:40 00687 Synthesis and Reactions of Substituted Cobalt g5-Pentadienyl Complexes: Substituent Effects in [5 + 2] Pentadienyl/Alkyne Cycloaddition Chemistry Ylijoki K.E.O., Böcklein S., Lofstrand V.A., *$Stryker J.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
Chair(s) - Brian Sterenberg

15:20 00688 Synthesis and Preparation of Tungsten and Molybdenum Sulfide Fluorides Nieboer J., *$Gerken M.
15:40 00689 Sulfur Nitrogen Fluoride Cations of Xenon(II) Derived from N«SF3 and Prospects for the Syntheses of their Krypton Analogues Smith G.L., *Mercier H.P.A., $Schrobilgen G.J.
16:00 00690 Synthesis and Coordination Chemistry of a New P,Te-Centred Ligand Ritch J.S., *Chivers T.
16:20 00691 Copper(I) Complexes of Aliphatic nacnac Ligands Oguadinma P.O., Schaper F.
16:40 00692 Ruthenium Complexes Derived from Biquinoline Ligands and their DNA Interactions *$McFarland S.A., Thummel R.P., Levangie J.E., Scott J.R., Monro S.M.A., Parrish A.W.
17:00 End of Session

MS3Salon 10

Nanostructured Polymeric Assemblies (Joint with MT) (joint with MT6)

Organizer(s) - Alex Adronov
Chair(s) - Matthew Moffitt

13:20 00693 Chirality Information Transfer in Polylactides: From Main-Chain Chirality to Lamella Curvature Maillard D., *Prud'homme R.E.
13:40 00694 Polyurea Microcapsule Surface Modification Using Functional Polyelectrolyte Li J., Jafar Mazumdar M.A., *$Stöver H.D.H., Hithcock A.P., Shirley I.
14:00 00695 Poly(Ureido-Pyrimidinone-Norbornene) Based Nanoparticles *Foster E.J., $Meijer E.W.
14:20 00696 Virus Capsid Templates *$Cornelissen JJ.L.M., Comellas-Aragones M., Sikkema F.G., Minten I.C., de la Escosura A., Nolte R.J.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00697 Photo-Mechanical Polymer Assemblies: From Reflectometry to Robotics Barrett C.J.
16:00 00698 Au Carbon Nanotube Composites from Self-Reduction of Au3+ upon Poly(ethylene imine) Functionalized SWNT Thin Films *$Adronov A., Brook M.A., de Silveira G., Gonzaga F., Huang J., Lawson G.
16:20 00699 Nanopatterning on Silicon Surfaces via Templated Block Copolymer Self-Assembly *$Buriak J.M., Chai J., Qiao Y.H.
17:00 End of Session

MT6Salon 10

Nanostructured Polymeric Assemblies (Joint with MS) (joint with MS3)

Organizer(s) - Alex Adronov
Chair(s) - Matthew Moffitt

13:20 Joint with MS3 - See MS3

17:00 End of Session


Solid-State Chemistry: From Materials Discovery to Industrial Processing (Joint with IN) (joint with IN7)

Organizer(s) - Arthur Mar and Zuo-Guang Ye
Chair(s) - John Greedan

13:20 Joint with IN7 - See IN7

17:00 End of Session

OR1Salon 9

Applied Physical Organic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - Cornelia Bohne and Todd Sutherland
Chair(s) - Todd Sutherland

13:20 00700 Solar Energy Conversion Schemes Inspired in Photosynthesis Moore A.L., Moore G.F, Hambourger M., Kodis G., Gervaldo M., Keirstead A., Liddell P.A., Gust D., Moore T.A.
14:00 00701 Kinetic Solvent Effects on Peroxyl Radical Reactions Jha M., *$Pratt D.A.
14:20 00702 Functional Materials Using Azomethines Connections: Investigation of their Physical Properties *$Skene W.G., Bourgeaux M., Dufresne S.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00703 Self-Discharge in Symmetric Aqueous Carbon Electrochemical Capacitors: Determining the Primary Causes and Mechanisms *$Andreas H.A., Black J.M., Oickle A.
16:00 00704 Charge Transfer in Hydrogen-Bonded Anthraquinone $Phillips S.E., *Sutherland T.C.
16:20 00705 Synthesis and Characterization of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles from an Organic Chemist's Perspective *$Scaiano J.C., McGilvray K.L., Billone P., Gonzalez C., Marin M.L, Maretti L.
17:00 End of Session

OR3Salon 8

Catalysis (Joint with IN) (joint with IN3)

Organizer(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Steve Westcott
Chair(s) - Cathleen Crudden and Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

13:20 Joint with IN3 - See IN3

17:00 End of Session

OR4Salons 13/14

Catalytic Transformation of C-H Bonds

Organizer(s) - Keith Fagnou

13:20 00706 Catalytic C-H Bond Functionalization for Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Synthesis *Ellman J.A.
14:00 00707 Accessing Chiral Heterocyclic Intermediates via Rh(II)-Carbenoid C-H Insertion Reaction: Applications in Alkaloid Synthesis Wee A.G.H.
14:40 End of Session

OR5Salons 15/16

Chemical Biology: Molecular Probes and Organic Biomaterials (Joint with BM) (joint with BM3)

Organizer(s) - David Vocadlo and Fraser Hof
Chair(s) - Mark Nitz and David Zechel

13:20 Joint with BM3 - See BM3

17:00 End of Session

OR9Hall D

Organic Synthesis: The Latest Trends

Organizer(s) - Fred West and Derrick Clive
Chair(s) - Louis Barriault

13:20 00708 Development of New Methods for the Preparation of Hindered Cyclic Systems *$Jung M.E.
14:00 00709 Total Synthesis of Ouabain *$Deslongchamps P., Zhang H., Sridhar Reddy M.
14:40 00710 Cope-Type Hydroaminations: Improved Scope and Selected Applications Beauchemin A.M.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00711 Synthesis of Novel Types of Polyester Dendrimers Karemerwa J.d'A., Al-Mughaid H., Huestis M., McIssac E., *$Grindley T.B.
15:40 00712 Synthesis of the Rearranged Abietane Framework of Microstegiol via Nicholas Reactions Taj R.A., *$Green J.R.
16:00 00713 Enantioselective Cross-Coupling of Nitrogen Nucleophiles *$Viirre R.D., Porosa L., Galas H., Khan A.
16:20 00714 Stereoselective Synthesis of Non-Racemic Polysubstituted Hydroquinolines Using a RC-ROM Process: Mechanistic Insight and Application to the Total Synthesis of Lepadin B $Barbe G., *Charette A.B.
16:40 End of Session

OR12Salon 1


Organizer(s) - Dennis Hall and Rik Tykwinski
Chair(s) - Michel Gravel

13:40 00715 Innovation in Using Industrial Byproducts as Useful Feedstock in a Chemical Process *$Chaudhary S., Schoonover B., Mohebalian J., Gluck S., Kreschollek T., Bradley T., Campbell S., Graishe J., Listak P., Welch J., Heinlein W., Prescott R., Cole K., Pons R., Lord G., Jones S., Bond G., Smith S., Rixon M., Burkholder B.
14:00 00716 Towards the Total Synthesis Depsilairdin Pardeshi S.G., *$Ward D.E.
14:20 00717 Rearrangement of an Oxonium Ylide Towards the Total Synthesis of (+)-Dactylol Johnston J.R., *Murphy G.K., $West F.G.
14:40 00718 Approaches to Planar Chiral Aminoferrocenes: Solving the Problems of Generality, Selectivity and Manipulability Zaifman J., *$Metallinos C.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 00719 Synthetic Studies on Siphonarid Polypropionates: Synthesis of the Trioxaadamantane Ring System of Caloundrin B Beye G.E., *$Ward D.E.
15:40 00720 The Total Synthesis of (-)-Allosecurinine Leduc A.B., *$Kerr M.A.
16:00 End of Session



Organizer(s) - Dennis Hall and Rik Tykwinski
Chair(s) - Dennis Hall and Rik Tykwinski

From 17:00 until 19:00

17:00 00721 Controlled Switchable Self-Assembly of Dibenzylimidazolium Bromide Salt by Cyclodextrin Complexation *Leclercq L., Schmitzer A.R.
17:00 00722 Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) from Phenol OH to Adjacent "Aromatic" Carbons of Simple Biphenyl Systems Behin Aein N., *Wan P.
17:00 00723 Photophysics of AC in the Presence of HSA: Photochirogenesis of the AC Cyclodimerization Reaction Pace T.C.S., Bohne C., Nishijima M., Wada T., Mori T., Inoue Y.
17:00 00724 Anion Recognition Using a Tristetrazole Derived Host McKie A.H., Friedland S., Hof F.
17:00 00725 Nonlinear Spatiotemporal Dynamics in the Bromate-Pyrocatechol Reaction Harati M., *Wang J.
17:00 00726 Photoinduced Electron Transfer on Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces Hartlen K., *Workentin M.S.
17:00 00727 Chemical Modification of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles (MPNs) via the Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Assisted under High Pressure Conditions Lines B., *Zhu J., $Workentin M.S.
17:00 00728 Synthesis of Novel Diarylamine Antioxidants Hanthorn J.J., *Jha M., $Pratt D.A.
17:00 00729 Computational Evaluation of the Role of Pirkle-Type Complexes of Chiral Sulfoxides in the Determination of their Absolute Configuration Ivanova E.V., *$Muchall H.M., Buist P.H.
17:00 00730 Synthesis of Porphyrinoid Systems Based on Thiophene for Applications in Light Harvesting Jimenez R.P., $Sutherland T.C.
17:00 00731 Base-Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions Sanchez-Larios E., *$Gravel M.
17:00 00732 N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Catalyzed Ring Expansion of Oxacycloalkane-2-carboxaldehydes: A Novel Approach to the Synthesis of Lactone Derivatives Wang L., *$Gravel M.
17:00 00733 Synthesis and Evaluation of Guanidinyl Pyrrolidines as Organocatalysts in Asymmetric Conjugate Addition Reactions Lingampally R., *$Pansare S.V.
17:00 00734 Investigation of N-Bis(trimethylsilyl)methyl Group as a Conformational Control Element in The Metal-Catalyzed Reaction of Diazoamides Zhang B., *Wee A.G.H.
17:00 00735 Synthesis of Partially Deuterated Hexadecanethiols for the Study of Electron Induced Molecular Hydrogen Production *Sheepwash E.E., Rowntree P.A., $Schwan A.L.
17:00 00736 Benzo Fused Dehydrotropone Dicobalt Hexacarbonyl Complexes: Access via Knoevenagel Cyclization and Competitive Reactivity of their Derived Diols Amiralaei S., *$Green J.R.
17:00 00737 Study of Asymmetric Induction of Alkynes into Aldehydes $Graham E., Luu T., *Tykwinski R.R.
17:00 00738 Chemical and Biological Studies on Buxus natalensis Hawranik D., Zahid S., James A., *$Ata A., Gengan R.
17:00 00739 Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of the Bisbenzyltetrahydroisoquinoline (BBIQ) Alkaloid (-) Cycleanine Dakhil O.O., *$Georghiou P.E.
17:00 00740 Phytochemical Studies on Macaranga capensis James A., Qasir M., *$Ata A., Gengan R.
17:00 00741 Elucidation of the PKS Genes From Alternaria cinerariae Li J., Marcus S.L., Vederas J.C.
17:00 00742 A Foray into Asymmetric Alkene Isomerization: Preparation of Cyclic a-Substituted Allylic Boronates via Palladium-Catalyzed Borylation Lessard S., Peng F., *Hall D.G.
17:00 00743 Soft Enolate Formation for Metal-Catalyzed Enolate Chemistry Geary L.M., *Hultin P.G.
17:00 00744 Novel Tetramerization of 3-Methyl-cyclopropene-3-carbonitrile: A CN-Alder-Ene Reaction? *Shamov G.A., Ashirov R.V., Lodochnikova O.A., Litvynov I.A., Appolonova S.A., $Plemenkov V.V.
17:00 00745 Development of a Palladium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Intramolecular Aryl Amidation Porosa L., *$Viirre R.D.
17:00 00746 Triazinyl Radicals as Electrode Materials Oakley N.A., $Frank N.L.
17:00 00747 Catalytic Asymmetric Olefin Aziridination and Rhodium (I) Mediated Synthesis of Alkyl Vinyl Sulfides Bichler P., $Love J.A.
17:00 00748 Rational Design of Aldol Reactions that Proceed with Kinetic Resolution and Tunable Enantioselectivity Zahedi M.M., Becerril-Jimenez F., *$Ward D.E.
17:00 00749 Electrocyclic Ring Opening and Nazarov Cyclization of 2-Alkoxy-1,1-dichloro-2-vinylcyclopropanes Bonderoff S.A., Grant T.N., *$West F.G.
17:00 00750 Non-Linear Effects in the Enantiotopic Group Selectivity of Aldol Reactions of Chiral Reactants Becerril-Jimenez F., Zahedi M.M., *$Ward D.E.
17:00 00751 Exploring Modifications of the BINAP Framework: 3,3'-Disubstitution and the 3,5-Dialkyl Meta Effect Rankic D.A., *Keay B.A.
17:00 00752 Synthesis of New Photo-Switches: Metal Complexes of Dimethyldihydropyrene (DHP) Zhang P., *Mitchell R.H., $Berg D.J.
17:00 00753 Versatile Double-Allylation Reagents for the Stereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of Polysubstituted Heterocycles Sivasubramaniam U., Peng F., *Hall D.G.
17:00 00754 Synthetic Approaches Towards (+)-Halenaquinone Lucciola D., Keay B.A.
17:00 00755 Cucurbit[7]uril Complexes of the Histamine H2-Receptor Antagonist Ranitidine in Aqueous Solution *$Macartney D.H., Wang R.
17:00 00756 Substituent Effects upon the Catalytic Activity of Aromatic Gpx Mimetics Mercier E.A., Press D.J., Kuzma D., $Back T.G.
17:00 00757 Attempts towards the Synthesis of Decahydroquinoline 275B Iosub V., *Back T.G.
17:00 00758 Synthesis of Peptide Thioesters by S-Acylation of Cysteine Based Di- and Tri-Peptides Using N-Acyl Benzotriazoles *Pandya K., Tala S.
17:00 00759 Synthesis of Didemnaketal Analogues as HIV-1 Protease Association Inhibitors Bromba C.M., *Wulff J.E.
17:00 00760 Unexpected Effect of the Fluorine Atom on the Optimal Ligand-to-Palladium Ratio in the Enantioselective Pd-Catalyzed Allylation Reaction of Fluorinated Enol Carbonates Bélanger É., Houzé C., Guimond N., Cantin K., *Paquin J.-F.
17:00 00761 Stereoselective Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Fluoroalkenes Using an Addition/Elimination Sequence of Organolithium Reagents to Silylated Difluoroalkenes Landelle G., Barbeau X., *Paquin J.-F.
17:00 00762 Iridium Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydrogenation with Monodentate Phenanthroline-Derived NHCs Du X., *$Metallinos C.
17:00 00763 Cycloadditions of Acetylenic Sulfones on Solid Supports Gao D., *Back T.G.
17:00 00764 Approaches to the Synthesis of Lactocin S Ross A.C., Pattabiraman V.R., $Vederas J.C.
17:00 00765 Stereoselective Enzymatic Acylation with Functionalized Acyl Donors Morin P., Pelchat N., *Chênevert R.
17:00 00766 Utility of the Anthraquinone Chromophore as a Photocaging Group for Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones via Intramolecular Photoredox Reaction in Aqueous Solution Hou Y., Wan P.
17:00 00767 Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Sulfur-Containing Aryl and Heteroaryl Vinyls as Spectroscopically Tagged Monomers Perez-Pineiro R., Dai S., Alvarez-Puebla R., Wigginton J.R., *Fenniri H.
17:00 00768 A New Methodology for the Synthesis of Spectroscopically Active Thioacetyl Styrene Monomers Jawabrah Al-Hourani B., Bravo-Vasquez J.P., High L., *Fenniri H.
17:00 00769 Characterization of LL-Diaminopimelate Aminotransferase Clay M.D., Watanabe N., Cherney M.M., van Belkum M.J., Marcus S.L., $Vederas J.C., James M.N.G.
17:00 00770 Methanesulfonamide Effect in Sharpless Asymmetric Dihydroxylation of Aliphatic Olefins Junttila M.H., Hormi O.E.O.
17:00 00771 First Total Synthesis of Illudane Alcyopterosins E, L, M and I via Transition Metal-Catalyzed [2+2+2] Cycloaddition *Witulski B., Tran H.-A., Zimmermann A.
17:00 00772 The Essential Oil Composition of Eryngium foetidum L. in South Vietnam Extracted by Hydrodistillation under Conventional Heating and Microwave Irradiation Tran H.-A., Nguyen Duong T.-T., *Le N.-T.
17:00 00773 Synthesis of "Calixarene-Like" N,N-Ditosyldiaza[3.3](1,4)naphthalenophanes Tran H.-A., Collins J., *Georghiou P.E.
17:00 00774 Electrochemical Studies of Verdazyl Radicals Gilroy J.B., McKinnon S.D.J., Koivisto B.D., Zsombor M.S., *Hicks R.G.
17:00 00775 Formal Radical Closure onto Aromatic Rings: A General Route to Benzo-Fused Carbocycles $Sunasee R., *Clive D.L.J., Chen Z.
17:00 00776 One-Pot Synthesis of Tri- and Tetraynes Using a Butadiynyl Synthon *Azyat K., $Tykwinski R.R.
17:00 00777 Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Diazonamide B Zhang J., *Ciufolini M.A.
17:00 00778 Efficient Preparation of the Isoindoline Framework via a Six Component, Tandem Double A3 Coupling and [2+2+2]Cycloaddition Reaction Bonfield E.R., $Li C.-J.
17:00 00779 Application of the Reaction of Imines with Cyclopropanes Towards the Total Synthesis of FR901483 Carson C.A., *Kerr M.A.
17:00 00780 Progress Toward Construction of the Dimeric Core of Lomaiviticin A Bykowski D., Roush W.R.
17:00 00781 Binaphthol-Catalyzed Alkenylboration of N-Acylimines as a Stereoselective Route to Allylic Amides Chan A.S., $Chong J.M.
17:00 00782 Exploring the Interrupted Nazarov Reaction: Novel Modes of Friedel-Crafts Chemistry *$Rieder C.J., West F.G.
17:00 00783 Synthetic Studies toward the Total Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin Mendelsohn B.A., $Ciufolini M.A.
17:00 00784 Model Studies Related to the Synthesis of the Powerful Antitumor Antibiotic MPC1001 Peng J., *$Clive D.L.J.
17:00 00785 A Convenient One-Pot Synthesis of trans-Vinyl Iodides from 1-Alkynes and Applications in Pheromone Synthesis Darwish A., $Chong J.M.
17:00 00786 A Novel Synthetic Approach to Substituted Piperidines Qadoumi Z., *Britton R.A.
17:00 00787 Novel Functionalized Phosphines and Applications Toward Stereoselective Wittig-Type Olefination Reactions Keskar K., McNulty J.
17:00 00788 Synthesis of Poly-Hetero Methylenes and Methines and their Application in Organic Synthesis McNulty J., Das P.
17:00 00789 Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of Haterumalides Kang B., *Britton R.A.
17:00 00790 Synthesis of the Diazobenzo[a]fluorene Antitumour Antibiotic Isoprekinamycin and Congeners: A Potential Route to the Fluostatins Liu W., Buck M., Chen N., $Dmitrienko G.I.
17:00 00791 Formation of Functionalized Pyrrolidines via the Stevens Rearrangement of Azetidinium Ylides Bott T.M., $West F.G.
17:00 00792 Total Synthesis of Dihydroxytetrahydrofurans from Notheia anomala Mowat J., Piercy G., Kang B., Pinter T., *Britton R.A.
17:00 00793 Applications of an Ephedrine-Derived Morpholine-Dione in the Enantioselective Synthesis of Selected Natural Products Adsool V.A., *$Pansare S.V.
17:00 00794 Diastereoselective Diels-Alder Reactions of a Novel 1,3-Spiro-Amino-Alcohol Chiral Auxiliary Henderson J.R., *$Keay B.A.
17:00 00795 Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Phorbol Stewart C., $West F.G.
17:00 00796 Design, Synthesis and Properties of 2D Donor-Acceptor Chromophores $Ramsaywack S., Azyat K., Gholami M., *Tykwinski R.R.
17:00 00797 Improving the Photochromic Properties of Dihydropyrene Switches by Changing the Internal Group Ayub K., *$Mitchell R.H.
17:00 00798 The Synthesis of Oligothiophene Functionalized Dimethyldihydropyrenes and their Electrical and Photochromic Properties Robinson S.G., *$Mitchell R.H.
17:00 00799 Synthesis of Benzotrithiophenes as Potential Cores for Discotic Liquid Crystals $Kayal H., Demenev A., *Eichhorn S.H.
17:00 00800 Stereoselective Synthesis of the Pentacyclic Natural Product Brevianamide E May J.P., *Perrin D.M., Huang S.-C.
17:00 00801 Extending Conjugation in 2-Dimensions: Synthesis and Characterization of Multidentate Monomers *Taerum T.A., Wylie R., $Perepichka D.F.
17:00 00802 2D Structural Motif in New Thienoacene Molecular Semiconductors *Hirst O.D., Brusso J.L., Dadvand A., $Perepichka D.F.
17:00 00803 Unusual Cycloaddition Reactions of Phosphaalkenes Pavelka L.C., *Baines K.M.
17:00 00804 New Anion Receptors Based on Thiazine-1,1-Dioxide Subunits Wang H.-B., *Wisner J.A.
17:00 00805 The Synthesis of 4-Aryl-8-hydroxyquinolines by Anhydrous Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Reaction Heiskanen J.P., *Hormi O.E.O.
17:00 00806 A New Organic Radical with Strong Donor Ability: Building Blocks for Magneto-Conducting Materials Zsombor M.S., *Frank N.L.
17:00 00807 Highly Extended TTFs with a Conjugated Macrocyclic Enyne Core $Chen G., *Zhao Y.
17:00 00808 Synthesis and Characterization of New Highly p-Extended Conjugated TTF Derivatives Shao M., *Zhao Y.
17:00 00809 Structure and Reaction of Kinetically Stabilized Naphtho[1,2-c:5,6-c]difurans Robbins S.J., Dibble P. W.
17:00 00810 NMR Studies of Self-Assembling Guanine-Cytosine Derivatives *Tikhomirov G.A., $Fenniri H.
17:00 00811 Self-Assembly of Rosette Nanotubes with Increased Inner Diameter in Water Borzsonyi G., Myles A., $Fenniri H.
17:00 00812 Regioselective Synthesis of Trisubstituted 2 (or 6)-Arylaminopyrimidine-5-carbaldehydes and their Application in the Synthesis of G-C Base Precursors Beingessner R.L., Deng B.-L., *Fenniri H.
17:00 00813 Novel H-Shaped Conjugated Oligomers: Synthesis, Properties, and Donor/Acceptor Functionalization Zhou N., *Zhao Y.
17:00 00814 The Synthesis and Electronic Structure of Annelated Delocalized Benzonitronyl Nitroxide Radicals Dooley B.M., *$Frank N.L., Bowles S.E., Andrews T., Storr T., Benedict J., Kaminsky W.
17:00 00815 Towards the Synthesis of Discotic Liquid Crystalline Schiff Base Macrocycles Shopsowitz K.E., Edwards D.R., Gallant A.J., *$MacLachlan M.J.
17:00 00816 Phosphorescent Light-Harvesting Bi- and Terpyridine-Functionalized Dithienol[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Derivatives Bai D.R., Nickel D., *$Baumgartner T.
17:00 00817 Nonlinear Optical Properties of Schiff Base-Containing Conductive Polymer Films Electrodeposited in Microgravity Pietrangelo A., Sih B.C., Boden B.N., Wang Z., Li Q., Chou K.C., MacLachlan M.J., *$Wolf M.O.
17:00 00818 Syntheses and Optical Properties of Double Salts Incorporating Tetrakis(thiocyanato)platinate(II) Units Kobayashi M., Masaoka S., Sakai K., Leznoff D.B.
17:00 00819 Highly Fluorinated n-Type Dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]phosphole Materials Ren Y., Dienes Y., *$Baumgartner T.
17:00 00820 Conjugation in Dinuclear RuII Complexes of Bis-Tridentate Ligands: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties Santoni M.-P., Hanan G.S., Proust A., Hasenknopf B.
17:00 00821 Dibenzoborepin: A Boron Containing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Mercier L.G., $Piers W.E.

PT1Hall D Foyer

Advances in Solid State NMR

Organizer(s) - Rod Wasylishen
Chair(s) - Gang Wu

13:20 00822 Can a Protein Bound Zn(II)-OH2 be Considered a Weak Acid? The Answer Will be Illustrated From our Work on Zinc Metalloproteins *Ellis P.D., Lipton A.S., Heck R.
14:00 00823 Recent Progress in Solid State NMR at Warwick: Low Gamma Nuclei, Double Angle Rotation and Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Smith M.E.
14:20 00824 From Calcium to Cobalt: Solid-State NMR Characterization of Polymorphs and Catalysts *$Bryce D.L., Bultz E.B., Aebi D.
14:40 End of Session

NSSalon 5

NSERC Workshops

Organizer(s) - NSERC
Chair(s) - NSERC Staff

13:20 00825 Future Changes to the Discovery Grants Program NSERC Staff WITHDRAWN
17:00 End of Session

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